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RT @ThierryBreton: Europe, after 9 months of negotiations (a record speed), please meet…


Your future secure satellite constellation! 🇪🇺🛰️

A big step for our resilience — and a giant leap for our tech sovereignty.


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We are looking for young creative minds to name the new constellation🛰️

📜These are the competition rules

More information at 👇


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📢Are you part of the European industrial 🏭 ecosystems involving 🛡️, Aeronautics ✈️ and 🚀?

We aim at mapping out the current status of equality, diversity and inclusion in all its dimensions🎯

Complete our survey before 30 June 2022


initiative promotes space entrepreneurship and supports
in the
🇪🇺 🛰️ecosystem
It provides many opportunities for growth, including
🔸Business Acceleration
More at👇


[2024-02-14 10:31 UTC]

Strengthening the
🇪🇺🛡️is one of our top priorities
By framing the upcoming EU Defence Industrial Strategy, we aim to build 🇪🇺's long-term defence capabilities & strategic autonomy, stimulate innovation in the sector & ensure our global competitiveness🌍


[2024-02-14 11:01 UTC]

RT by @defis_eu: @defis_eu and @EU4Space are organising a "Copernicus for Forestry" workshop 🌍

It will focus on the role of in support of the Strategy 🌲

🗓️12 March
📍Brussels and online

Register at👇


[2024-02-14 11:31 UTC]

RT by @defis_eu: No Valentine’s plans?🏹

No problem.

Here is the 🇪🇺 Annual Competitiveness Report — a stimulating read with long-lasting effects:

✔️Attracting investment

✔️ Enhancing strategic technological capabilities

✔️Supporting workforce skills



[2024-02-14 14:21 UTC]

RT by @defis_eu: 🐧 Happy 💚

that male penguins do ‘a fancy walk’ to impress the female?

Whether you are doing the fancy walking, or are being swept off your feet today, we hope you have a lovely day!


[2024-02-14 07:30 UTC]

With the
, the
is strengthening collective actions to boost workers' competencies in several sectors
that a Large-Scale Partnership on Space Data, Services & Applications has been launched under this initiative❓


[2024-02-14 10:01 UTC]
project, funded under
, is developing:
▶️Electric propulsion systems⚡️to improve satellite 🛰️ navigation and positioning
Find more information about the project at 👇


[2024-02-13 11:25 UTC]

📢Save the date
The next
Conference will take place on 13-14 March in
It will provide an opportunity to discuss the potential of
technologies for defence applications, as well as 🇪🇺 funding instruments


[2024-02-13 11:50 UTC]
This is a Call 📞for
ecosystem stakeholders
Help us design our upcoming Job Placement Scheme to support young Europeans in finding 🆕 employment opportunities in the space sector 🚀🛰️


[2024-02-13 13:15 UTC]

Over 80% of the
beneficiaries which participated in the 1st cycle of our
coaching service, agreed that the initiative supported their business growth in the defence sector
More information at👇


[2024-02-12 09:51 UTC]

Are you a 🇪🇺 entrepreneur interested in participating in the
Business Accelerator❓
is organising a webinar to present the application process.
📆13 February 2024
⏲️15:00-16:00 CET
Read more and register at 👇


[2024-02-12 11:07 UTC]
According to the “Secure SATCOM Market and User Technology” Report recently published by
, user demand for satellite communication in the EU will increase by a factor of 14 between 2025 and 2040
Read more 👇


[2024-02-11 08:01 UTC]

1 month ago, we launched the🆕 Defence Equity Facility in collaboration with
As part of the
EU Defence Innovation Scheme🛡️🇪🇺, this initiative will stimulate the growth of innovative defence
in the EU
More at👇!h3qMWH


[2024-02-10 10:59 UTC]
will foster the competitiveness of the
How ❓
By accelerating industrial innovation and supporting the supply chain through closer cooperation between 🇪🇺 Member States!mkVqB9


[2024-02-10 08:27 UTC]

The protection of 🛰️ space infrastructure is critical to guarantee 🇪🇺 strategic autonomy
Developing a European Space Domain Awareness System will support the detection of threats and monitoring of assets
Read more at 👇!8RKn4R


[2024-02-10 09:50 UTC]
Today is the last day to submit prototypes 🛰️📡 if you want to participate.
🥇The 10 best applicants will receive a prize of €30,000 each to fund the development of their ideas 💡
More information 👇


[2024-02-09 11:05 UTC]

EU Defence Innovation Scheme aims at lowering entry barriers in the
🛡️🇪🇺 for
, mid-caps &
With this🆕 set of instruments, we want to support defence innovators💡throughout the development cycle
More at👇


[2024-02-09 11:36 UTC]
that the
🇪🇺🛰️ Emergency Warning Satellite Service
, currently under testing, will provide an alert system particularly useful for people living in remote and rural regions of Europe with poor or no mobile coverage? 📳
More at 👇!nFRp3y


[2024-02-09 09:59 UTC]

RT by @defis_eu: 📅Tomorrow's the D-day!

On 9 February the CASSINI Challenges competition closes the submissions for the Prototype track, the 2nd track with 10 prizes of 30.000EUR!

Take a last look at the conditions, add the last touch and apply by 23:59 CET!


[2024-02-08 14:02 UTC]

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