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🌍Get ready for a sustainable energy extravaganza✨

kicks off next week in Brussels 🇧🇪 & online🌐

Come together as we accelerate the clean , paving the way for lower bills & empowering greater skills.

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can play a prominent role in decarbonising energy-intensive ⚡️industries, as well as heavy-duty or long-distance transport 🚛 modes.
Learn more about production, innovation and financing in our new "in focus" article ➡️!tNttp8


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[2024-07-17 08:18 UTC]

The European
Financing Coalition has launched a call for membership!
Public & private financial 💶 institutions are welcome to apply, provided they do business in at least 1 EU🇪🇺 country.
Apply to join the
by 30/9 ➡️!7pn3KG

[2024-07-16 13:13 UTC]

The EU hydrogen and gas decarbonisation package has been published in the Official Journal today. Its revised gas market rules will enter into force on 4 August 2024.

[2024-07-15 14:35 UTC]

Today the EC🇪🇺 published a clarification of how suppliers and retailers of energy labelled products should show EU
classes in their visual advertising and promotional material 👇!DJgBJc

[2024-07-15 09:24 UTC]

The European
Bank is a financial instrument, entirely dedicated to accelerating ⏩ the development of a hydrogen value chain in Europe.
To learn more, watch our video!
And check this page 👉!6FHhTb

[2024-07-15 08:54 UTC]

RT by @Energy4Europe: Thank you, UN Secretary-General, for your leadership and trust in us as co-chairs of the UN Critical Energy Transition Minerals Panel, and to @UNEP @UNCTAD for support. Good progress this week as we enter into the final, crucial phase of our work 🇺🇳🌱🇪🇺

[2024-07-12 19:41 UTC]

Bringing the heat 🔥on day 2 of the Annual Political Dialogue - the
session was an insightful complement to the site visit to the Thermal ⚡ Power Plant Šoštanj and explored
🏙️ongoing projects in
⛰️implementation challenges
💡 lessons learned

[2024-07-12 18:03 UTC]

Local governments are key actors in implementing green transitions in
At the Coal Regions in Transition's Annual Political Dialogue in 🇸🇮 EVP
underscored their vital role.

[2024-07-12 17:29 UTC]

Check out the 3 maps of
1) a policy map providing information on national rules that apply to energy ⚡️ communities
2) find out if there is an
near 📍 you
3) consult our energy communities case studies 📄

[2024-07-12 08:15 UTC]

On day 1️⃣ of the
Annual Policy Dialogue we covered various facets of a green and industrial
in coal regions 👇
Join our live stream for Day 2 - starting at 9.00 CEST!

[2024-07-11 16:32 UTC]

Meet Nuria Albet-Torres from La Palma 🏝️ 🇪🇸!
As a Board Member and co-founder of
, she's passionate about
' work and shared some insights with us.
The interview was recorded at the
Forum in Pantelleria 👉!kmr4qQ

[2024-07-11 11:26 UTC]

RT by @Energy4Europe: Regions are often the testbed and pioneers of the green transition solutions. They experience first-hand their benefits as well as industrial and social challenges. That's why we launched the Coal Regions in Transition Initiative ~7 yrs ago.

In Velenje 🇸🇮 engaging on the ground.

[2024-07-11 08:17 UTC]

and her fellow co-chair
had a full day of consultations with the UN system in Geneva today to inform the work of the UN Secretary-General's Panel on Critical
Now only a few weeks ahead to finalise the process.

[2024-07-10 17:07 UTC]

We have launched a targeted consultation today on the priority list for the development of
and guidelines on
for 2024-2027
for 2024 and beyond
Feedback is welcome by 13 September 👇!hQQG3x

[2024-07-10 15:58 UTC]

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