RT @asvin_iot: This time CTO @rohit_bohara9 reports on the topic of project drivers within the framework of the project which is funded by @TrubloEu
Read more in his latest Blog.


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Welcoming @NgiZero Review to the community. The NGI Zero Review offers services to sustain and improve the quality and of free and projects. For more information:

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RT @EssifL: Last week we had the chance to participate in FIWARE Global Summit event where Open Source experts could find collaborations, discover new ideas and network 🌐

If you want to know more about what happened during this event, click here 👉🏽 spaces.fundingbox.com/@essif_l

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RT @asvin_iot: The latest Blog post by CTO @rohit_bohara9 is online.
Learn more about the components of the D-SBOM project supported by @TrubloEu


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RT @NGI_DAPSI: 💡Get ready to meet 19 cutting-edge solutions in the field at the DAPSI Final Event #3 !

📅 October 18th 2022
🕙 9:30 AM – 5 PM CEST
📍Paris & Online

Find out what to expect and how to register by reading our newest blog article👉dapsi.ngi.eu/dapsi-final-event

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RT @4YFN_MWC: The are back for 2023! 🎉 🏆

Think you could be our next winner? 🤔

Find out more and apply today 👉 t.co/yBsxChcBZO

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RT @mirko_ross: 💥 Great to meet and talk with Fernando Rullán at @TechBBQ - he is presenting the @NgiPointer initiative by European Commission supporting and developers improving and in the internet.

Great projects 🚀

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Mayte Carracedo and David Seoane, representing the NGI projects and in action at the , talking about the funding opportunities and the new @NgiSearch project. ngi.eu

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Dr. @MoniqueCalisti, NGI Outreach Office Director, is at the . Take the opportunity to network with Dr. Monique & be informed on the NGI core values of supporting the .

@FIWARE @DigitalEU

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ONTOCHAIN team members Thanasis Papaioannou & George Stamoulis were awarded yesterday at GECON 2022 for their paper:
“A Business Model for Multi-Tiered Decentralized Software Frameworks: The Case of ONTOCHAIN”.
📰 2022.gecon-conference.org/imag
We are so proud!❤

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This afternoon, Gemma Carolillo, Deputy Head of Next Generation Internet Unit, and Ragnar Bergström, Team Lead, shared the @EU_Commission's key priorities of the to the NGI Outreach Office. ngi.eu

@KarolGemy @DigitalEU

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Frederique Luca discussing the media and outreach strategy at the NGI Outreach Office kick-off in Barcelona.

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Raquel Carro presents stakeholder engagement and how to empower and build a community that is continuously growing in numbers and diversity. ngi.eu

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The NGI Outreach Office (NOO) officially kicks-off the new phase of the project in to support the whole NGI ecosystem, with an introduction by Dr. Monique Calisti @MoniqueCalisti, Director of the NOO.

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RT @DigitalEU: Help us make sure the & are implemented in a forward-looking way by analysing trends in:

🔹personal data use
🔹online identity in the digital
🔹future of ownership
+ much more!

Take part in the foresight study into the future of 👇

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