accounts now have over 70,000 followers (not unique).

Under the hood, Mastodon keeps track of many more users who for some reason interacted with our instance. Over time that becomes rather wasteful, so we've finally activated regular data purging. Such hygiene saves us 200 GB in storage.

Even better, we no longer have to worry about holding potentially personal data about thousands of users for no reason. Our policy now looks better.

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@praetor could I also ask for an @EUprosecutor mirror, please? Let me know if there's anything I myself could do to this end. Thank you in advance

@mapto Thanks for asking, here it is: @EUprosecutor.

If you want to code in Python you can help by patching PleromaBot:

At the moment I'm not planning to expand but I'll have to decide what to do with new people after the Parliament elections. It will be less depressing to put resources into it if the mirrors actually work. ;)

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