Press conference by @EU2022_CZ minister @Vit_Rakusan and Commission vice-president @MargSchinas following the extraordinary Council

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RT @Paschald: The ESM Board of Governors just appointed Pierre Gramegna by broad consensus to become the new ESM Managing Director as of 1 December.

My warmest congratulations @pierregramegna, looking forward to working closely with you!

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RT @mariarnievas: The Trade Council kicks off with a discussion on WTO reform and MC13.

🟠 Ministers wear orange ties and scarves to symbolically say NO to

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Energy | The Council meeting is over!

The press conference with @JozefSikela
for 🇨🇿 @EU2022_CZ
and Commissioner @KadriSimson 🇪🇺
will start soon.

Watch it LIVE here 👇

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⏰ The application period for the post of President has ended.

Incumbent @Paschald is the only minister to put forward his candidacy.

Read the press release ⬇

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❗ 25 November: extraordinary Council

➡️ Background note: europa.eu/!vRDcYy

✍️ Indicative programme and registration for the hybrid press conference: europa.eu/!8wXCgN

⌛ Deadline to register: Friday 25 November, 17:00

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RT @CharlesMichel: Stability, prosperity and mutual understanding are the key ingredients for a quantum leap forward in Africa-Europe relations.

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RT @CharlesMichel: We need to prevent the attraction that terrorist groups have on young people.

The socio-economic development of the northern regions is important.

We must not allow the vacuum to be filled by these groups, especially on health, education & other social affairs.

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RT @CharlesMichel: The EU aims to be transparent and predictable.

Our agenda is well-known: providing lasting results. Because stability and prosperity on the African continent is good for the world and for Europe.

Your ownership is our motto, and we are ready to support you.

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The meeting of the General Affairs Council (Cohesion) has finished.

Press conference with @PiratIvanBartos and @ElisaFerreiraEC at +/- 13:00.

Follow LIVE: europa.eu/!CPVtjF

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RT @CharlesMichel: For years, we’ve been talking about the risk of contagion of terrorist threat from to coastal states.

It is not a risk anymore but a reality.

Situation calls for rapid mobilisation from regional partners & international community. Your fight against terrorism is ours too

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RT @aag_press: November’s Council has kicked off. This morning, ministers will discuss the implementation progress of the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030, in presence of Commissioner @VSinkevicius.

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RT @EU_liisja: Today's meeting has started. Ministers will focus on: 
👉 December preparations 
👉 EU-UK relations 
👉 Respect for EU values in 🇭🇺 
👉 @EU_Commission work programme 2023 
Stay tuned!

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❗ NOW available – Background briefs ahead of the:

• General Affairs Council of 18 November 👉 europa.eu/!q3HKpY

• General Affairs Council (Cohesion) of 22 November 👉 europa.eu/!7CHxYr

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RT @EU2022_CZ: 🗺 | Minister @JanLipavsky participates in the Foreign Affairs Council.

📌 Russian aggression against
📌 situation in
📌 developments in and the EU’s response

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The @EUCouncil and the @europarl_en reached a provisional political agreement on an overall EU-level objective of 310 Mt CO2 equivalent of net removals in the land use land use change and forestry sector in 2030.
Read our press release👉 europa.eu/!68hPkm

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