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1.⚡️Remember to join us for our two upcoming events:

On 1⃣4⃣ June: Info Day on the Networks 2023 call:

❓Submit your questions in advance via Slido:

👉 (Event code )

See 2nd event in thread below👇


RT by @REA_research: 🍇Promoting EU agri-food products excellence,
🥒supporting a balanced and healthy diet,
🌿increasing the awareness of EU organic food:

💼 seize these opportunities & apply to the 2024 calls for proposals!

From🗓️18th Jan 2024
More info 👉!YKp6RB


[2023-12-22 10:38 UTC]

'I am committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels safe, included and valued, in line with the
Action Plan on
, our Head of Department for Human Resources 🌞
Come work with us ⬇️


[2023-12-22 08:18 UTC]

RT by @REA_research: 📢 Call for the Micro General Assembly Grants

Every year, the  offers financial support to its to attend the

We are happy to announce that the call is now officially open!

For more information, visit:


[2023-12-21 08:30 UTC]

Want to promote your agri-food products in 2024? Keep an eye on the latest
🟢 Hybrid Info Days happening 31 January – 1 February
🟢 Calls for proposals, opening 18 January
🟢 High Level Missions to China & Kazakhstan
+ more


[2023-12-21 08:07 UTC]

The end-of-year
newsletter for Reforming and enhancing the European R&I system is here ✨
Learn more about upcoming calls, awards, project results and next year’s events!
Read the latest news and subscribe! 👇!8VgdcN


[2023-12-20 08:30 UTC]

RT by @REA_research: 🗓️ NEW deadline to apply: 7 January 2024!

🇪🇺🇨🇳 Register now and join @jwojc to explore various possibilities and requirements for doing business in China as well as business networking in the agri-food sector.

ℹ️ More info & registration:!JtPMjf


[2023-12-19 08:55 UTC]

The EU & India are collaborating to deliver clean water across India 🇪🇺🤝 🇮🇳
Together, we're co-funding research for: 💧
- Sustainable
- Improved access to clean water
- Stronger scientific cooperation
Find out more:!byPrBf


[2023-12-19 08:01 UTC]

RT by @REA_research: The brings to our living spaces.

We need to give our building sector the skills & knowledge to tap into the potential of sustainable solutions.

This is where the NEB Academy will make a difference!



[2023-12-18 11:05 UTC]

RT by @REA_research: The @SAFERS_H2020 project was mentioned by @REA_research as an example of a project that applied to .
An excellent result of which we are proud as project partners and which encourages us to work more and more on these issues!


[2023-12-18 12:44 UTC]

RT by @REA_research: to start your weekend!

This holiday season, choose eco-friendly options over & let love for Earth be the best gift we give 🎁

Get inspired by projects tackling plastic :


[2023-12-15 10:38 UTC]

Apply to the
Prizes! 🏆
Prizes are worth €100,000 each! They'll be awarded to four academic or research organisations successfully promoting gender equality and
Have what it takes? Apply by 25 January!


[2023-12-14 07:06 UTC]

RT by @REA_research: Let's stand up for our !

This week, the @EU_Commission presented the Package to strengthen democracy in Europe 🇪🇺

Many of our projects contribute to enhancing & engagement in innovative ways.

Discover how:!QnQt9j


[2023-12-14 08:12 UTC]

📨 Find out the latest updates on
in our newsletter:
🔸 Open calls for proposals
🔹 Key information to prepare your project proposal
🔸 Success stories
🔹 Tips to manage your project
🔸 Upcoming events!qqfbNH


[2023-12-13 12:54 UTC]

(1) For our
community 📢
If you have missed our recent
Coordinators' Day, make sure to consult our event recordings, presentations & other important resources here:!mmpwyg
Find out why this is of interest to all our MSCA family:


[2023-12-13 09:59 UTC]

R to @REA_research: (2) Organized by @REA_research, the event informed about the new rules & procedures governing & much more:

💡 within the MSCA & other programmes
💡A presentation on opportunities
💡Insightful Q&A on project management

Read on 👇


[2023-12-13 09:59 UTC]

R to @REA_research: (3) Other presentations:

💡Insights into our recent study on the innovative dimension of MSCA under , valuable for applicants, policy-makers & future EU programme enhancements📚

💡Guidance on Green Charter


[2023-12-13 09:59 UTC]

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