RT @ECB_Research: Why does the ECB and other central banks conduct research? What’s the difference between a Working Paper and an Occasional Paper? Learn more about our research topics and our different research products with our explainer ecb.europa.eu/ecb/educational/

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RT @ECB_Research: Working on topics related to (the future of) the European banking system? Submit your work to the Banking Supervision and Research conference!
Call for papers: ecb.europa.eu/pub/conferences/

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RT @ECB_Research: 🚨Job alert🚨: we are looking for PhD students interested in heterogeneity in macroeconomics for a traineeship between 6-12 months, working closely with our economists on several research projects.

Find more details and apply now:

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RT @ECB_Research: 📢Job alert: apply for our Economist Graduate Programme and spend two years after your PhD working with us at the @ecb, learning about analytical and policy work and developing your research talent.ecb.europa.eu/careers/J

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Today our Chief Economist Philip R. Lane met with a group of young researchers at @EUI_EU to talk about key issues in economics and careers in the field.

He really enjoyed getting to know the next generation of economists!

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The latest Eurobarometer survey shows that support for the euro remains high! 77% of people in the euro area believe that having the euro is a good thing for the EU.


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How did euro area bank interest rates evolve in October? How do they compare with September’s figures? Find out more in the press release ecb.europa.eu/press/pr/stats/m

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We can’t overstate the importance of European Climate Law and the EU is setting the bar high, says Executive Board member Frank Elderson.

As a central bank and banking supervisor, we will duly take into account the objectives of the law.
Full speech ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2

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Some banks use rather mild macroeconomic assumptions in their adverse scenarios, resulting in a more moderate impact on their capital ratios. Supervisors will scrutinise banks’ capital planning and challenge management actions to ensure proper caution.


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Watch live from 09:00 CET: Supervisory Board Chair Andrea Enria speaks before the @europarl_en Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and answers questions from its members.

Follow the live webcast multimedia.europarl.europa.eu/

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RT @Lietuvosbankas: 🇱🇹❤️🇺🇦 | Buy a silver collector coin and support Ukraine!
🔵 Pre-sale of the €10 collector coin dedicated to Ukraine’s fight for freedom starts 30 November, 8:00 EET 👉t.co/ZGwsNEPWaQ
🟡 Majority of funds will be transferred to @NBUkraine's account for humanitarian aid

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The apparent stabilisation of bitcoin’s value is likely to be an artificially induced last gasp before the crypto-asset embarks on a road to irrelevance. looks at where bitcoin stands amid widespread volatility in the crypto markets.
Read more ecb.europa.eu/press/blog/date/

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RT @EestiPank: The two-euro coins dedicated to Ukraine and Freedom go into circulation in Estonia and Europe today. By buying a coin card you can help 🇺🇦 fight for freedom as the money from your purchase will be given to Ukraine. Slava Ukraini! 🇪🇪❤️🇺🇦

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Croatia will switch to the euro in January 2023. We’ve launched a dedicated webpage that brings together useful information on the Croatian currency changeover ecb.europa.eu/euro/changeover/

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Does a central bank make a profit? And what happens when the ECB and euro area national central banks record losses? We look at how profits and losses come about as side effects of our work to maintain price stability in our latest

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Watch again: President Christine @Lagarde speaking to @EP_Economics about our commitment to taming inflation and ensuring price stability.

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