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📣The public vote phase for the Awards is officially open!

🏆 Head here and cast your vote for your favourite finalist in the categories:

👩Woman in Energy
📍Local Energy Action


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Are you an ESCO, landlord or tenant of a commercial building❓
needs your opinion!
Review their business model & provide feedback. The outcome will be used to develop a targeted exploitation strategy with key stakeholders.


[2024-02-14 10:39 UTC]

Are you…
☑️ Organising an event online or onsite?
☑️ Focusing on clean energy?
☑️ Looking for ways to promote it?
You are in the right place 👍
Make your activity part of the Sustainable Energy Days of


[2024-02-13 10:11 UTC]

In Iceland, a geothermal powerplant is turning captured CO2 into stone underground in 2 years 🪨
It follows the same process that nature has applied for millions of years to regulate long-term CO2 levels in the atmosphere ☁️
story ➡️!qPFMFf


[2024-02-12 08:47 UTC]

RT by @cleanenergy_EU: The football club @realvalladolidE through Ronaldo Nazario, confirms its commitment to sustainability! They will support the city Valladolid that is part of on their journey to climate neutrality ➡️


[2024-02-05 16:39 UTC]

RT by @cleanenergy_EU: Discover funded project @bioflexgen! It is developing a highly efficient, biomass-fired gas turbine technology to convert forestry and agriculture waste to electricity.

Find more about the impact they will make on clean energy 🔗!TJkDwy


[2024-02-06 14:14 UTC]

RT by @cleanenergy_EU: The EC Communication on Industrial was published this week, but what does management include?

🔹 the capture of CO2
🔹 transportation (if not used on-site)
🔹 either utilisation or underground storage

For more details 👉!xy8KgR


[2024-02-07 11:06 UTC]
supports projects in every step of the way! 🌱
From reviewing the business model 📋, to identifying potential investors 💰 and improving greening procedures ♻️.
Your project will grow with ease! 📈
Show your interest to get in touch!


[2024-02-07 11:09 UTC]

project, funded by
, has supported industrial parks & clusters to become ecoregions with reduced
Read more on the project and discover how multiple stakeholders engaged in this energy cooperation.


[2024-02-05 10:12 UTC]

🚀 Ready to make a difference?
Join the
expert pool! 🌍 We need technical, financial,
experts, and skilled rapporteurs to evaluate innovative projects.
Be part of the
Submit your CV now👉!RTnFrw


[2024-02-02 08:26 UTC]

Deadline approaching! ⏰⌛️
If you're applying to the
call to obtain the CB RES status, check out the recording of the last Q&A session where our team clarified your pending questions!
Watch here 👇
Deadline to apply: 6 February


[2024-02-01 11:17 UTC]

📢Calling on ambitious young professionals to take part in the new
Young Energy Ambassadorship!
☑️ You are between 18-34?
☑️ You work in the
☑️ You live in Europe?
Get ready for the challenge and apply 👉!fHTVQR


[2024-01-30 12:43 UTC]

RT by @cleanenergy_EU: 🌟 Are you a young professional in the ?

Seize the opportunity to become a Young Energy Ambassador of the community, to connect and inspire the new generation to step up and make a difference.

Apply by 3.3.2024 👉!fHTVQR


[2024-01-30 09:52 UTC]
is helping companies to materialise their green projects!
From July to December, PROMET-PLAST received free
support to develop the business model & investment strategy of a 🇵🇱 project to build a smart grid with gravity energy storage.


[2024-01-29 09:56 UTC]

RT by @cleanenergy_EU: 📚🐙Want to get a step closer to being ocean literate?

✨Visit the European Ocean Days on 8 March in Brussels to dive into the world of , visit an art exhibition by @IocUnesco, exchange ideas and more!

Register today👉!Mp8fNf


[2024-01-29 09:15 UTC]

RT by @cleanenergy_EU: On this first , join the Partnership for and Aquaculture!🐟

You can become the driver of this transition, anticipating challenges and opportunities with a like-minded community 🤝

More info👇!Fkt3Pn


[2024-01-26 09:10 UTC]

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