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In 2010 Pavilion made history by electing me UK’s 1st Green MP & it’s been the honour of my life. My open letter to residents & friends explains why I’m not standing at next General Election. With love & gratitude, I hope I've done you proud 👇


RT by @CarolineLucas: Events for are always a mix of joyous celebration and serious discussion of the harm homophobia, biphobia and transphobia cause to us all in society. At the @LedwardCentre in Brighton today, the sunshine was brought by @rainbowchorus 💕🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈💚

[2024-05-17 20:41 UTC]

RT by @CarolineLucas: Watching @rainbowchorus rehearse before Brighton’s event and I am just so grateful to live in a place with a strong and vibrant queer community. You can feel the sense of safety and acceptance it generates to have a critical mass of queer people in one place!

[2024-05-17 17:22 UTC]

RT by @CarolineLucas: Great to meet up with some of the @G_hollingdean team and @CarolineLucas today to talk about their efforts to protect their area from the Council’s wrongheaded new glyphosate herbicide programme. And to visit the community orchard to play around among the trees and pond!

[2024-05-17 20:22 UTC]
has a proud history of promoting kindness and inclusivity. So I'm alarmed at the vile and racist comments Councillor Mohammed Asaduzzaman has received following his appointment as Mayor, and wish him well in his new role

[2024-05-17 18:16 UTC]

RT by @CarolineLucas: We stand shoulder to shoulder with the LGBTQIA+ community on International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia &amp; Transphobia 💚

[2024-05-17 10:04 UTC]

The messages I get from constituents affected by dementia are incredibly moving so I'm pleased to support
bid to put dementia on the agenda at the next election and transform dementia care for everyone.

[2024-05-16 14:03 UTC]

I'm pleased to have co-signed this letter and that
is committed to supporting a
next Parliament so that companies put people and planet before profit to accelerate action to address the climate and nature emergencies.

[2024-05-16 13:24 UTC]

Great to join
&amp; so many more all campaigning for
. Countries across the Global South are at crisis point and we need urgent reforms to mobilise capital on a huge scale to tackle the global climate emergency now.

[2024-05-16 13:09 UTC]

The Secretary of State for Education insults schools by saying "Teachers are there to teach children facts, not push the agendas of campaign groups." Horribly ironic as it is she &amp; PM politicising sex &amp; relationships ed which is really about safety and respect.

[2024-05-16 13:04 UTC]

RT by @CarolineLucas: morbidly funny how the first of starmer's new pledges contrasts with the first of his old pledge card, the new third directly contradicts the old sixth, can also make a case for the new fifth versus the spirit of the old 4, 8 and 9

[2024-05-16 08:48 UTC]

In the meantime folks, don't drink the water or worry about vanishing wildlife, flooded farms &amp; streets, rising food prices, cold, unaffordable homes &amp; dirty air cutting lives short or global climate change &amp; ecological breakdown. It's not 1997. When will
look up?

[2024-05-16 10:29 UTC]

RT by @CarolineLucas: The ICJ is considering the South African application that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza again tomorrow. These are some of the binding provisional measures that the ICJ told Israel it must implement. I'm not going to get ahead of the court, but I think it's pretty clear that Israel has not abided by these measures (para 80 for instance). Israel may ignore any ruling, but the international and legal consequences, including for Israel's allies who are also bound by the Genocide Convention, may be far reaching. We'll see.

[2024-05-15 11:15 UTC]

- it was great to champion my favourite bird of all - the swift. It is so frustrating that there are sometimes really simple things this Govt could be doing to protect nature, and STILL they won't take action!

[2024-05-15 17:52 UTC]

Today at
Sunak claimed the UK government is doing everything it can to support people in Gaza. How does he dare even make that claim, in the same breath he refuses to suspend arms to Israel?

[2024-05-15 16:35 UTC]

So pleased to have worked with
&amp; literally thousands of supporters on decades long campaign to ban live exports - Govt finally did the right thing &amp; Parliament passed ban last night. Congratulations everyone who helped make this momentous change 🐄🐑💪👏

[2024-05-15 14:45 UTC]

R to @CarolineLucas: .@zerohour_uk @Natures_Voice @World_Wildlife @WildlifeTrusts @WCL_News @LawForNature @GreenAllianceUK

[2024-05-15 14:26 UTC]

R to @CarolineLucas: It's easy to feel horrified by the state of UK nature but we can turn this around, restore our habitats, create new wild spaces and get biodiversity thriving. This is a question of political will. Whoever forms the next Govt needs to step up &amp; act.

[2024-05-15 14:26 UTC]

R to @CarolineLucas: And @TheGreenParty believe we must also go further
- Introducing a new Rights of Nature Bill to put a thriving natural world at the heart of Govt decision making
- Working to change the mindset which places GDP growth above all else, including the wellbeing of people &amp; 🌍

[2024-05-15 14:26 UTC]

R to @CarolineLucas: So what does the Govt need to do now?
🌡️Speed up the transition to zero carbon &amp; ban new oil gas licenses
🌱Support farmers - double funding for nature friendly farming &amp; driving a shift to agroecology
🦋Effectively protect more sites for nature &amp; create new habitats

[2024-05-15 14:26 UTC]

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