Kommissionär @NicolasSchmitEU sammanfattar sitt besök i Stockholm med att Sverige har mycket att lära EU vad gäller vuxenutbildning och livslångt lärande. Sverige kan också bidra med kunskap om digital omställning och säkerhet på arbetsplatsen under det kommande ordförandeskapet.

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Happy to meet Sweden’s Minister for EU Affairs @JessikaRoswall today.

The Swedish Presidency of the EU takes place against a backdrop of many challenges which we will confront together.

Solidarity with 🇺🇦 will never waver.

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Pleasure to meet 🇸🇪 Minister Grönvall in Stockholm today ahead of the upcoming Presidency.

We agreed on the need to work intensely to reduce homelessness in the EU, a problem everywhere.

Implementing the is crucial. We must keep up the momentum.

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Lancement de notre exposition itinérante EU4You(th) au @LHCEsch et discussions entre les étudiants et @NicolasSchmitEU, @MetzTilly @MeischClaude, @GeorgesMischo sur les priorités 🇪🇺, l’importance de la démocratie participative et du .

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Hier soir, conférence passionnante sur les différents aspects de l’économie :
- contexte et but de la proposition de Directive 🇪🇺 @NicolasSchmitEU et @LucaRatti15
- jurisprudence 🇪🇺 sur le statut du travailleur @FrancoisBiltgen

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RT @social_charter: ‘Social rights are more important than ever in the era of . It is crucial to ensure individuals can access & enjoy their effectively’ says report on Impact of Digitalisation & IT Developments on & .

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Pleasure to meet with the new director general of the @ilo @GilbertFHoungbo

Looking forward to a close collaboration in the years to come on our many common priorities.

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Interesting second day of meetings in Prague!

My thanks to all for the constructive exchanges of views, including Europe Minister @MikulasBek,
Members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and the social partners.

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Day one in Prague 🇨🇿

📱 Discussed the directive with Dep PM @MJureka

👨‍💼Visited @RUBIKON_Centrum which helps people leaving prison find jobs

🚗Toured @skodacz to talk about innovation and reskilling

🎤 Gave speech at @FEPS_Europe event on addressing crises

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RT @ecfin: 🆕 : The @EU_Commission and @COEbanknews signed an agreement to mobilise €500 million in financing for social projects.

This the 1st time InvestEU supports the investments of a multilateral development bank with an exclusively social mandate. 👉ec.europa.eu/commission/pressc

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RT @EU_Commission: "Women, men and children are freezing in the dark because of Putin's deliberate and barbaric targeting of Ukraine's civilian infrastructure.

The sole purpose is to terrorise Ukrainians.

These acts are war crimes."

— President @vonderleyen, 24 November 2022

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@Maria_Alcaz @Youth_Forum @_CJE_ @obessu Congratulations Maria. I look forward to working with you in your new role.

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Today Commissioner @ElisaFerreiraEC and I visited a Housing First project supported by EU funds: Foundation DEDO in Košice 🇸🇰

It has made remarkable achievements in helping families end the vicious cycle of homelessness and re-integrate into society.


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A rewarding visit to 🇸🇰 with my great colleague @ElisaFerreiraEC

We launched the Partnership Agreement that brings €12.8 billion to Slovakia to invest in clean energy, jobs and inclusion, especially of Roma.

Pleased to visit many excellent EU-funded projects in Košice.

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RT @Veronika_Remis: This is a big day for 🇸🇰. European Commission certified our Programme Slovakia. That means we can start new programme period with 13 billion € for development of our country and to help people in all regions of Slovakia. Thank you @ElisaFerreiraEC & @NicolasSchmitEU your support

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will support:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦workers & families in the phasing out from coal extraction & coal-fired electric power generation
🔋energy savings, efficiency & reduction of dependence from Russia
📈reskilling of people & businesses
🚵‍♀️sustainable mobility


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📣 Programme Slovakia 2021-2027 is adopted!

Delighted to announce key milestone for a long-term fair & territorially balanced development of 🇸🇰

€12.6 bn will be invested in jointly decided future-oriented priorities taking into account specific needs of each territory.


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Des enfants meurent chaque jour sous les bombes russes qui détruisent un pays et Kartheiser ,ce député ADR/AFD accuse les sanctions contre le régime de Poutine.Il plaide pour business as usual avec ceux qui à travers l‘Ukraine mènent une guerre contre la démocratie

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Rencontre avec Commissaire @NicolasSchmitEU sur le télétravail des frontaliers, qui s'est beaucoup étendu suite au Covid. La législation n'a pas suivi introduisant 1 insécurité juridique pour les travailleurs & entreprises. Nous demandons à @EU_Commission & EM 1 solution pérenne

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