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With the ⚽in full swing, 🇪🇺Amb. @OlofBSkoog joined other Ambassadors to the UN for a friendly match to remind us that there are far too many @childreninwar.

Children in conflict have the right to be children, to join the fun & live in safe communities.


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🔖Special Event🧡

Join Ambassadors from the 🇪🇺🇦🇷🇫🇷🇳🇱🇪🇸 & others for a literary event.

📚The Powerful Role of Literature to Fight Gender-based Violence

🗓️28 Nov | 15:00 EST
📍EU Delegation

details 🔗


RT by @EUatUN: Join PrepCom Chair @MaritzaChanV, @UN_Disarmament & @UNIDIR's side event to the UNPoA on featuring @IANSAnetwork, w/ generous support by @EUatUN, to launch the report Next Steps in SALW Control with expert recommendations.

Details below:


[2024-02-14 17:51 UTC]

Biodiversity loss and
are affecting our planet, but also our lives and well-being.
Every action, small or big, counts. Together we can join forces and make a real difference


[2024-02-14 20:00 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: “I swept 12 kilos of bullet casings out of the house.”

Colombia’s ongoing conflict still forces thousands to flee armed clashes.

In our new @exposure article, read how EU humanitarian aid and partners are helping those running away from violence.

Click. ⬇️


[2024-02-14 11:53 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: At , 🇮🇹 advocated for a multi-dimensional action to address food insecurity, climate change & their impact on peace & security.
🇮🇹 prioritizes as chair of on & Nutrition, as member of the Bureau of Prep. Committee & as President.


[2024-02-13 22:08 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: On behalf of 🇨🇿, I addressed the @UN Security Council on how climate change and food scarcity are increasingly impacting global peace and security. The repercussions are extensive. Thank you 🇬🇾@PMUN_GUY for organising this important meeting.


[2024-02-13 22:36 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: At , addressing the “perfect storm” of climate change, food insecurity & conflicts.
🇪🇺EU is scaling up humanitarian & development action; preparedness; narrowing green & development gaps with our global partners, through .


[2024-02-13 23:19 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: Food insecurity, water insecurity and hunger are clear effects of climate change on peace and security.

Climate-conscious countries, including 🇸🇮, speak to the global media today with a decisive message:

📢 UN Security Council must take a holistic view at these challenges.


[2024-02-13 15:27 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: 🇺🇦Ukraine can count on the 🇪🇺EU’s support, and everyone else’s who stands up for international law and the 🇺🇳UN Charter in the face of naked aggression.

Nearing 2 yrs of Russia’s neocolonialist invasion, great to host @SergiyKyslytsya @UKRinUN today at our EU Heads of Mission.


[2024-02-13 15:34 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: Last week, I visited Kyiv, spoke to the Rada and met President @ZelenskyyUa and other leaders. In Ukraine, Europe’s own security is at stake and we need to step up our support in the months to come.

Read my new blog post:!3RYnjr


[2024-02-13 15:44 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: The has enormous potential. We need an ambitious GDC to promote a human-rights based approach to the digital transition & fast-track progress towards the . I committed the EU will work with all countries for this.


[2024-02-13 16:22 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: I welcome the unanimous decision by EU Council on new rules applied to Russian assets immobilised under EU sanctions.

Extraordinary revenues originating from Russian immobilised assets and belonging to EU Central Securities Depositories will be set aside.

This is a first step towards making them available for Ukraine’s reconstruction.


[2024-02-13 11:32 UTC]

At the 55th Session of the
Council in Geneva, the EU presented 5 resolutions on:
🔹North Korea/DPRK
🔹Freedom of Religion or Belief
🔹Rights of the Child
Follow our colleagues


[2024-02-12 16:44 UTC]

The diversion, illicit trade and unauthorised use of small arms and light weapons continues to constitute a serious impediment for peace, growth, development, and security in the world.
EU Statement on Programme of Action on Small Arms &amp; Light Weapons➡️


[2024-02-12 19:30 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: The EU continues to .

Today, Member States agreed to set aside extraordinary revenues stemming from Russian frozen assets

It is part of our coordinated efforts at @G7 level to make pay for the damage it has caused in Ukraine.


[2024-02-12 20:33 UTC]

Funding and the sustained attention of the international community are critical to not lose a generation of children to the consequences of conflict.
Today, the 🇪🇺EU, 🇺🇳UNICEF and 🇧🇪Belgium co-organized a meeting to put a spotlight on
in 🇸🇩Sudan and 🇨🇩DRC.


[2024-02-12 20:51 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: 🔴LIVE
Watch joint press conference by HR/VP @JosepBorrellF and Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation @carogennez, following the informal meeting of Development ministers in Brussels.

Joint press conference with @UNLazzarini will follow soon after


[2024-02-12 13:58 UTC]
: EU allocates more than €1,5 million for humanitarian aid in response to the worst floods in 60 years and a growing cholera outbreak.
With more than 2.2 million people affected, learn more about the EU's support⤵️!4VXGXP


[2024-02-09 20:32 UTC]

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