“Protection of Human Rights is part of EU🇪🇺 Enlargement process. You can count on EU to stand by your side to ensure that your fundamental rights are respected.”
Watch EU🇪🇺 Ambassador to Georgia 🇬🇪 Paweł Herczyński’s video message on the International

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[2023-12-10 04:59 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: 🟠 DAY 16TH 🟠

🟠 Together, we can end the violence against women. Each voice and each action brings us closer to a world of respect and equality. 🟠

It's time to stop violence against women – now and forever.


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[2023-12-09 13:30 UTC]

❄️☃️EU 🇪🇺 is delighted to have been a part of the magic
organized by IWA Georgia 🇬🇪 today
Thank you to everyone who visited our 🇪🇺 corner! We had a wonderful time with our "EU🇪🇺 Quiz Wheel"🎡and with incredible products crafted by EU-funded project beneficiaries 🌟⛄️

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[2023-12-09 17:14 UTC]

“Fight against corruption is a crucial component of EU enlargement process and one of the nine steps on Georgia’s🇬🇪 path to 🇪🇺 membership. Let’s continue to stand together against corruption.”
Watch 🇪🇺 Ambassador Pawel Herczynski's full statement⬇️

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[2023-12-09 06:49 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: 🌟 Calling change-makers from 🇦🇲 Armenia, 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan, Belarus, 🇬🇪 Georgia, 🇲🇩 Moldova, & 🇺🇦 Ukraine! Apply for the 🇪🇺 EU-funded EaP Civil Society Fellowship.

⏳ Apply by 27 Dec! ➡️ bit.ly/3RanodT

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[2023-12-08 15:31 UTC]

Join us at IWAG Winter Fair in Tbilisi this Saturday!🌟
We are excited to be showcasing products of EU-supported projects in Georgia🇬🇪 with proceeds going for charities for those in need
You'll also get a chance to test your knowledge with our "Knowledge Wheel" EU🇪🇺quiz game🎡

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[2023-12-05 05:55 UTC]

EU🇪🇺 edition of "What? Where? When?" arrived to Imereti and Guria regions of Georgia🇬🇪🏆
Total of 288 teams and over 1700 enthusiastic young people are participating to learn more about EU🇪🇺. How inspiring to witness such a widespread engagement and curiosity among the youth!

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[2023-12-04 09:15 UTC]

Today we mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities!
EU🇪🇺 continues to work to promote
, and
for all
We reaffirm to breaking barriers and fostering a world where every individual, regardless of ability, can thrive🗺️

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[2023-12-03 06:09 UTC]

🇪🇺🏆 EU Human Rights in Film Award 2023 presented at Tbilisi International Film Festival!
🎞 EU Ambassador Pawel Herczynski awarded filmmakers Luka Beradze for his film “Smiling Georgia” and Abbas Amini for "Endless Borders“
ℹ Read more:

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[2023-12-03 08:26 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: Georgia’s commitment to the EU path remains strong. And I reaffirmed to PM @GharibashviliGe the EU’s commitment to Georgia.

The EU welcomes the continued efforts to advance on the reform agenda and the action plan to address the steps necessary, in the interest of the Georgian people.

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[2023-12-01 10:49 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: Struggle for women's rights in 🇬🇪 has evolved through the pens of remarkable figures, including our contemporary voice, Tamta Melashvili.

Inspiring debate led by this distinguished writer marks a chapter in & .


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[2023-11-30 07:53 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: , the annual climate crisis summit, kicks off today!

🇪🇺>@eu_near is hosting two side events:

🟢 2 December: Clean Tech Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

🟢 5 December: How to Finance the Green and Just Transition

Register 🔗 cop28eusideevents.eu/

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[2023-11-30 10:16 UTC]

commences today!
Climate change knows no borders. EU🇪🇺 works hand-in-hand with Georgia🇬🇪 to create sustainable and eco-friendly future, protecting environment and enhancing quality of life and health for Georgians
⬇️Watch the full statement by the EU Ambassador to 🇬🇪

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[2023-11-30 06:41 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: 🇬🇪🇪🇺Today, the Conference in Tbilisi, organised by the @EIB and @EUinGeorgia, brought together a panel of experts where they discussed strategies to promote a green and inclusive environment for micro and sector in Georgia.
Read more➡️bit.ly/3SXxMbd

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[2023-11-28 21:35 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: 🇪🇺 Huge thanks to the EU for their support in making our 4th-anniversary celebration a success. Special appreciation to the head of cooperation at @EUinGeorgia, @euneighbours, and the amazing YEAs for making this event truly unforgettable. 🇪🇺🇬🇪

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[2023-11-28 17:08 UTC]

Georgian🇬🇪 Revenue Service experts attended TAIEX 🇪🇺technical assistance training on international sanctions against Russia
Experts from 🇱🇹,🇪🇪,🇩🇪 shared experiences with their Georgian🇬🇪 counterparts, which will help them in daily implementation and supervision of the sanctions

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[2023-11-28 14:01 UTC]

RT by @EUinGeorgia: Despite facing deep-rooted challenges like gender-based violence and limited access to crucial services, women in 🇬🇪 Georgia’s conflict-affected communities are rising with strength and determination. 🌱 Read how helps them thrive ➡️ bit.ly/49XQINm

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[2023-11-28 14:06 UTC]

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