RT @GabrielMariya: Congratulations to our fantastic 2022 6️⃣2️⃣ finalists & winners in our 4️⃣ categories!

🎓Education 🇵🇱Akademia Krokieta i Lamy
🏢 Workplace🇫🇷@Azur_SportSante
🦸 Local Hero🇬🇷Elias Mastoras
🆕 Across Generation 🇸🇮@unilj

@EuSport supports you, because you lead by example👏

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RT @GabrielMariya: Together, !

Sport has this unique power to drive positive change, for all citizens.

Thrilled to hand-over the 22’ Awards, with our stimulating @EuSport community!

Thank you🇪🇺Ministers, MEPs @TFrankowski21 @marctarabella &🇨🇿@f_neuss for your commitment ⤵️

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/EuSport/statu

Since 1987, all primary & secondary schools in Slovenia have been taking part in SLOfit, a surveillance system for physical & motor development of young ppl.

Univerza v Ljubljani 🎓is a proud winner of 2022 ACROSS GENERATIONS prize for developing this successful prg.!

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The 2022 LOCAL HERO winner Elias Mastoras is the founder of "A ball for all", a campaign promoting the participation in sport of children with visual impairment.

⚽️ Through the campaign, his mini football jingles in 213 countries & made 10,000+ kids smile. Awesome!

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The initiative "Move at Work" is what made @Azur_SportSante the winner of the Awards 2022 in the WORKPLACE category!

Azur Sport Santé designed & implemented a tool to help promote physical activity at work which is now widely used throughout the South of France! 👏👏

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Akademia Krokieta i Lamy from Poland is the winner of the 2022 Awards in the EDUCATION category!

The prize recognises their initiative providing teachers and parents with online resources to make pupils move, learn & have fun at the same time! Congrats!

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The winners of the Awards 2022 have been announced!
Thanks to all who have taken part and congratulations to:

🇵🇱Akademia Krokieta i Lamy
🇫🇷Azur Sport Santé
🇬🇷Elias Mastoras
🇸🇮Univerza V Ljubljani

Follow the thread to see the winners 🧵👇

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As rightly mentioned by 🇪🇺 Commissioner @GabrielMariya, all 62 projects presented to the Awards this year deserve a big round of applause!

They have all shown great commitment & results in promoting the benefits of sport & physical activity. Tonight we celebrate YOU!

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RT @GabrielMariya: 🔜Pleased to announce that the Awards 2022 will take place on 🗓️28 November!

We'll award initiatives & people championing physical activity in these fields:

🎓 Education
🏢 Workplace
🦸 Local Hero
🆕 Across Generation

Find out more 👉 sport.ec.europa.eu/news/2022-b

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RT @Europe_Active: The 6⃣th annual + Forum for in Recreational Sport has now begun!

Professor Michael McNamee is welcoming all participants & Cliff Collins is introducing the project!

Follow our livestream of the event here👉 youtube.com/watch?v=LezcOCUd_w

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RT @Europe_Active: The + Forum for in Recreational Sport is today 🤩

Don't miss Georg Häusler who will present on the @EU_Commission's commitment to action on anti-doping!

We'll share the link to the livestream at 10am!

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Have you heard the news? There’s a new team in town and supporters are multiplying day by day! ⚽📣

Join the fanbase and become a supporter of saving energy. Achieving climate neutrality is a team effort and every little action can make a difference.


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Doping undermines the fundamental values of sport 🤝


Today DG EAC’s Georg Haeusler spoke at the EU Anti-doping conference - @coe @EU2022_CZ.

We remain committed to fighting doping and the trade of illegal doping substances 🇪🇺.

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EuSport/status/15896

RT @sportagentura: The National Sports Agency organises an Anti-Doping Conference on November 7 and 8 in Prague. 🇨🇿🇪🇺

Conference in cooperation with the Anti-Doping Committee and with the support of the European Commission will be broadcasted live on the YT link: youtube.com/watch?v=_E9Q0rUHjF.

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EuSport/status/15895

Now that'll get us moving! Check out our new video for an exclusive look at the Night for this year's that took place on 24 September in Europe.

The love for sport unites us all!

PS: we've been watching it on replay just to dance to its beat 💃🙌

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Now that'll get us moving! Check out our new video for an exclusive look at the Night for this year's that took place on 24 September in Europe.

The love for sport unites us all!

PS: we've been watching it on replay just to dance to its beat 💃🙌

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RT @ChristophidouEU: team
not only works for sport, not only loves ,
it is also excellent at it !

👏👏👏 👏👏👏
Bravo to our super strong, powerful, determined, team-players, amazing colleagues

You make us so proud 🙏

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On 23 September in Prague, surrounded by the enchanting Vysehrad Park, we launched the 2022!

And this was just a tiny piece of what was going on: events organised by National Coordinating Bodies & Partners were kicking off across Europe! Stay tuned for more!

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EuSport/status/15819

The may be over, but the spirit is here to stay!

As @wada_ama President Witold Banka says, we encourage all people from all ages and abilities to Be Active all year long.

...until the next European Week of Sport in September 2023!
RT @WitoldBanka: The 2022 is underway. May you be inspired and live more actively!
No matter who you are or what you do, & . Not just f…

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RT @ChristophidouEU: A big welcome to the 1000 new 🎉

Seeing so many bright, smiley, excited young faces fills me w/ confidence for the future!

needs all its dreamers and makers!

Thank you @Kira_MPH, youngest MEP, for being w/ us today!

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