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RT by @EP_Trade: Trade is high on the agenda of the European Union 🇪🇺.

We are currently negotiating new generation free trade agreements with Indonesia 🇮🇩 and Thailand 🇹🇭, as well as with India 🇮🇳

Recently, @europarl_en gave its green light to the FTA with New-Zealand.


[2024-01-13 03:26 UTC]

RT by @EP_Trade: 🇪🇺 🇹🇭 European Parliament @EP_Trade met with leading MPs at the Thai Parliament, both House of Parliament and Senate. Chair @berndlange and his delegation agreed with their counterparts to increase the parliamentary cooperation, especially during the EU-Thailand FTA negotiations.


[2023-12-20 04:29 UTC]

RT by @EP_Trade: In Bangkok, @EP_Trade delegation met EU business in Thailand, @EU_AseanBC and @Thai_Euro . The opportunities and challenges for EU business operating in Thailand in the light of the future FTA were on the agenda. Increasing sustainability and market access are top of the list.


[2023-12-18 05:04 UTC]

RT by @EP_Trade: Meeting with European and Thai business representatives, civil society organisations and trade unions, the @EP_Trade delegation learned about the specificities of the Thai economic & social landscape. They will take these elements into account all along the EU-Thailand FTA talks.


[2023-12-18 09:47 UTC]

RT by @EP_Trade: As Thailand 🇹🇭 and the European Union 🇪🇺 are negotiating a trade deal , the @EP_Trade committee led by Chair @berndlange will be in Bangkok in the next three days for a series of talks with Parliament, Government and stakeholders.

Watch this space


[2023-12-17 01:11 UTC]

vote soon starts on resolution on EU-Taiwan trade and investment relations 🇪🇺🇹🇼
Draft here 👉
Watch live here 👉


[2023-12-13 11:43 UTC]

⏱️Starting now at the
session in Strasbourg:
Oral question to the EU Commission (answer by
) on EU-Taiwan trade and investment relations, details:
Watch LIVE ⤵️!Yv79dB


[2023-12-12 09:44 UTC]

RT by @EP_Trade: LIVE NOW

Live discussion on Thailand-EU trade relations with parliamentarians @berndlange 🇪🇺 and Pramual Pongthavaradet 🇹🇭, as well as Liyana Othman of @EU_AseanBC.

Follow live @


[2023-12-05 09:12 UTC]

R to @EP_Trade: Implementation of the 🇪🇺-🇨🇦 Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), rapp: @J_MorenoSanchez
Adopted: ⬆️27/⬇️6/↔️1
More on the file:


[2023-11-28 09:47 UTC]

RT by @EP_Trade: 🇪🇺👏🇳🇿HISTORIC! Never have I witnessed such broad support for a trade agreement in European Parliament. Clear recognition that, despite the difficult geopolitical and economic context we are in, our trade agreements are on right track and provide stability in uncertain times.


[2023-11-22 11:23 UTC]

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