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RT @EU_ENV: Nearly 30% of the world's agricultural land is occupied to produce food that is ultimately never consumed

Time to stop ! 🍅🧀🥦🥖

On this , check out our 1️⃣8️⃣ tips to reduce and in your daily life



🎼To celebrate the 20th anniversary since our establishment, we organised a free concert at @RegioParma in the margin of on
📅 5 October 2022!

Learn more & book your seat 👉!hpkmmt


Our Parma Summer School 2022 has started! This year we're focusing on 🤩

Young professionals will be learning about👇


Looking forwards to these 3⃣exciting days!



RT @EU_HaDEA: It's 📅, and rabies eradication remains a priority!

Discover what the veterinary programmes, under the programme, are doing to fight the disease⤵


🗣️ Time to & help us understand how well we are delivering our news on topics

If you haven’t seen our latest news story on the 2022 , we kindly ask you to take a moment to read it before you answer our quick survey


🔴Out now👉findings from the 2022 on in the EU
How do Europeans choose ? What is their level of awareness about ? What do they consider key for a healthy ?
This & more👇
@EurobarometerEU @Food_EU @EU_Consumer


Stay one step ahead! ✋
is dangerous 🔴
As there is currently no vaccine in Europe, prevention is the most important tool we have.
Learn the steps and measures you can take to prevent the spread.


What source of information you use the most to know about ?


When it comes to what is your main concern?


What is your main concern?


Tomorrow we will publish the findings 📖 from the 2022 on in the EU.
Stay tuned!

Before publishing the results, answer all our questions below 👇

What is the main factor influencing your food purchases?


Tummy rumbling? 🍗 You might have food poisoning. 🤢

While most cases are mild, cases caused by harmful pathogens like Salmonella or Listeria 🍳🥛 are especially risky for babies, the elderly and those pregnant. 🦠

Follow these tips to prevent food poisoning!


🥳Today is the

Join us in celebrating Europe's rich linguistic diversity, a key element to achieving intercultural understanding. 👧🏿👩🏻👨‍🦰👦🏼

Take a look at our website which is available in over 🔟 EU languages👇!qcb6rN


We finished our first training of the European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme () & are excited for the activities to come!

Your contribution to building on capacity in  across Europe has been amazing🎉



DYK of effect are observable & quantifiable changes resulting from exposure to ?
Using them can help make more robust & precise. Our🌍workshop ended today with growing consensus on challenges & next steps too.
More on this coming soon


RT @BUrl_EFSA: Glad to speak today at the @foodDTUdk's conference on and to present @EFSA_EU's work.

@EFSA_EU's relationship with key partners in is crucial as is our collaboration with @foodDTUdk.

Looking forward to continuing our work together for in 🇪🇺!


RT @OneHealthEJP: Registration open for Risk Assessment Research Assembly in Berlin! Join event​ 📅7 December organised by @EFSA_EU. For networking on to support systems. More details here👇 ​
Image by annca from Pixabay


📣 In case you’ve missed our One Health European Joint Programme, @OneHealthEJP side event at , our📺 is now available to watch!

How does a approach impact human 👨‍🦱, 🐮 and 🥘?

Take a look 👀👇


🔴Our 30th edition of the Steering Network is taking place on 20/10/22.

The meeting will be open for observers. If you are interested in , take a look at the agenda to know more👉!NqdDtn

Register by 7/10/22➡️!PDnG9c


Securing , , & food is a challenge⚠️

Health threats such as cause disease spread🤒, severe illness & death

Discover how a approach can help find lasting solutions🌏👇


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