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RT by @CopernicusEU: The 5th 🪸 coral bleaching event in 8 years is a reality

Ocean temperatures are rising causing biodiversity degradation

@CopernicusEU acquired this image of the reefs near 🇦🇺

Discover how @EU_ENV work to protect Europe's ocean, seas & coasts👉!vwx7Nd

[2024-05-31 12:00 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: that and @EMODnet support EU environmental policies❓

This data enables the to simulate ocean dynamics, which helps to improve decision-making processes 🌊

Read more at👇

[2024-05-31 12:15 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: 📢Save the date for our 1⃣st webinar of the EU Series
🗓️19 June
🕐14:30 CEST
➡️Join our experts to explore the available @EUMETSAT, @CMEMS_EU and @EMODnet and its contribution to the goals🌊

Register here 👇

[2024-05-31 10:12 UTC]

R to @CopernicusEU: 📽️⬆️Annual phytoplankton oscillation retrieved with the Viewer of our Service

[2024-05-31 09:26 UTC]
that the concentration of phytoplankton in the waters of the northern hemisphere is at its highest at this time of year?
The increased sunlight☀️ in spring and summer stimulates its growth, which is essential for marine food webs and ecosystem health🌱🐟

[2024-05-31 09:26 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: en 🇬🇹

Durante la noche, el @CopernicusEMS ha entregado 3 nuevos Productos de Delineación

➡️Un total de ~99,500 ha de área quemada 🔥 ha sido detectada

Encuentra más detalles y actualizaciones en 👇

[2024-05-30 13:21 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Extreme in and , making it the hottest place on Earth in the past 24h, with record air temperature over 53°C.
The LST (Land Surface Temperature, not Air!) map on May 29th shows max value exceeding 65°C/149°F.

[2024-05-30 13:56 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Climate change increases pollen concentration, worsening allergies & conditions like asthma.

@IQVIA_global analysed @CopernicusEU CAMS data and found correlations between sales of allergy meds & pollen levels, showing one of the uses in health.

[2024-05-30 14:30 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Updated: Today's scene captured massive on-going bloom in Lake Burdur in Turkey. @CopernicusEU @MericAlbay @LakeBrowser @geoaquawatch

[2024-05-30 17:24 UTC]

Esperamos que paséis un fantástico
Para celebrarlo os compartimos estos hipnóticos vórtices de Von Kármán próximos a vuestras islas y observados por uno de los satélites
🇪🇺🛰️ el 13 de mayo

[2024-05-30 08:40 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Tide in, tide out: spectacular change between low and high tide across intertidal sand banks near Darwin, Australia.🌊

Check out the tidal currents and mobilised sediment flowing through channels between the mangrove islands during ebb tides!

[2024-05-29 03:08 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: On friday morning, for those lucky to be at @Liegeocean, don't miss the @CopernicusEU and @OSISAF marine data training with @brloveday, @gwenbras and @aida_alvera.

[2024-05-29 10:11 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: First overpass ~1.3 hours after the onset of today's on 's peninsula shows very high SO₂ column amounts in plume spreading SE. Est. SO₂ emission rate is ~1400 kg/s (~120,000 tons/day). @Vedurstofan @CopernicusEU @rockhardIES

[2024-05-29 15:41 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: En respuesta a los en , la UE activó @CopernicusEU para la cartografía rápida y está desplegando 7 expertos 🇪🇸 a través del Mecanismo para ayudar a las autoridades

Estamos preparados para seguir ayudando.

[2024-05-29 18:41 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: 🔥 en 🇬🇹

El equipo de @CopernicusEMS ha recibido el encargo de vigilar 6 nuevas Áreas de Interés:

➡️Sierra del Lacandón
➡️La Unión Barrios
➡️Rio Hondo
➡️Volcán Tajumulco
➡️Santa María de Jesús


[2024-05-29 20:04 UTC]
that our
allow allergy sufferers to take preventive measures days before exposure!?😷
Service provides forecasts for birch🌳, olive🫒, grass🌱pollens and more
⬇Today's forecast shows moderate🌱pollen levels in several areas of Europe 🇪🇺

[2024-05-29 12:08 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: 📢Today, and again on 3️⃣0️⃣May, we're excited to host our annual ISO-certified training at @EMSA_EU!📚

[2024-05-28 14:52 UTC]
for climate monitoring
According to our
Change Service, in April 2024, a significant above-average precipitation anomaly was observed in the western Indian Ocean, affecting tropical Eastern Africa
Read more at🔗

[2024-05-28 10:59 UTC]

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