RT @BUrl_EFSA: Sono felice di accogliere oggi a @EFSA_EU una delegazione del @ComuneParma guidata dal sindaco @MicheleGuerraPR.

L'obiettivo è discutere temi d'interesse comune e possibili iniziative che allo stesso tempo supportino le attività di EFSA e beneficino l’intera comunità parmigiana.

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RT @Methods_EFSA: Tomorrow is the day!

We will explore how in the public sector 🏛️ can grow from a grassroots movement to a driver of change. 🌐🚀🤖

Check out the trailer before the event starts and leave us a like.👇

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In which country did the largest number of cases of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy () occur?

Reply to our poll 👇(no cheating😉)

🚩Publication of latest report on surveillance for the presence of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies () out tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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🐮Have you ever heard about the mad cow disease?

Tomorrow we will publish our latest summary report on surveillance for the presence of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies () in 2021.

Reply to our poll 👇 & stay tuned!
Do you know when the 1⃣ case occurred in Europe?

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RT @Food_EU: What's the future of our food system?

Join Commissioner @SKyriakidesEU on 📅 8-9 December at the conference, the European Commission's annual event on food & farming.

Register for free: agriculture.ec.europa.eu/event

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RT @BUrl_EFSA: Glad to share @EFSA_EU's perspective at the European Agri-Food Sustainability & Innovation Conference.

Dealing with the growing complexity of our times requires moving to the next level.

EFSA is ready to advance FS assessments and continue supporting risk managers.

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EFSA_EU/status/15971

At the we discussed the potential consequences that & other socioeconomic factors could have on the emergence & spread of through food-producing environments.

📺the session 👇

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Did you miss our latest open plenary meeting on the and products or substances used in feed (FEEDAP)?

Check out the flash interview 📺 to find out more about all the decisions and discussions held on 22-24 November 2022.


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🧾❓ | Time to fill out our

Read our latest news on the of as & answer a few questions that will help us improve our news stories so they engage our readers & are easier to understand.


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📖Just published | of as

Our experts concluded that dietary intakes could be a safety concern for high consumers

Read the news on our updated assessment & find out what food & drinks may contain sulfites 🍏🧅🥬🍷


🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EFSA_EU/status/15957

Have you missed episode 1⃣ of our 🎙️ series "Science on the menu"?

Catch up now 👇 and find out what influences the food shopping choices of Europeans, their most trusted sources of information on risks...and much more!


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Be part of a network & enjoy the support of a scientist with a related background from a different MS.

📺👇@annaberonius from @karolinskainst tells us about her experience.

Apply as a consortium⏰15/3/23

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RT @calhi415: And today @EFSA_EU joins its sister agency, @ECDC_EU conference. Andrea Ammon, Mike Catchpole @alena_buyx @sbronzwaer and many more...

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💊 poses a big threat to public health & remains a serious challenge for everyone.

Want to know more about the situation of country by country?

Explore the data & play with our

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🙌New milestone

Happy to announce that we are further widening our linguistic offer and a new wave of is storming our website this year now available in all 2⃣4⃣ 🇪🇺 languages!


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RT @ESCAIDE: Registrations for FREE online participation in are still open!

We want YOU to e-meet with us and talk about all things epidemiology and more.

's programme is fully packed this year - check it yourself here: escaide.eu/en/escaide-programm

E-see you there?

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Have you signed up for our EU AI Talk? 🤖💬

This will be a prime opportunity to explore the benefits that () can bring to society, governments & businesses. Tune in!📺


More information & Registration✍️

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💻|9th Roundtable with Industry Associations

Today, as part of our ongoing commitment to engage with stakeholders & to increase understanding of our scientific work, we'll meet with representatives of the industry associations for &

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