RT EU Climate Action
🫧 Renewable hydrogen
🧱Green cement
🏗️Green steel
⛽Advanced biofuels
🌞Solar energy
🌊Ocean energy
🌬️Wind energy
Just some of the that the 🇪🇺 will support with €3.6 billion, all coming from revenues.
Read more 👉 europa.eu/!yH7C7M t.co/e5XB46S8GY

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/EUClimateActi

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I fail to understand Frans why the #EU is investing is so many #dubious (and NOT #CarbonFree) technologies, when the entirety of #EUEnergy needs can be met by #RenewableEnergy? #WindEnergy #SolarEnergy #OceanEnergy; THAT”s IT! Where is the required #BehavioralChange in order to #Decarbonize #AtScale? @TimmermansEU

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