Our Prime Minister claims to be 'world-beating' - but on emissions reduction, he's climate-cheating

He may use all the language to suggest he's taking action on climate, but there's a yawning gap between words and delivery


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Looking for hope in dark times?

Join me, Brazilian Congresswoman @JoeniaWapichana, US Rep @IlhanMN, Canadian MP @MPJulian + movement leaders @DeirdreShelly @fortuashla @FarzanaJhumu @chilledasad100 to find out what next for the

5pm today! bit.ly/3zONsUJ

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Good to see Lord Deben pan proposals for new Cumbrian coal mine. “Absolutely indefensible,” “80% of the coal produced will be exported; it’s not going to contribute anything to domestic needs - another example of Britain saying one thing & doing another.” theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/j

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This @theCCCuk report is an utterly damning indictment of Govt climate inaction – in a race against time, we're dawdling in the slow lane

Our PM is criminally negligent, a climate cheat – all talk and no action

You can’t con your way out of a

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Today's @theCCCuk report pulls no punches
❌ "major failures in delivery"
❌ "glacial" progress on farming emissions
❌ "shocking gap" on energy efficiency

Far from being world-beating, our PM's not even in the ring


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fact 2:

Steel experts say this high-sulphur coal has very limited UK use, won't displace a single tonne of Russian imports, & most will be exported abroad

This mine is bad for British business

Tag & tweet your MP 📝:

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A £4 billion subsidy for fracking firms - but record bills, spiralling prices & a cost of living crisis for everyone else

The people don't want it, and we don't need it - so why is the Govt pouring money into it? Utterly scandalous use of public funds


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Today on , I'm calling for an urgent local authority led, street-by-street home insulation programme – a retrofit revolution to get energy bills down, get emissions down, & create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process

A better world is possible – !
RT @EnvironmentAPPG: 🔊🇬🇧Three years ago the UK enshrined net zero into law - it now more important than ever to act

🌎Today on @EnvironmentAPPG…

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Anglian Water has paid £92 million in profits to shareholders - while Suffolk's beautiful rivers continue to see the dumping of raw sewage

@AdrianRamsay will make a great Suffolk @TheGreenParty MP & force Anglian Water to consign this practice to history


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It's 3 years since legislation for took off around the globe!

Delighted to be joining @JoeniaWapichana @MPJulian @IlhanMN + movement leaders from @sunrisemvmt @GNDRising @350_bangladesh with @chilledasad100 to celebrate!

Sign up + share: ➡️ bit.ly/3zONsUJ

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Might sound dry, but in fact very significant. If data on carbon emissions & nature are published *alongside* GDP data, we’ll have better chance of seeing relationship between them. Publishing imported emissions also vital, so we don’t offshore responsibility for UK consumption
RT @CommonsEAC: EAC Chair @Dunne4Ludlow has today written to National Statistician Professor Sir Ian Diamond, welcoming the development that @ONS will s…

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It’s bad enough that the PM is stuffing the Lords with billionaire Tory donors - worse, those billionaires are funding climate delay

Clearly any climate pledge uttered from PM’s mouth is pure hypocrisy

HoL Commission must investigate this appointment


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Govt wins as N Ireland protocol bill passes 2nd reading: 295 MPs happy to trash international law. Now we have to hope unelected House of Lords will do better than the Commons - what an indictment

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Deeply depressing & speaks volumes about this political moment. Fostering imagination & empathy isn’t a luxury - it’s frankly the only hope for peaceful coexistence on our one precious planet (And yes, I did study literature & yes, it did change my life) theguardian.com/education/2022

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Absolute masterclass from Theresa May in demolishing the Government case for trashing international law with its N. Ireland Protocol Bill. Legal test of “necessity” manifestly unmet; stated aims won’t be fulfilled by this Bill; and approach diminishes UK standing in eyes of world

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Govt hypocrisy reaches new heights - the agreement they seek to break is exactly the agreement *they* made

And as PM glad-hands leaders abroad, extolling virtues of rules-based international system, his own Govt is driving coach & horses through rules-based system at home

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fact 1: West Cumbria Mining offers 500 temporary coal jobs - when a report says we could have 9,000 long-term, high-skilled green local jobs for the future

Ask your MP to sign my EDM saying no to the coal mine 📝:

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