Defending our food security and rural way of life, the EPP Group has continuously opposed the proposals that would cut our food production and farmers’ income. We need action, not talk.


[2024-02-07 10:00 UTC]

We strongly feel the farmers' problems and their need for decent income and we need to safeguard our food security. The cutting of farmland now is not right.
is asking EP plenary debate and the commission to continue with the derogation of GAEC 8.


[2024-01-30 20:01 UTC]
rejected the proposal on the use of plant protection products. The council should respect this democratic vote.
No behind the scenes manoeuvring to resuscitate this proposal. Let the next commission draft a better one.


[2024-01-24 15:00 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: . @HerbertDorfmann a : Dobbiamo accettare che il terreno agricolo non è natura, è inserito nella natura. Per questo voterò contro alla , già il titolo è sbagliato: un campo agricolo non può tornare alla natura".


[2023-12-06 16:28 UTC]

I welcome the discussion today in
on the role of farmers for vital and sustainable rural areas. The challenges for farmers in rural areas are rising. The
supports the call to review and update the protection status of wolves under the current legal framework


[2023-11-20 16:25 UTC]

We should be careful not to create a new layer of costs and administration with forest monitoring on top of the national systems. Respect subsidiarity.


[2023-11-20 17:11 UTC]

Time and time again
has asked proper management of solidarity lanes. Commissioner
do your job, ensure that Ukrainian food reaches its target all around the world. The problem is Russia who broke the Black Sea grain deal, not Ukraine.


[2023-08-31 09:34 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: The concentration of wolf packs has become a danger for livestock and potentially for humans.

We urge local and national authorities to take action where necessary.

Local communities, scientists and others are also invited to submit data on wolves and their impacts ↓


[2023-09-04 09:59 UTC]

It is about time that
recognizes the urgency of reviewing the protection status of wolf populations in the
. New data will confirm the rising numbers of wolves. Now concrete actions to protect livestock and farmers need to follow.


[2023-09-04 10:56 UTC]

requests a debate for plenary next week on reviewing the protection status of wolves and other large carnivores in the EU. Legal change is needed now as parliament said in a resolution last year.


[2023-09-05 08:15 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: 🐺 The EPP Group is calling for a revision of the protection status of and other large carnivores!

"Legal change is needed now, as the European Parliament demanded in a Resolution last year", notes @HerbertDorfmann, EPP Group Spokesman in the @EP_Agriculture Committee.


[2023-09-13 12:00 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: 🍎🍏"The apples I pay for in the supermarket cost €2.99. My farmer at home can be happy if he gets 40 cents.

Is this a fair share of the value chain?" asked @HerbertDorfmann MEP at the event.

Watch more ⤵️


[2023-09-20 16:30 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: “Dobbiamo lavorare per far comprendere la differenza tra uso e abuso. Il settore del vino merita attenzione continua. Il nuovo modello di etichettatura irlandese rischia di mettere in pericolo il comparto” @HerbertDorfmann agli Stati generali del vino


[2023-09-29 09:01 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: MEP @HerbertDorfmann puts agriculture at the centre of 's :

"Timmermans always acted as if the best forest was a forest that was not used.

How do you see the role of agriculture and forestry when it comes to fixed carbon production for industrial use?"


[2023-10-03 09:16 UTC]

RT by @HerbertDorfmann: "Do you agree with President von der Leyen that everything related to agriculture, Green Deal, animal welfare, sustainable food chain will be on the table for this leg. term, with proposals possibly extending after farmer dialogue?" Asks @HerbertDorfmann to


[2023-10-03 09:21 UTC]

As long as there are no effective alternatives to
we should allow its sustainable use as herbizide only and not jeopardise our food production.


[2023-10-04 13:30 UTC]

RT Esther de Lange
After 3 hours of voting the numbers of the day are 44:44 - it looks like there is no majority for the ENVI report on the Nature Restoration Law. The fisheries and agriculture committee already rejected it. When will Frans Timmermans get the message? This is not the way!


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