We're going to be honest about problems & fair about decisions, claims Jeremy Hunt. So I look forward to hearing an honest assessment of the disastrous impact of & a commitment to higher windfall taxes & to a wealth tax - not more costs for poorest


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@CarolineLucas glad to hear the “wealth tax” becoming something people regularly mention.

Was such a weird era when “tax the rich” seemed to klang with people who earn £30k+ thinking they would be taxed more, rather than the super rich millionaires and multinationals, billionaires and media barons.

@drownedinsound @CarolineLucas That's an interesting question. I wonder if a psychologist or similar could comment. It may help explain how the Tories have brain hacked people.


If you put your pol toots in a CW wrapper, you might get more boosts. Also, that's th @CarolineLucas

I can’t wait to see how much spin and blame will be applied on Thursday when Hunt announced tax increases for everyone and slash and burn of public services.

@CarolineLucas What 'is' Brexit?

- Brexit: The end state of Party-Political ambition for Politics to usurp the place of Democracy[.]

- Where The Executive enjoys total, untrammeled, power; with a Parliament of courtiers; by removing ALL agency from the popular vote[.]


@CarolineLucas You always know when a Tory says they're going to be honest, they're about to lie.

@CarolineLucas I think you’ll be waiting a while. I’ll be shocked if he does!

@CarolineLucas An enquiry into the misappropriation of funds for dodgy PPE and Track & Trace might be nice. But we won't get it.

@CarolineLucas He's going to have stop peddling the lie that there is 'fiscal' hole that needs filling with austerity and tax rises. Tory economic policy is one big lie.

@CarolineLucas If anyone has any issues understanding Tory policy, confusion is easily remedied. Simply take their statement and reverse. Elucidation made easy.

@CarolineLucas I think what he meant to say was: "To be honest, you, and especially the poor, will have to foot the bill for the mess we've created".

They stole our car, sold the car tried to kill us and pocketed the money and having failed to win Lizzies lottery they have to be honest that we, not they, are going to have to buy our own new car from their garage as there is no alternative.

@CarolineLucas delighted to find you here, gradually rediscovering my online community again

@CarolineLucas I look forward to it too - I fear I'll be disappointed though. But here's hoping though.

@CarolineLucas from a man who wouldn't know honesty if he impaled himself on it!

@CarolineLucas I do like your positive outlook on life Caroline. Would that these things will happen!

@CarolineLucas we all know they say one thing but mean another. You will be waiting a long I think!

@CarolineLucas The problems have largely been caused by decisions taken (or avoided) during 12 disasterously bad years of Tory government. No doubt they’ll be making many of those who are struggling already, bear the cost of their poor decisions, incompetence and wastefulness with public funds. Time for an election.

@CarolineLucas I really do not understand why we cannot declare a national emergency (COVID, war and [ahem] Brexit) and get agreement that we need a one-off levy on the wealthy to fix the NHS and kick start the green economy in the UK. I really do not think that so many affluent people would object (and really don't care if they do). Am I wrong?

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