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RT @TrubloEu: Check out this simple website called "This house does not exist". They apply AI to architecture. While the ideas might not be feasible, the simple mechanism of the website is worth seeing.


📢 @NGI_Enrichers launched its call for !
NGI Enrichers is seeking to engage a pool of to evaluate applications from potential from

💸Financial benefits
👏Ambassador NGI community

Deadline: 15/12/2002
More info➡


RT @NgiSearch: After the Web Summit Lisbon, a busy week is starting for @NgiSearch, 8-9 Nov. at @OSXP_Paris then 11-12 Nov. at @SFScon Bolzano.
Join the @OW2 community booth and ask for the upcoming 1st Open Call. More:


RT @ONTOCHAIN: A third batch of innovators have joined ONTOCHAIN and will be working on new -related solutions during a 10-month period 💪

Curious to know all about these innovative solutions?
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RT @NGIassure: Do you have questions about how to apply for the NGI Assure 12th Open Call? 🧐

Join for the Next Cascade Funding Info session this Friday and listen to Yolanda Moreno, NGI Assure Project Manager and discover how to easily apply! 💡

Register here! 👉🏽


RT @NGIoT4eu: ⁉️How to steer research towards a strong societal impact?

Find out by joining the @EU_Commission's Info session on Horizon Results Booster.

🗓️ 17 November
🕙 10 am CET

Join here:


The evolution of must reinforce the democratic principles and protect the fundamental values of the without jeopardising the freedom of expression, mentions @ViolaRoberto, Director General - @DigitalEU



Internet is a precious gift from and for humanity, but it requires active participation from all individuals and organisations to stay open, free, safe, secure and trustworthy

Director General @ViolaRoberto



To be active citizens in a democracy we need an open, secure, trustworthy and interoperable internet

Now in Prague High-level multi-stakeholder event on the Future of the Internet



RT @EU_CloudEdgeIoT: Join the @SWforumEU and benefit from the viewpoints of panellists discussing:
🧩The role in an
📲Creating an
🧑‍🔧Cooperation to open source by


RT @NGI_DAPSI: Is the forgotten right?🤔

Experts & innovators shared their perspectives at DAPSI talk “ Data Portability: The Forgotten Right?”

Watch the replay here!👇


RT @NGIassure: How to regain data sovereignty from tech oligopoly? We got the solution(s)! 🧠

Discover these Network Infrastructure Solutions developed by NGI Assure subgrantees and look at how the Internet will look like!

Discover more here! 👉🏽


RT @ThierryBreton: Le Digital Services Act () est publié aujourd’hui au Journal Officiel! 📖
Ce texte majeur fera d’Internet un espace plus sûr pour tous les citoyens européens.
Retour sur son adoption dans un délai record — un sprint en 7⃣ étapes


RT @DigitalEU: 🧐 Are you following the ?

The is the key annual event where all relevant actors discuss trends, risks, and solutions related to children's safety 👩‍💻 and improving the for everyone.

Join the discussion NOW


The @EU_Commission & the @EU2022_CZ, will bring global multi-stakeholders to promote 's vision & principles for the Future of the that is:
🔒, reliable &
📲open and free



RT @NGI_DAPSI: Missed the DAPSI Final Event #3 and yesterday's presentations on the latest solutions? 🫣

No worries, you can rewatch the whole event:


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