RT by @EUtoAU: Tomorrow, keynote speakers from AU, UN and EU will unpack Africa’s role in a changing global landscape.

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[2024-02-14 17:50 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: Good kick off discussion between @EUtoAU Ambassador Javier Niño Pérez; @remyngol ; reps @APRMorg @achpr_cadhp @AU_ECOSOCC @acerwc. More than ever ,value for to engage on governance, human rights, civil society engagement. @AGA_Platform

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[2024-02-15 04:01 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: I received the credentials of the incoming Ambassador of the European Union accredited to the African Union, H.E. Javier Nino Perez.

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[2024-02-13 11:46 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: 🚨We look forward to welcoming @AmbNKarigithu, AEF's Ocean Governance Strategy Group Co-chair and Kenya Special Envoy on Maritime and Blue Economy at our Africa-Europe High-Level Policy Dialogue on Ocean Governance and Blue Economy, organized in partnership with @nestrangeiro_pt, @Beit_Salam, @SeychellesFAD, @JosefaSacko, @EUtoAU and @ECA_OFFICIAL.

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[2024-02-12 15:22 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: Fostering trade integration trough trade intelligence is crucial for African prosperity.
Happy to open the training workshop in Addis while @_AfricanUnion & RECs are strengthening their ownership of Africa Trade Observatory thanks to @ITC training; supported by @EUtoAU

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[2024-02-12 09:35 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: “I am here to confirm the EU’s unabated financial & military support to Ukraine. You have to win the war and to win the peace. We stand with you”.

HR/VP @JosepBorrellF was in Kyiv to meet President @ZelenskyyUa, PM @Denys_Shmyhal, MFA @DmytroKuleba & MoD @rustem_umerov.

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[2024-02-08 11:30 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: Today, I briefed the Peace and Security Committee (PSC) in Brussels after my regional tour. Timely and constructive discussion on Ethiopia🇪🇹 and regional dynamics in the Horn and the Red Sea.

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[2024-02-07 08:28 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: With meetings at @AfricanUnion & the @AfricaCDC and field trips on health, this mission symbolizes the ambition of the 🇧🇪🇪🇺Presidency to accelerate equitable access to health, building on the Africa-EU partnership on .


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[2024-02-06 12:48 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: The mission also offered an opportunity to reflect on progress made by and African partners in the field of health, with the Team Europe Initiatives as well as flagships & contributions to the Africa-EU Global Health Partnership.


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[2024-02-06 12:48 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: The EU & @_AfricanUnion also explored ways in which they can further work together on humanitarian policy & action, discussing:
🔸an African Humanitarian Agency
🔸health crises in humanitarian contexts
🔸challenges facing Int'l Humanitarian Law
🔸forgotten crises in Africa


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[2024-02-06 12:48 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: that 52% of African citizens lack essential healthcare?
In Addis Ababa, @AfricaCDC & Enabel signed a MoU during the health mission by @EU2024BE to boost health systems, improve health security and promote local vaccine production. 🤝💉
👉 bit.ly/3UtFivc

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[2024-02-06 09:14 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: 🗞|IN THE NEWS|🗞

🌍Representatives of the European Union and its member states have convened at the @_AfricanUnion in Addis Ababa 🇪🇹 to engage in dialogue to strengthen Africa-EU health cooperation.
A 🧵

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[2024-02-06 09:28 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: Africa CDC and made 3 pivotal joint announcements to signify the strength of this partnership:
1. Joint @AfricaCDC - @EU_Commission initiative on Genomic sequencing
2. Joint @AfricaCDC - @EU_Commission Initiative on Health Security using a one health approach
3. MOU between @Enabel_Belgium Development Agency

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[2024-02-05 18:16 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: et @AfricaCDC cherchent à :
1️⃣ Renforcer les systèmes de santé;
2️⃣ Améliorer la surveillance des maladies;
3️⃣ Renforcer la fabrication locale de produits médicaux;
4️⃣ Faire progresser les politiques de santé publique en Afrique.

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[2024-02-05 18:24 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: In strengthening the @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission partnership, the delegation met with H.E @mnsanzabaganwa Dep. Chair @_AfricanUnion. They discussed key areas of interest including - health priorities, alignment of partnership, strong health & welfare systems.

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[2024-02-05 21:24 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: Combatting diseases demands innovation!
Health innovation, digitalisation, and technology transfer play a crucial role in preventing, combatting diseases, and strengthening Global Health Security. We will collaborate with extensively in .

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[2024-02-06 06:10 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: : @_AfricanUnion - @EU_Commission High Level Dialogue on Strengthening Health Partnership btn Africa & Europe. Opening by @AmbSamate, , Minister for Devpt & Cooperation🇧🇪, @JeanKaseya2 DG @AfricaCDC & Comsnr. Health&Food Safety.

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[2024-02-05 10:42 UTC]

RT by @EUtoAU: The high level representatives from @_AfricanUnion @AfricaCDC @EU_Commission made significant and substantial contributions towards strengthening and fostering a more formidable and resilient continent-to-continent partnership.

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[2024-02-05 11:35 UTC]

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