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🇪🇺Lopholeucaspis japonica is a

🍊 is among its main hosts

🚜It can spread through plant material, agricultural tools and machinery

🖱️Check the latest @Plants_EFSA in collaboration with
RT @EurekaMag: Pomegranate: a new host for the invasive scale insect Lopholeucaspis japonica (Cockerell, 1897) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) from Gujarat, India


RT by @Plants_EFSA: Did you know that Sunday (11 Feb) is International Day of ?

We work with some wonderful women at the Forestry Commission. Here is just one of them, Biosecurity Officer Emma, who communicates important information about in her work.


[2024-02-09 10:00 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: Large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis. Here you can see part of the weevil’s compound eye. The fine hairs appear very stable under high magnification. It is also easy to see that the hair usually has two or three fine tips. And of course, on the left, the mysterious hole between the eyes of these and many other species of weevils. 🤷🏻‍♂️


[2024-02-07 16:41 UTC]

Andrzej Chodkowski head of
announcing Poland has joined
campaign at 64th Plant Protection Conference Welcome on board 👏👏


[2024-02-07 13:41 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: 🌿 Exciting Discovery Alert! 🌱 First report of Phytophthora occultans infecting Euphorbia amygdaloides in the UK! Read the study: 📚 Thanks to @Bazza_2022_, @LizBeal79, @FDrizou, @The_RHS for their contributions.


[2024-02-01 09:03 UTC]

R to @Plants_EFSA: Multi-entry keys allow the identification of a even in absence of some characters

Identification tools > Mobile applications


[2024-01-31 13:39 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: Wetlands sustain humanity, exemplified by rice grown on wetland paddies, a staple for 3 billion people.

🟢Join us as we discuss the importance of wetlands for human prosperity and a healthy planet.

🗓️2 February


[2024-01-29 01:23 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: According to the new report by @UNESCO and
@IUCN, sites are home to over 75,000 species of plants! These sites serve as formidable natural observatories for scientists, local communities and visitors. Read more:


[2024-01-29 05:00 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: First high resolution Soil Bulk density map in Europe 🇪🇺 using 6000 measured points. Croplands 🌽🍇🫒 have 1.5 higher bulk density compared to woodlands🌳🌲. Bulk density is 10% higher in 10-20cm compared to 0-10cm. @EU_ScienceHub research highlight


[2024-01-29 08:23 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: Join the @FAO webinar series focusing on how to scale up actions & financing for the Food Nexus

📆 Latin America & Caribbean: 31 Jan 4 PM CET
📆 Africa: 21 Feb 10:30 AM CET
📆 Asia & Pacific: 26 Feb 8 AM CET


[2024-01-29 09:47 UTC]

RT by @Plants_EFSA: Aleurocanthus spiniferus è un nuovo parassita degli agrumi 🍋 e delle piante ornamentali 🌿. In Lombardia è stato ritrovato per la prima volta nel 2022. Per info e segnalazioni puoi utilizzare l'app FitoDetective🔎 o visitare il sito fitosanitario.regione.lombardi


[2024-01-28 15:56 UTC]

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