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🚨 It's finally here: registration for is officially open! 🚀

Join the in Brussels 🇧🇪 7-8 December to access exclusive workshops, be a part of the prize ceremonies and meet across 🇪🇺!

Learn more and register here 👉!fnCMfJ


🇵🇹 is committed to reducing waste🚰 by reusing treated wastewater and developing irrigation systems 💧 for urban spaces and agriculture. 🌱

Learn more about here👇


RT @Access2EIC: 📣Fruitful discussions during @Access2EIC NCP training on the @EUeic application process in Stockholm, SE today!🚀
✨The event is organised by @vinnovase, hosting @EU_EISMEA & experienced coaches, evaluators and jury members who share their invaluable insights!


The will be at , hope to see you there! 👋

We will host a panel on how the spark across Europe 🇪🇺, where previous winners will discuss how the award has impacted their cities 📍🚀

Learn more here 👉


📢 The along with representatives from 🇪🇺 National Pavilions are pleased to host the European Night Reception at 🇺🇸!

The best biotech companies from the European Pavilion & 🔝 business leaders will meet and network 🚀



RT @Access2EIC: 📢 @Access2EIC NCP network, together with @ERC_Research thematic NCP team of @apre_it are organizing a webinar dedicated to the and @EUeic schemes!

📆 16/06
⏰ 10:00-12:30 CET

Register here:🔗


If you are an or who wants to take the next step in exploring your , the Tech to Market Venture Building programme is for you! 🚀

Learn more and apply here 👉


-funded @PITCCH_Network shares insights on open .

They gathered all their knowledge & findings into a digital 📘 booklet, which provides information on case studies of successful collaborations, most effective business models & more 👇!69wRHd


RT @VivaTech: Ignite your innovation journey at with @EUeic!

Discover a world of possibilities:
🔓 Unleash the power of deep tech
💼 Unlock the secrets of growth & investment
🌍 Embrace the future of climate tech
🚀 Explore mobility & smart cities
& more coming soon… 👀


Do you want to join 2023? 🚀🇫🇷

We have reserved tickets for the Community! 🎟️

Limited supply available, claim yours now 👉



The hosted a successful workshop for the selected to participate at 🇺🇸!

Discover the 🔝 leaders who will bring their extraordinary solutions at the most influential biotech exhibition 🚀




Earlier this week, the was at in Brussels 🚀

@EU_EISMEA director @JeanDavidMALO1 explained the importance of working together to drive across 🇪🇺 and beyond.

We loved meeting you all, hope to see you again soon! 🤗

@tech_eu @robinwauters


RT @EIF_EU: Live from . @MarjutFalksted joins panel on Europe's innovation engine. Key takeaways

✅ 🇪🇺 is supporting
✅ some market segments have matured
✅ public intervention is still needed in different sectors & stages including


Huge congrats to -backed @dronamics for their first successful flight of Black Swan! 🙌

This marks the start of an exciting future for world's first cargo drone airline. ✈️

Watch the flight here 👉
RT @dronamics: We made history!
Today, the full-scale Black Swan, the first of its kind long-range cargo drone, successfully completed its first flight. Watch this space for snippets from the first flight very soon.


the Regional Innovation Valleys info session yesterday, we have good news for you❗️

The recording 📹& the presentation of the webinar on the & calls are now available.

Check them here 🔗!JjdFBc


RT @ERC_Research: Can you imagine a future where paralysis is no longer a barrier?

By creating a 'digital bridge' between a patient's brain and spine, ERC & @EUeic grantee @gcourtine has brought that future closer to reality👇

@EUScienceInnov @vestager @EPFL


RT @EU_Growth: 📣EU funding helps businesses grow, innovate & master the green & digital transitions♻️

Financial intermediary, incubator, business association, or innovation hub?
Discover , the , @EUeic & @EIF_EU at 🇵🇹 on 6 June!


⏳ Final days to apply for the !

Do you have that will help fight energy poverty? ⚡

Learn more about the European Social Innovation Competition and apply by 30 May 👉!K8cVMc


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