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Wrote an essay for @ForeignAffairs where I explain why Ukraine must win, Russia must be pushed out, and the Russian aggressor and war criminals must face justice.

No peace reached before these goals are achieved can ensure anyone’s security.

Read here ⬇️


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In my piece for @TheEconomist, I argue that although the Soviet Union collapsed, its imperialist ideology never did.

To stop the Kremlin's war machine once and for all, we must act now.

Read the full piece, but here's a short recap how we can do it.


Congratulations to @GiorgiaMeloni and to the people of on their Republic Day.

Estonia and Italy are good partners in the EU and NATO. Our shared values also build a strong base for supporting Ukraine together.



Good exchange with @JHahnEU on and EU enlargement.

The EU must think outside the box to react to the current geopolitical situation and use the momentum.

Our priorities are supporting Ukraine, smart defence investments, and military mobility.


RT @EconomyInformal: Economic Freedom Index 2023

Top 10 Countries

Singapore🇸🇬 🥇
Ireland🇮🇪 🥉
New Zealand🇳🇿



Honored to be called one of “Europe’s big hitters” but actually I am going to Singapore with 🇪🇪 business delegation, participating in Shangri-La dialogue and Asian Tech Forum.


Thank you @sandumaiamd and team for an excellent @EPCSummit.

It’s a great platform bringing countries together to discuss European matters, bring issues to the table and find common ground.

Already looking forward to the next summit.


Today's @EPCMoldova meeting sends a strong signal that multilateralism works.

We demonstrate Europe's unity and strengthen cooperation, and send a message to that Europe supports and .

When Russia realises its aggression is a mistake, the war will end.


On my way to @EPCMoldova. A timely moment with my European colleagues to discuss how to strengthen security and stability of our continent together.

Gathering in Moldova sends a strong message that . We all are standing for European values.
RT @EPCMoldova: On 1 June, we look forward to hosting friends of Moldova including the Estonian Prime Minister @kajakallas . Together with @sandumaiamd at @EPCMoldova we will work towards European peace and s…


Explained to @BBCNewsnight that Russia hasn't changed its goals. Russia is in this for the long haul and counts on the free world getting tired.

We must prove them wrong. We must stop Russia’s aggression, if it pays off somewhere, it serves as an invitation to use it elsewhere.


Warm congratulations to @edgarsrinkevics on your election as the President of Latvia.

is an important ally and a friend - together we can keep our region secure and prosperous. I look forward to continuing our close cooperation.


RT @BBCNewsnight: Estonian PM Kaja Kallas tells it’s ‘very logical’ that the drone attacks in Moscow today could be a false flag operation by Russia to ‘justify’ army mobilisation


RT @EconomyInformal: Reading Performance (PISA)

Estonia🇪🇪: 523
Canada🇨🇦: 520
Finland🇫🇮: 520
Ireland🇮🇪: 518
Korea🇰🇷: 514
Poland🇵🇱: 512
NZ🇳🇿: 506
US🇺🇸: 505
UK🇬🇧: 504
Japan🇯🇵: 504
Australia🇦🇺: 503
Germany🇩🇪: 498
France🇫🇷: 493
Turkey🇹🇷: 466
Greece🇬🇷: 457
Chile🇨🇱: 452
Mexico🇲🇽: 420
Colombia🇨🇴: 412



Great meeting with UK Foreign Secretary @JamesCleverly.

We are cooperating closely to make forward defence on 's eastern flank a reality.

The best deterrence against Russia is ending its cycle of aggression. This means full accountability and ending grey zones in Europe.


@muriliis Vana olevat siis, kui hakkad külalistele toitu kaasa panema, sest noorte pidudel pole kunagi nii palju süüa, et üle jääb.


My message at : e-governance isn't just a question of building technology, it's a question of building democracy.

People live their lives online, the state must be where the people are. The future is about personalized and seamless services.



The crime of aggression is a leadership crime. There can be no immunity for it.

Read the thread and advocate for accountability.

RT @edwardlucas: More than 2 million people have signed the @Justice4Ukr petition calling for a Special international Tribunal to prosecute Russia’s crime of aggression. I encourage you all to add your name and share it with .
A 🧵 on why this matters.


Congratulations to President @RTErdogan on his re-election.

Türkiye is an important Ally, and I look forward to close cooperation to ensure European security as well as to advance bilateral relations.


RT @vseviov: Defense and deterrence personified.

No matter how wise your strategy or grand your decision - it is meaningless without the hard work of “people on the ground”.

Extremely proud of our Allied men and women in uniform.

You make our strategy work.



Attended Estonia's largest tech and startup conference @Latitude59.

We have a very open, resilient, flexible and dynamic business environment with a strong startup culture.

So, I’m encouraging startups and tech companies to come to Estonia and discover what we have to offer.


RT @Bundeskanzler: Als Verbündete in EU und NATO haben wir entschlossen auf die russische Aggression gegen die reagiert. Beim Treffen mit @kajakallas, @IngridaSimonyte und @krisjaniskarins waren wir uns einig: Wir lassen uns nicht spalten. Und wir helfen der Ukraine, so lange es nötig ist.


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