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[2023-12-08 10:29 UTC]

At the
plenary meeting in Bolivia 🇧🇴, the Co-chairs of the Digital Markets & End-users WG presented the BEREC’s contribution to fostering fair, open and contestable digital markets and the outlines for work next year. 💡 Read more -


[2023-12-07 14:33 UTC]

RT by @BERECeuropaeu: Session 2 of will look at delivering a blueprint towards a unified telecoms market in Europe 🇪🇺

Speakers include Tonko Obuljen @BERECeuropaeu, Kamila Kloc @EU_Commission, Luigi Ardito @Qualcomm, Lotte Abildgaard @GSMA & Janette Stewart @AnalysysMason.

Register here⤵️


[2023-12-06 12:46 UTC]

The BEREC Chair, incoming Chair, and the Working Group Co-chairs are keen to engage with stakeholders and provide more information on the topics of interest! 📩 Submit your question when registering, via email, or use the Q&A chat box during the event!


[2023-12-06 11:40 UTC]
🇪🇺 is ready to meet you all at the
organised by the International Women's Club of Riga today, on 3 December 2023 at
between 11:00 and 15:00. 🎄 Look for our photo booth and popcorn machine!  📸🍿


[2023-12-03 10:57 UTC]

🌐Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities! Let’s break barriers by breaking stigma!
💬Today, we’re sparking a conversation on fair accommodation, because everyone deserves to live and work in an inclusive environment.


[2023-12-03 06:19 UTC]

Are you in
and do not have any plans for the weekend? ✨ Join us at the
organised by the International Women's Club of Riga on 3 December 2023 at
between 11:00 and 15:00. 🎄 Look for the
photo booth and popcorn machine! 📸🍿


[2023-12-01 13:27 UTC]

🎄 Join us at the IWCR Christmas Bazaar on 3 December 2023, from 11:00 to 15:00 in
! 🇱🇻
will be there to connect with smiles at our photo booth and will treat you with freshly made popcorn. Explore 26 countries, indulge in global flavours, and shop for a cause🤝


[2023-11-29 13:25 UTC]

At 2nd meeting of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) High-Level Group, the delegates from BEREC & other members exchanged views on practical issues on the
implementation, discussing ways to efficiently address key challenges. 💡 Read more 👉


[2023-11-28 14:59 UTC]

RT by @BERECeuropaeu: We're pleased to announce some of our first confirmed speakers for the ! We look forward to welcoming:

🗣️Tonko Obuljen @BERECeuropaeu
🗣️Eric Fournier @anfr
🗣️Chris Woolford @Ofcom
🗣️Heidi Himmanen

Join us for the discussions⤵️


[2023-11-21 14:28 UTC]

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