RT by @RobertaMetsola: Today marks Jimmy Lai’s 76th birthday - another birthday spent in prison in Hong Kong.

He faces life in prison for his journalism and pro-democracy campaigning. We are in Brussels continuing to call for his immediate and unconditional release @SupportJimmyLai

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[2023-12-08 11:41 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: "These reforms will allow the European Parliament to be on a much stronger footing.”

@EP_President Metsola welcomes the Conference of Presidents' adoption of a comprehensive package aiming to make the institution more modern and efficient.


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[2023-12-07 19:34 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: “Modernisation of ⁦@europarl_en⁩ is one of my main goals. Once implemented, these reforms will allow Parliament to be on a much stronger footing from the next mandate”, said ⁦@EP_President⁩ ⁦@RobertaMetsola⁩ on the adopted reforms package europarl.europa.eu/news/en/pre

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[2023-12-07 20:10 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: A inaugurata centrale operativa del 112. Impegno 🇮🇹 a rafforzare il Meccanismo 🇪🇺 di Protezione Civile cui partecipa attivamente anche la . La Calabria, dove ho deciso di tenere il G7 Commercio nel 2024, è cruciale nella strategia della crescita del Governo.

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[2023-12-05 11:36 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: .@EP_President @RobertaMetsola in visita oggi a Lecce e Catanzaro 🇪🇺🇮🇹.

Guarda il servizio @MediasetTgcom24


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[2023-12-04 17:14 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Today @RobertaMetsola arrives in Italy🇪🇺🇮🇹

@EP_President will start her visit to the south of Italy in Caserta this afternoon.

In the next days, she will also visit Lecce, Catanzaro and Palermo.

Full programme: europa.eu/!k6CdFK


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[2023-12-03 12:01 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: "John goes to the cemetery at least once daily. It is a ritual he has not missed since the funeral. Every Sunday he drives to the Kordin site and stares at the spot where his son was killed."


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[2023-12-03 07:02 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: A presidente do Parlamento Europeu Roberta Metsola está em Lisboa para a entrevista «Jovens e Política Não é Assim Tão Simples» e um encontro com jovens sobre a participação eleitoral no MAAT Central. @RobertaMetsola ; @EP_President

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[2023-12-01 17:47 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Today we met the @EP_President in Lisbon. What a great example! Thank you for having us and thank you for your interest in the story of resilience of these eight women!

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[2023-12-01 17:52 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Um encontro muito emocionante! Tenho duas filhas, com 12 e 10 anos de idade... que têm o privilégio de poder estudar, viver, sonhar e conquistar tudo aquilo que desejam na sua vida. O relato destas jovens deixou-me emocionado. Que coragem! Parabéns @SetareFutures

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[2023-12-01 18:29 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Book Talk with @RobertaMetsola on the new book ‚Capitalism Reconnected‘ by @jpbalkenende in the EP Library.

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[2023-11-30 15:24 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Honoured to host @Antonio_Tajani and @RobertaMetsola for a fruitful and open discussion on & , and the common challenges they face.

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[2023-11-29 20:22 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: The last mile before the start of our Presidency with the visit of the Conference of Presidents of the @europarl_en .

Of course, Belgium will work closely with the @Europarl_NL on our priorities to ensure the citizen's voice is heard in the EU.

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[2023-11-30 11:13 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Excellent meetings with Prime Minister @alexanderdecroo and the Belgian Government as we gear up for 🇪🇺🇧🇪

With EU elections in June, we must work even more swiftly to put laws in place to the benefit of citizens.

With enlargement on the horizon, Europe must reform.

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[2023-11-30 11:38 UTC]

RT by @RobertaMetsola: Honoured that @europarl_en has been awarded the 2023 Freedom Prize by the Lithuanian Parliament.

It is a recognition of the unwavering work & resolve of MEPs in protecting our democratic values & principles.

I look forward to be back at @LRSeimas in Vilnius early next year 🇪🇺🇱🇹

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[2023-11-23 16:25 UTC]

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