💡NGI innovator David Lanzendorfer talks about how @LibreSilicon is developing a free and process that provides a quick, easy and inexpensive way of production.

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RT @NGI_DAPSI: @NGI_DAPSI team had an amazing time at @TechChill Milano!🙌

A big thank you to all of you who have joined us at @F6S_Gov booth and talked with us about challenges and solutions.😊

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RT @NGIassure: 📣 We don't want to hurry you up but...

It's your LAST chance to get up to €50K to develop your R&D idea!

NGI Assure 11th Open Call is closing tomorrow and 12:00h CEST

Submit your application here: ngi-assure-opencall.fundingbox

Let's rewrite the future of the Internet together!✊

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RT @NgiZero: Communities and societies have their own way of determining what is worth keeping up and running - removing profitability as the key metric. Gaming is a form of culture that has many shapes and forms, and homo ludens is there to stay.… mastodon.xyz/@NGIZero/10910084

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RT @DigitalEU: 🗃️ In today's world almost every device can be wirelessly connected. Our phones, cameras, watches - they all generate vast amounts of

🗝️ Its potential can be key to unlocking a successful path towards Europe's

Find out how 💫

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RT @NGIassure: Do you want to develop your R&D idea?

🚀 NGI Assure 12th Open Call is out now!

🔸 Up to €50K in equity-free funding
🔸 Business and support programme to develop your idea
🔸 Become part of the NGI ecosystem

Apply here! 👉🏽 ngi-assure-opencall.fundingbox

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RT @NgiZero: Congratulations to MNT Reform: a working prototype of a laptop that is free and open source down to the logic level in its main processor core: mntre.com/media/reform_md/2022

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RT @NgiZero: Google has a huge opportunity to push forward free and open source gaming with their larger long term strategy as they are abandoning (blog.google/products/stadia/me). Instead of giving people back their money and throw the whole platform tech… mastodon.xyz/@NGIZero/10908609

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RT @DigitalSkillsEU: ✨President @vonderleyen has announced 2023 as the . This means new opportunities to improve .

Together we can build a highly skilled society and a stronger 🇪🇺

👉Read more about : ow.ly/je3H50KVocO

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RT @GabrielMariya: Delighted to welcome Chair @CristianSBusoi & @msmtcr🇨🇿Deputy Minister Wildová to launch strategic planning 2025-2027🚀

Together with🇪🇺R&I community, let’s voice our visions & build ambitious goals👉to deliver concrete results, with knowledge, innovation & our talents.

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RT @JGuerrier_EU: Day 2 of the continues to highlight the important ongoing work on the ♻️🇪🇺

Do you want to know more about the new Boards?

Join the session ‘’Meet, greet and follow the EU Mission Boards’’

2⃣9⃣ September at 12:00

➡️ ec.europa.eu/research-and-inno

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RT @ONTOCHAIN: Are you at @TechChill Milano? 🇮🇹

👋 Drop by our partner @F6S_Gov booth and come say hello to Miguel and Cátia.

They will be happy to talk with you about the exciting work that is going on at ONTOCHAIN!

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Gemma Carolillo mentions, " is driving our society, we need to focus on 3 aspects:
🤖 technologies
🧩An internet that is free, open & interoperable
🦺Security and reliability

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RT @NGI_DAPSI: Ciao from Milano! 🇮🇹

Joins us at @TechChill today or tomorrow and learn more about @NGI_DAPSI innovative solutions!

We are waiting for you at @F6S_Gov booth in the Business Expo Area, floor -1 🙌

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RT @asvin_iot: asvin CTO @rohit_bohara9 provides technical insights into the D-SBOM (Distributed of Material) project in his latest blog👉asvin.io/d-sbom-technical-comp 🤓


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