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After 3 hours of voting the numbers of the day are 44:44 - it looks like there is no majority for the ENVI report on the Nature Restoration Law. The fisheries and agriculture committee already rejected it. When will Frans Timmermans get the message? This is not the way!

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RT @Confagricoltura: L’ bolognese pronta a ripartire, ma servono nuovi strumenti, il presidente di Confagricoltura Bologna Garagnani: “ e per dare più competitività alle nostre aziende” t.co/j5uCh2xRSn t.co/rExldvN2Rh

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🚨 Reject laws which are bad for European agriculture!

This afternoon, on the initiative of the EPP Group, the @EP_Agriculture rejected the planned legislation.

Read @AnneSanderElue and @HerbertDorfmann’s statement⬇️

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RT @PetePakarinen: Proposals of the commission turn out very poor, we need motivated farmers and we don't get this if we criticize the farmers every single day, says @HerbertDorfmann @EPPGroup

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"Sad to see how left, greens and Renew rejected @EPPGroup proposal to change title of a plenary debate into listening and respecting farmers. Lack of respect couldn't be clearer"

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RT @EPPGroup: 🚨European Commission, listen to farmers!

There is an urgent need to listen to & respect our farmers when shaping EU policies.

We are calling for a debate at the plenary session of the European Parliament next week!

Read @ManfredWeber & @HerbertDorfmann’s view⬇️

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@AndrejWerth 😂😂😂😂 dreimal falsch. Der Titel Onorevole steht neben den Mitgliedern des Abgeordnetenhauses nur den Mitgliedern der Assemblea Siciliana zu. Südtiroler Landtag nix. EP auch nix 😂😂😂😂

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The were created to support Ukrainian food export and food security in third countries. The agri commissioner @jwojc should ensure their proper working, not to let them disturb markets in Ukraine´s neighbourhood. @EPPGroup

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@EddyWax Don t worry Eddy. I‘m enjoying the service of @DB_Bahn Couldn’t be worst. Prefer a bored man next to me rather than a boring service

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Nach der x-ten absurden @DB_Bahn Fahrt bleibt mir eigentlich nur eine Frage übrig. Schämt ihr euch eigentlich für gar nichts mehr?

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