I've reviewed incoming reports about a couple accounts, possibly triggered by one of them getting one (1) follower on

The most serious report was about a probably transphobic post. On the fediverse it would at least need a CW for offensive content, discussion of state violence. The account is now limited.

To understand better, I'd like a private discussion with someone (preferably trans) who knows German and is up to date with current trans policy discussions in Germany.

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Another account seems to convey generic anti-establishment messaging. Its videos were not reported but I've made them forced sensitive.

Reports with specific clarifications on why a post is problematic are very welcome. (Often posts walk a fine line on topics like immigration, promotion of diversity.)

It's less helpful to send reports with no comments, about no specific posts or about generic policy disagreements (such as reporting anti-renewables posts, generic snipes against other parties).

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