Excellent first meeting in
with Minister
We share a common determination to achieve the reforms on judicial independence & transparency, and fight against corruption. We have already seen good progress.
will continue to support this work.

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[2024-02-15 07:11 UTC]

🇧🇬 for a two-day country visit.
Today’s meetings ⤵️
🔹PM Nikolai Denkov, followed by a joint press point on
at 10.40 EET
🔹Minister Bogdan Bogdanov
🔹Presentation of the 2023
Report and debate with members of

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[2024-02-15 07:13 UTC]

R to @dreynders: Today’s meetings ⤵️

🔹Opening of the Consumer Dialogue together with @MoEBulgaria, citizens and interested organisations

🔹@AssenVassilevBG, Minister of Finance

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[2024-02-15 07:13 UTC]

and national consumer protection authorities released the results of a screening of social media posts from influencers.
➡️ nearly all of these influencers posted commercial content but only 1/5 systematically indicated that their content was advertising.

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[2024-02-14 13:19 UTC]

R to @dreynders: Influencers have a responsibility to be transparent with their audience about their content: when it’s sponsored, they should say it clearly to their followers.

Based on today’s screening of social media posts, it's clear influencers need to do more to comply with EU rules.

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[2024-02-14 13:19 UTC]

R to @dreynders: To give influencers guidance on how to comply with EU consumer law, @EU_Commission has produced a set of user-friendly training videos and materials.

Influencer Legal Hub 🇪🇺⤵️


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[2024-02-14 13:19 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: Screening conducted by @EU_Commission & national authorities reveals:
🛍️97% of influencers post commercial content
🛍️only 20% of influencers clearly indicate that this content is advertising

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[2024-02-14 11:08 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: with the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the @IntlCrimCourt!

🤔Have you ever wondered what is the legal basis for -OTP's involvement in a ?
🧐 What are the benefits?

Our newest factsheet has the answers ⤵️

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[2024-02-13 10:09 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: Today is 11/2 – ! 📱

Dial 112 from anywhere in the EU to reach emergency services – even if you're unsure of your location. Operators will pinpoint it for immediate assistance.

Let's raise awareness about this critical number across the EU!

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[2024-02-11 08:00 UTC]

Très triste d'apprendre le décès de Robert Badinter, ancien ministre de la Justice de François Mitterand, qui a porté l'abolition de la peine de mort en France. Il a toujours plaidé pour la défense de la démocratie, de l'état de droit et des droits fondamentaux.

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[2024-02-09 11:27 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: ⚖️ Launch of the negotiations today between @EUCouncil & @europarl_en on the transfer of criminal proceedings.

↔️ It aims at improving the efficient and proper administration of within the EU by facilitating the transfer of criminal proceedings to another Member State.

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[2024-02-08 10:02 UTC]

Pleased to take part in the kick-off trilogue with
for new rules on the transfer of proceedings in criminal matters.
This regulation would fill in a gap in the area of 🇪🇺 judicial cooperation and ensure greater efficiency between Member States.

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[2024-02-08 11:30 UTC]

A pleasure to exchange views this morning with members of the
group in the
committee of the European Parliament on our common priorities in the field of consumer protection. Grateful for your continuous support. Thank you
for the invite.

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[2024-02-07 10:51 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: 🇪🇺Kicking off our first 2024 Renew IMCO breakfast 🥐 with Commissioner @dreynders to discuss the challenges and the future of our Single Market💡

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[2024-02-07 09:09 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: Creating conditions for women & girls to feel safe everywhere in the EU.

We welcome political agreement on new EU legislation to combat & domestic violence.

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[2024-02-06 18:11 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: We all know someone touched by cancer.

This week we recommended new measures for vaccine-preventable cancers, under the EU's Beating Cancer Plan.

Beating cancer is a priority for us, and it takes a real team effort.

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[2024-02-04 10:12 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: Remarques introductives de @dreynders, commissaire 🇪🇺 à la Justice.
Dans un paysage numérique de plus en plus vaste, complexe et contesté, il est essentiel de réévaluer les mesures de protection de l'internet et leur lien avec le public pour préserver la démocratie

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[2024-02-02 08:52 UTC]

RT by @dreynders: Today the policy conference brought together over 100 citizens passionate about fighting disinformation💪 We heard from a number of expert speakers including European Commissioner @dreynders 🇪🇺

Stay tuned - there's much more to come from the RADAR Project‼️

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[2024-02-02 16:32 UTC]

We have a deal!
just reached a provisional agreement on the directive that promotes the repair of goods, most commonly known as the right to repair
The new rules will make repair easier, faster, cheaper and more accessible for 🇪🇺 consumers

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[2024-02-01 23:25 UTC]

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