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Every 2 weeks, we answer your FAQs.🌬️ Today, we discuss
pollution. Despite improvements, it remains a top health risk.
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[2024-06-14 09:22 UTC]

Would you be interested in joining
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science-policy setting?
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[2024-06-13 11:38 UTC]

RT by @euenvironment: - Learn about the latest research needs of @EU_ECHA, @euenvironment and @EFSA_EU.

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[2024-06-12 10:37 UTC]
: Adaptation to
is key
We interviewed three of our experts who have looked at how we can improve our adaptation and build resilience in cities.🏙️
Check out the interviews here:

[2024-06-10 14:49 UTC]

! Do you know how climate change is impacting Europe's seas?🌊
Rising CO2 levels, rising global temperatures, and lower oxygen are all part of the 'deadly trio' affecting marine biodiversity.
on seas and coasts:

[2024-06-08 07:30 UTC]

RT by @euenvironment: On 🌍, we focus on . Re-wetting peatlands in Les Landes, France, can prevent forest fires like the one seen here in 2022 🔥.

More on the product used:

[2024-06-05 07:24 UTC]

"This is a critical time for Europe. It is hard to overstate the significance of these
– the decisions Europeans make now are hugely important for both current and future generations."
More in interview w/ our ED

[2024-06-04 14:11 UTC]

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