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: the 🇪🇺 announces €261 million in support of 🇺🇳's operations.

This new funding will allow to secure predictable financial resources to the Agency for the provision of essential services to Palestine .

More info👉!fjxCgQ


RT @EUDelegationUA: 🇪🇺Today, 🇺🇦Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food with EU assistance launched an online platform 🔗
⚡ available support and access to all data for 🇺🇦 farmers is now within only one click!
More details 👉


RT @JosepBorrellF: Russia has been using food as a weapon and worsening hunger around the world

Thanks to the Istanbul agreement, Ukraine is again able to deliver grain to the @WFP

Russia must respect its commitments so that Ukraine's exports can continue to reach those in need, mostly in Africa


RT @eubih: Deliveries of 🇪🇺 medical assistance continued this week!

Over 30 pieces of cold chain equipment reached medical institutions across 🇧🇦 to help ensure adequate storage of vaccines.

More to come next week! 🏥🚛


RT @josattler: Always inspired by the work & ideas of young people I meet from 🇧🇦.

chart the way to a better future across the 🌍, and we better listen to their voices!


RT @MattiMaasikas: The headline is probably too bold. But the issue is very real.

“War has affected every Ukrainian…3m-4m people will need to receive drugs to manage mental-health problems resulting from the war. Some 15m will require other kinds of psychological support”


RT @EU_Commission: 🎉For young Europeans – it’s your day and your year!

It’s the and .

Young people are the future. And we are listening to them – with TEDx-style Youth Talks and policy dialogues.

😲 More than 3,000 events are taking place. Find one for you 👇


RT @WeBalkans: 🔜​ This United Nations General Assembly campaign will focus on relevant topics and personal experiences, asking young people to shape the future they wish for.

Follow our social media channels🤳 🗣️​ and share your point of view using


RT @EUAmbKS: On the Int. Youth Day, I want to stress that education is key to development!
That is why the🇪🇺keeps investing in the education of young people in🇽🇰.
From 2007to2022, the has invested more than EUR 85 mil in improving the quality of primary, secondary & higher education in🇽🇰


RT @vonderleyen: Our Union will be stronger if it is more like our youth.

Showing empathy and compassion towards others.
Caring about the future of our planet.
Determined to build a better world.

Today I want to thank the young generation: you inspire me, every day.


RT @Eupalestinians: EU🇪🇺 & likeminded countries visited today Ein Samiya community near Ramallah. The visit comes in light of the serious threat of demolition of a donor funded school, which provides access to education for children in Ein Samiya & neighbouring communities.


RT @WeBalkans: 🌍​ Climate change
⚧️ Gender equality
💪​ Fundamental rights
​📚​ Education and innovation
💻 Digitalization

And much more! 👉​ Launching on the International Youth Day, the Young European Ambassadors will join .


RT @vonderleyen: Thousands of heroic firefighters are working tirelessly against wildfires raging across our continent.

🇪🇺 has mobilised help for Portugal, Slovenia, Czechia, Albania & France via .

I am grateful to 🇬🇷🇸🇪🇮🇹🇩🇪🇵🇱🇦🇹🇷🇴 who currently support France.


RT @EP_President: Youth must be given a stronger voice in shaping a better and more sustainable future for all.

We must continue to put our trust in young people and enable them to become world-change makers.

The future lies with the youth of today.


RT @EU_ECHO: Medical masks, gloves, gowns, overalls, oxygen concentrators, and many more supplies have been offered to Ukraine and Moldova from the EU's common medical stockpile . 😷🧤🥼

See more. 🗺️⬇️



RT @JosepBorrellF: Young people are the world's main asset.

They need to have their say and take their share of responsibility.

We side with them, in solidarity among generations, and work together to make the world a better place.


RT @EUinAlbania: The🇪🇺future of🇦🇱depends on its youth aspirations & activism.
Yesterday, @EUAmbAL met with inspiring environmental young activists & our .
An open discussion on how we can better preserve our nature 🌿 and what is the role of youth on ’s 🔑issues.


RT @euneighbours: 🥳 Happy ! Let’s help our youth explore & employ their potential for education, career & entrepreneurship. To take challenges & create solutions. To become the leaders. To not only be the future of our world but to shape the world of our future! 💪


RT @WeBalkans: In north-east Albania 🇦🇱 activists use their local know-how to discuss in a challenging traditional environment.

🇪🇺 is extending support to be better prepared in tackling day-to-day issues.



RT @LSorecaEU: people must be integrated in decision-making at local, national and international level.

🇪🇺 and the 🌎 need their engagement, commitment and participation in society.

🤜🏻🤛🏾 can bring the change!


RT @echo_Europe: With EU funding, @unicefturk brought Turkish and Syrian youth together to learn with and about each other.

And now, they are also able to tell stories in creative ways


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