🔴 Live now: Presidency at the 3rd Annual Interparliamentary Committee Meeting at @europarl_en

On agenda:
✔️Eurojust annual report & 20 years of
✔️Eurojust reinforced mandate in relation to

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RT @EP_Justice: Next in @EP_Justice:
ICM on @Eurojust starting around 15.45 CET, with interventions by @PotuckovaLucie, @dreynders and @Eurojust leadership (incl. President Ladislav Hamran), …

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'SIRIUS project established itself as the 🇪🇺’s central knowledge hub on cross-border access to electronic evidence. is proud to be co-implementing the project, which shares the same goal of getting ' - Eurojust VP @ SIRIUS conference


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👥 Once a year, the @europarl_en & national parliaments engage in a joint evaluation of the activities of our Agency.

⏰Today at 15:30 CET the Presidency of will be presenting our achievements in @EP_Justice & you can tune-in to follow!

➡️ europa.eu/!BfnG8y

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RT @EU_EDPS: @Eurojust will soon change considerably. Even if the reforms do not substantially change the provisions of Eurojust Regulation, they will impact on the way Eurojust is processing operational personal data. will be even more crucial @cerveranavas

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RT @bmj_bund: “Die juristische Aufarbeitung der Gräueltaten in der Ukraine wird Jahre, vielleicht sogar Jahrzehnte dauern. Aber wir werden gut vorbereitet sein und einen langen Atem haben” - BM @MarcoBuschmann heute bei . Die Justizminister einigten sich auf die Berliner Erklärung👇🏻:

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RT @EU_CEPOL: 🇪🇺 Heads of meeting today!
On the📔: Support to 🇺🇦, Accountability for core international crimes- extended mandate, Border management under crisis- , - , presidency priorities, 's new strategy

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RT @EU_EDPS: Ladislav Hamran, President of @Eurojust, delivers keynote speech at Conference on perspectives, challenges and future approaches in in criminal justice.

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At today's @EU_EDPS Supervision Conference, Panel 1 focuses on in the age of digitalisation and war.

After a keynote by President Hamran, the panel will discuss the implications of the latest changes to the Eurojust Regulation.

Watch it here ⤵️
RT @EU_EDPS: that the supervises in the criminal justice area?

We supervise EUIs like @Eurojust & @EUProsecutor to be exemplary when they process to comb…

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& @Europol have assisted Hungary & Switzerland in dismantling a human trafficking network that forced young women from 🇭🇺 into prostitution in 🇨🇭.

Results of the action day:
☑️ 4 arrests
☑️ 4 places searched
☑️ various seizures

Full story ⤵️

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7⃣ arrested in a recent operation against large-scale drug trafficking ✋

With & @Europol support, the French and Belgian authorities have taken action against an organised crime group managed from Dubai.

What did they do? How did we help?


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RT @EUBAM_MD_UA: assists🇲🇩and🇺🇦 border&customs agencies in the fight against cross-border crime, while @Eurojust coordinates investigations of severe in and beyond. W/Vice-President Šniutytė-Daugėlienė future Eurojust support in investigations was also discussed.

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⚖️ Cooperation with and between 6⃣ partners in the Western Balkans: the scope of 's upcoming WB CRIM JUST project.

In a series of fruitful meetings in , Vice-President Boštjan Škrlec outlined how this project can help to successfully fight . 💪

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🚨 Action day

4⃣4⃣ arrests in crackdown on one of the most dangerous criminal networks in 🇪🇺.

Among their large-scale activities: massive drug trafficking operations, money laundering & more.

& @Europol supported authorities in 11 countries ⤵️

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RT @EUAmbAL: Pleased to meet with @Eurojust Vice President Boštjan Škrlec. Lately we have seen successful operations against organised crime led by @Eurojust in cooperation with🇦🇱law enforcement agencies. Strengthening cooperation🇪🇺🤝🇦🇱is key in the fight against .

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The 32nd Meeting comes to an 🔚

Among the various topics discussed:

🔹 partnerships of different actors supporting accountability for
🔹 the Regulation amendment
🔹 accountability efforts in Sweden for crimes committed in in the 1980s

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👥 Presenting WB CRIM JUST in Albania🇦🇱: Vice-President Boštjan Škrlec is explaining the benefits of this upcoming project for

👉 in the Western Balkans
👉 between the region and the EU

Excellent meetings & a lot of interest for this approach! 👍

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The fight against organised crime and terrorism cannot stop at the EU's borders. 🌍

President Ladislav Hamran had the pleasure to welcome today Abdellatif Wahbi, Minister of Justice of the Kingdom of , to discuss matters.

Thank you for your visit!🤝

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👩‍💻 Authorities in Europe, Australia, the US, Ukraine and Canada have taken down a website offering '' services.

📲 This type of cybercrime allows fraudsters to impersonate trusted corporations or contacts.

How did and @Europol help?
👉 europa.eu/!8nMfTF

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RT @bledicuci: Kënaqësi të prisja sot në një takim zv.Presidentin e @Eurojust, Boštjan Škrlec, me të cilin diskutuam për bashkëpunimin e shkëlqyer në luftën kundër krimit të organizuar dhe korrupsionit, skuadrat e përbashkëta hetimore që ne kemi me shumë vende të BE,

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Ahead of the 32nd Meeting, an ad hoc meeting today focuses on the war in :

➡️ Representatives of national authorities and civil society organisations documenting crimes in Ukraine come together to discuss documentation gaps and potential . 🤝

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