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💙 Democracy
💙 Freedom
💙 Equality
💙 Tolerance
💙 Solidarity

These are the 🇪🇺𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝘃𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗲𝘀 that unite us. 💪

And only united can we achieve an energy-independent Europe with clean, renewable energy - made in Europe.


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What is ?

Every year, the President of the Commission delivers a speech before the @europarl_en, recalling past achievements and charting a forward-looking vision for the year to come.

All you need to know in our animation 👇


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Have you heard about

It is our plan for saving energy, producing clean energy, & diversifying our energy supplies, as we move away from Russian fossil fuels.

💚 And importantly, renewable energy is at the heart of this effort.

Check out our below👇


The Prizes are back🏆

Do you have a project or idea that can positively impact Europe? 🏡🌱💚

It is your time to shine! Share your solutions to improve our daily lives & win up to €30,000.

Find out more 👉


RT @EU_Commission: We will invest around €13.5 billion to make the EU greener, more digital and resilient & support Ukraine under .

Crucial climate, digital and energy challenges can be tackled through funding on research & innovation.

Learn how here ↓


Congratulations to the 2 🇮🇪Irish students who are among the 51 selected to be Young Observers in evaluations:
🔹Matthew McCole from @atu_ie
🔹Rachel Morgan from @UL 👇
RT @GabrielMariya: Congratulations to the first 51 students selected as Young Observers in evaluations!👏

This will help them build🆕key R&I skills for their career & witness how 🇪🇺 institutions work.

🗓You can still join them by applying by 21 December 2022!



The @EU_Commission has just agreed, with @europarl_en & @EUCouncil, on a milestone regulation to fight global !

Soon, key goods placed on the 🇪🇺EU market will no longer contribute to deforestation.



RT @EU_Health: The need to protect our populations’ health, especially the most vulnerable, is as strong as ever.

We must step up vaccination programmes & preparedness measures across the region.


Tá an comórtas 2023 seolta againn!

An bhfuil bua an aistriúcháin ag do dhaltaí?

Cláraigh do scoil roimh 20 Eanáir don chomórtas bliantiúl seo a eagraíonn muid le @DeptCulturelRL

Tuilleadh eolais 👇:



The decision taken by the @G7 and EU countries to further hit Russia's revenues came into force today.

The $60 per barrel oil price cap will reduce Russia's ability to wage war in Ukraine while keeping global energy markets stable through continued supplies.


Today, we approved an investment of €1.2 billion to support 61 industrial R&D projects for defence capabilities.

With this decision, the EU is funding high-end projects such as next generation of fighter aircraft or armoured vehicles, as well as critical defence technologies.


The @EU_Commission presented a groundbreaking proposal to reach climate neutrality in 2050.

One of the 🔑 aspects is the importance soils have in storing from the atmosphere.

Many have greatly contributed to better .

Find out more 👇


Discover our new interactive infographic on ☀️🌬️🌊!

Play, learn and test yourself in the quiz, explore Greentown and check the map🗺️ for country specific data 👇



Consumers must be protected against unfair practices when they take out credit online, just as offline.

We welcome the agreement between the @europarl_en and @EUCouncil on new rules for consumer credit to provide higher protection and fair access to credit.


Christmas is less than 3 weeks away!

If you're sending gifts🎁 abroad make sure you by using our parcel price transparency tool to find the best cross-border delivery service and price for you:


Today is .

In Europe, in less than a decade, the area of land at risk of desertification has increased by the equivalent of the size of Greece and Slovakia combined.

🌱Our leads the transition towards healthy soils and aims to reduce desertification ↓


The violation of EU🇪🇺 sanctions against Russia won't pay off.

Today, the @EU_Commission proposed common EU rules, which will make it easier to investigate, prosecute and punish violations of restrictive measures in all Member States alike.

Find out more:!qkpXb7


With 49 proposals and over 300 measures, Europeans brought to life their vision of the EU — a Union that helps to make everyday life better.

We will today provide feedback to citizens on what has been done to put their vision into concrete action.

👇 How did it all start?


Public support for the Euro💶 is particularly strong in Ireland🇮🇪 with:
🔹80% saying the Euro is good for Ireland
🔹81% saying it is good for the EU
🔹83% saying it makes it easier to compare prices/shop in different EU countries
🔹80% saying it makes it easier to do business👇
RT @ecfin: Public support for the euro 💶remains very strong, according to the @EU_Commission's latest @EurobarometerEU survey.

➡️Read more:


Europeans have given us rich and wide-ranging ideas to improve our Union — 49 detailed proposals and more than 300 measures to improve everyday life.

Learn more about how we are following up on their proposals ↓


Historic day for - energy partnership: we signed w/ Minister Nishimura a Memorandum of Cooperation on , to boost innovation & help create a🌍market for this fuel of the future.

🇪🇺 & 🇯🇵 are both trailblazers for H2 technology & together we can move even faster.


RT @EU_Commission: The violation of EU sanctions against Russia won't pay off.

Today, we put forward a proposal to criminalise the evasion of EU restrictive measures.

It will make easier to investigate, prosecute and punish violations of sanctions in all EU countries.


RT @vonderleyen: Japan is an energy partner we can count on.

Following agreements with 🇪🇬🇰🇿🇳🇦, I welcome the start of a 🇪🇺🇯🇵 partnership on hydrogen, to boost innovation and create a global hydrogen market ↓


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