Ich habe großen Respekt vor der Entscheidung von Annalena Baerbock. Sich angesichts der großen globalen Herausforderungen ganz der Außenpolitik zu widmen, zeigt wofür auch die Grünen stehen: Verantwortung übernehmen.
Annalena, du bist und bleibst ein Riesenvorbild. Danke 💚

[2024-07-10 18:33 UTC]

Thank you for coming to our group today,
Building a pro-European, democratic majority that stands with Ukraine, builds a competitive future with the Green Deal and defends rule of law is now more crucial than ever.
Our citizens deserve a strong and united Europe.

[2024-07-10 17:05 UTC]

Today, our Group had a good conversation with Roberta Metsola, who is seeking re-election as EP President.
As part of the pro-European majority, we are ready to come together to protect the Green Deal and to stand up against the Far Right.

[2024-07-10 15:07 UTC]

Always United.
I have not been this positive about the EU-UK relation in years.
In these challenging times there is a real chance for a future where we will move much closer together again.
And of course you are always welcome back.

[2024-07-09 14:53 UTC]

Vive la République 🇫🇷❤️✨

[2024-07-07 18:25 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: Le NFP est la première force démocratique du pays.

Notre responsabilité a sauvé la République. Elle a aussi permis d’indiquer un cap clair.

Il est temps de donner à un gouvernement de la justice sociale, de l’écologie, du pouvoir d’achat, des libertés, les moyens d’agir.

[2024-07-07 18:15 UTC]

L’Europe a besoin d’une France forte, libre et démocrate 🇫🇷 🇪🇺
Ne livrez pas votre pays à l’extrême-droite, à la casse sociale, la destruction des libertés publiques et de l'État de droit.
Allez voter. Pour la démocratie.

[2024-07-07 07:59 UTC]

What a historic Green result in the UK. 😍
Congratulations to Carla, Ellie, Adrian, and Siân on your victory as MPs.
Best of luck with your parliamentary work – you'll be amazing. 💚

[2024-07-05 06:37 UTC]

We have to stand up against the Far Right.
In France, in Europe.

[2024-07-04 16:58 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: Today is the day. Vote Green for real hope and real change.

[2024-07-04 07:01 UTC]

🤞North Herefordshire
🤞Waveney Valley
All fingers crossed for a strong group of
MPs in Parliament.
For Real Hope. For Real Change.

[2024-07-04 07:20 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: Congratulations to Vula Tsetsi, our re-elected Secretary General, and to Guillaume Sellier, re-elected Deputy Secretary General👏💚

[2024-07-02 15:14 UTC]

Constructive meeting with
To protect the Green Deal &amp; strengthen Europes competitiveness, to protect our democracy and human rights, we must work together &amp; build a stable and democratic majority in the EU Parliament.
Europe is strongest united. We are ready

[2024-07-01 19:01 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: Wir @gruenenrw stehen an der Seite der Kollegen bei Thyssen Steel. Es war richtig, dass NRW &amp; Bund in Grünen Stahl investieren.

Das ist aber kein Blankoscheck!

Wir wollen Klarheit und Perspektive für die Mitarbeiter!
Danke für deinen Besuch, Tekin Nasikkol!

[2024-07-01 08:26 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: Aux électeurs macronistes et LR,

Chaque fois que nous aurons le choix entre vous et le RN, nous voterons pour vous.

Sans condition.
Car ce sera pour nous.
Pour notre attachement à la démocratie.

Si nous en sommes capables, je veux croire que vous l’êtes aussi.

[2024-06-30 18:57 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: L'intervista a @TerryReintke copresidente dei @GreensEFA sulle condizioni per sostenere il bis di von der Leyen alla Commissione europea: «Pronti a entrare in maggioranza. Ma sul Green Deal nessuno stop» corriere.it/esteri/elezioni-eu

[2024-06-26 08:33 UTC]

Happy to have such a dedicated great new
bureau 💚
Many challenges lie ahead of us, together we fight to deliver results to European citizens.
For the Green Deal, for democracy, for social justice.
Let's get to work now 💪

[2024-06-25 16:50 UTC]

Sad not to be at
this year, but sending all my love and support.
Stay strong, stay loud, and keep shining.
We are with you. 🌈💪❤️

[2024-06-21 17:53 UTC]

Reports of fascist salutes being done by European politicians, including some elected MEPs, are shocking and should not be normalised.
The rise of fascism is a real threat.
It's time for Progressive Groups to stand united against the far right.

[2024-06-20 18:41 UTC]

RT by @TerryReintke: Dear Scots, those have been a wonderful couple of days with you. I could not be a happier mayor. You are always welcome to come back to Cologne! @ScotlandNT

[2024-06-20 12:14 UTC]

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