RT by @digicultEU: The project has been granted the TwinIt! Label. Do you work with digitisation in ?

Join our network of partners and friends! Apply for the Twin it! Label now and show your support! Read more: bit.ly/40uXMN1


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[2024-02-08 13:01 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: The first 3D modelling results and very soon under open-access @Europeanaeu :

📽️ unescochair-dch.net/3D_Modelli

@DigitalEU @digicultEU @REA_research @EUScienceInnov @UNESCO @UNESCOEU @DARIAHeu @DepMinCultureCy @DepMinRIDcy @DepMinTourismCy @SweMFA @SweAmbassadorCY

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[2024-01-25 12:43 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: is an additive three-colour photographic process. It consists of a mosaic of colours on a glass plate, designed to be viewed using hand-held devices or projected using carbon arc lamps. Beautiful autochrome in our gallery➡️bit.ly/2RnuZp0

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[2024-01-28 15:35 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: ▶ You can now watch the webinar Polifonia Research Ecosystem – Impact, Data re-use and Workflows held last 19th of January.

👉 Online now on Polifonia Youtube Channel: youtu.be/Clvlwb374gM

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[2024-01-29 11:01 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: 📢Read all about it! The E-ARK specifications, used for assuring the long-term preservation of cultural heritage content, can now work together with @Europeanaeu harvesting protocols!


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[2024-01-23 16:12 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: By the end of the 19th century, had disappeared from almost all of Scandinavia. Visit this new exhibition to find out how a small town in Norway contributed to the return of the European beaver in Scandinavia and beyond ➡ bit.ly/3fU5nj0

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[2024-01-21 13:39 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: Read our blog to find out how artist
@CosminaBerta finds artistic inspiration on
@Europeanaeu website. Cosmina bases her artworks on imagery, enhancing and reimagining it using both digital and traditional techniques bit.ly/3HqC4RH

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[2024-01-23 10:56 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: 🥁 RollDaBeats! This week music collection is for drum and bass lovers!

🎵 This database holds over 100,000 tracks dedicated to these instruments.

👉 Read more about it on here: projects.dharc.unibo.it/musow/

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[2024-01-23 11:00 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: 📢Under by @UNESCO_DCH_ERA @CyUniTech:
The largest collection of Artefacts outside of 🇨🇾 – 7,000 YEARS
THANK YOU🙏 for the invitation and support @medelhavsmuseet @Stockholmsstad @Sweden 🇸🇪
@SweAmbassadorCY @CyprusinSweden @digicultEU

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[2024-01-16 20:37 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: Our next training , 'The long-term accessibility of Cancer Registry data', is tomorrow! If you haven't registered yet, there's still time! Here's the link: digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/

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[2024-01-17 09:56 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: 📢 The Platform where you can find all info about courses

👉 unescochair-dch.net/Postgradua ✏️in cooperation @DARIAHeu @CLARINERIC @eureka_3d @tex_tour @creamsproject @AnchiseProject

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[2024-01-10 10:14 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: are a genre of Japanese . Produced in small numbers for a mostly educated audience of literati, surimono were often more experimental and extravagant than commercial prints Explore in our gallery➡️bit.ly/3bkMFif

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[2024-01-07 14:54 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: All about: How to create a , and harvesting @Europeanaeu @digicultEU @DigitalEU @DIGITALEUROPE @CyUniTech @DepMinCultureCy @DepMinRIDcy @DepMinTourismCy @ICOMOS @icomCIDOC @europanostra @DARIAHeu >@FFHistorians @praehist3D

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[2023-12-15 10:08 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: 📢The only 🇪🇺 funded project, which implements the for flagship initiative of the @EU_Commission to accelerate the transformation of 's cultural sector @EU_HaDEA @digicultEU

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[2024-01-02 15:11 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: - Artificial intelligence in the context of & : Complex challenges and new opportunities @EP_ThinkTank @digicultEU @DigitalEU
@REA_research @TimeMachineEU
@NEMOoffice @eureka_3d

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[2023-12-10 08:02 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: Are you planning to go to a this year? If yes, in which city? Explore artworks and photos depicting Christmas markets across Europe in our gallery🎄☕️➡️bit.ly/3H5o0xY
In the mood to create your own festive gallery? Here's how➡️bit.ly/3UtiVDz

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[2023-12-11 10:39 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: , born in 1897, was a Dutch artist whose sculptures depict people and events of the 20th century. His statues and memorials, in particular, pay tribute to victims of the Holocaust and the events of World War II. Learn more➡️bit.ly/481e5Ud

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[2023-12-04 15:00 UTC]

RT by @digicultEU: 🌐Cultural Institutions are facing challenges about storage, visualisation and preservation of 3D models.

☁️Join the next demo event and learn more about the EUreka3D Data Hub!

🗓️Friday 15 December, 10.30 – 12h CET online
👉Registrations open! eureka3d.eu/demo-event/

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[2023-12-05 11:27 UTC]

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