Today marks the 75th anniversary of the 📜 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Let's remember that
are not just words on paper - they are essential as they can build lasting peace, justice and inclusion. 🌍


[2023-12-10 12:49 UTC]

“The EU🇪🇺 is backing words with actions pledging €2.3bn for a global clean energy transition. We're focusing on key areas including adaptation, climate finance, green energy & most importantly increasing ambition”
EU Ambassador to UAE from


[2023-12-08 14:20 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: This morning we kicked off the final week with the 1st 🇪🇺 ministerial coordination💪

We need to deliver on our agenda: mitigation, adaptation, finance.
The 🇪🇺 is united to secure an ambitious outcome and will follow up through many negotiations, bilaterals, and meetings.


[2023-12-08 10:59 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: We dive into week 2⃣ of with discussions about youth, education and skills🙌

Discover the Dec 8 programme👇 including a youth dialogue with @WBHoekstra.

Join the conversation in the 🇪🇺 pavilion (zone B3 of the Blue zone) or online.



[2023-12-08 05:31 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: مفوض الاتحاد الأوروبي للمناخ لـ "وام" : لحظة حاسمة في الجهود العالمية


[2023-12-07 12:42 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: Rest day for our negotiating teams after a busy 1st week at 🇦🇪, but the political work continues!

@teresaribera and I discussed the 🇪🇺’s priorities with the @COP28_UAE President. With strong political leadership, COP28 could mark a turning point for global climate action.


[2023-12-07 11:23 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: الممثل الأعلى للشؤون الخارجية جوزيب بوريل:
كما أدعو إسرائيل إلى تمكين جميع وكالات الأمم المتحدة، بما في ذلك المنسقة المقيمة لين هاستينغز، لتقديم الدعم العاجل للمدنيين في .


[2023-12-07 07:00 UTC]

The COP is where the world comes together to agree on ways to address the climate crisis.
This year, for
currently taking place in Dubai, the EU has set its objective to maintain its commitments and enlarge its ambitions to make the world a healthier place.


[2023-12-07 07:19 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: في لقاء مع قناة أبوظبي تطرقت إلى أهمية قمة المناخ في الإمارات وأهم الاتفاقيات التي تم الإعلان عنها حتى الآن.

كما ناقشت مشاركة الاتحاد الأوروبي 🇪🇺 في القمة كرائد عالمي في والتزاماتنا بدعم التحول إلى الطاقات النظيفة وخفض الانبعاثات.


[2023-12-06 10:41 UTC]

سعادة لوسي بيرجر سفيرة الاتحاد الأوروبي في لقاء مع قناة أبوظبي حول أهمية قمة المناخكوب28
في الإمارات ومشاركة الاتحاد الأوروبي 🇪🇺 في القمة كرائد عالمي فيالعمل_ال
والتزاماته بدعم التحول إلى الطاقات النظيفة وخفض الانبعاثات. المقابلة الكاملة 🔽


[2023-12-06 13:45 UTC]

🚀News alert!
Project Credible has been launched as part of the
It aims to establish trust in carbon farming markets by addressing critical challenges in the world of carbon farming.
Find out more about Project Credible 👇


[2023-12-05 17:15 UTC]

, 🇪🇺 announced €1️⃣7️⃣5️⃣million to reduce methane emissions in low and middle-income countries.
action will help tackle wasteful venting and flaring of gas, and use the recovered resources for a fair energy transition.


[2023-12-05 11:26 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: Ready for another day of side events? 🙌

It’s already day 5⃣ of , and today we focus on with lots dynamic discussions from @Energy4Europe.

Check out the programme and join us at the 🇪🇺 Pavilion or LIVE online 🔴



[2023-12-04 04:47 UTC]

Today's the day👏
Join us for the first
press conference 🇪🇺
Join onsite📍 at
: Press Conference 1, Zone B8, at 14:30 (Dubai).
Or follow live online💻 at


[2023-12-04 05:48 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: endorsed 2️⃣ 🆕️ 🌍 flagship initiatives to support the most vulnerable affected by .

Jointly investing into local resilience is the way to rescue vulnerable populations from the cycle of disasters, fragility & aid dependency.



[2023-12-03 11:41 UTC]

Accessibility is our collective responsibility.
On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we recommit to promoting and protecting the rights and the well-being of the most vulnerable.


[2023-12-03 09:42 UTC]

we are united by one common vision, by one single objective: to protect our climate while seizing the economic potential of the clean energy transition.
Join upcoming 🇪🇺 events and actions:


[2023-12-03 10:15 UTC]

RT by @euintheuae: 52 years of unity, prosperity, and progress guided by the vision of Late Sheikh Zayed and the wisdom of 🇦🇪 leadership.

On behalf of the European Union 🇪🇺, I extend warm wishes to all Emiratis on this joyous , hoping for an even brighter, greener 🌱 future ahead!


[2023-12-02 15:39 UTC]

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