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With the ⚽in full swing, 🇪🇺Amb. @OlofBSkoog joined other Ambassadors to the UN for a friendly match to remind us that there are far too many @childreninwar.

Children in conflict have the right to be children, to join the fun & live in safe communities.


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🔖Special Event🧡

Join Ambassadors from the 🇪🇺🇦🇷🇫🇷🇳🇱🇪🇸 & others for a literary event.

📚The Powerful Role of Literature to Fight Gender-based Violence

🗓️28 Nov | 15:00 EST
📍EU Delegation

details 🔗


The Summit of the Future offers an excellent opportunity to upgrade the UN, reinvigorate the multilateral system and forge a new global
consensus on our future.
Read the EU Statement delivered by Amb.


[2023-12-01 21:01 UTC]

World leaders are gathered in Dubai for
. The EU will push for substantially scaling up global climate ambition to keep the 1.5°C objective within reach, in line with the Paris Agreement and work with like-minded partners to secure a successful outcome at COP28.


[2023-12-01 14:33 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: Every minute, 28 girls are forced into marriage before they reach the age of 18. There can be for this. We must end .


[2023-12-01 16:05 UTC]

Violence against women is a universal issue that requires united action. As part of the
of Activism campaign, our colleague
shares how his work contributes to tackling gender-based violence.
Add your voice,


[2023-12-01 17:53 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: Staying true to our commitments and translating them into action.

That is what is all about.

Follow my speech at @COP28_UAE ↓


[2023-12-01 11:45 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: Leaders want to make it clear to their citizens that we will be there for them.
To ensure their safety and their security.

We need a true European defense for more security. We must build a virtuous triangle – of common goals, and enhanced operational capabilities.


[2023-11-30 12:22 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: Through its multilateral engagement, 🇱🇺 continues to promote a world where all women and girls can live

🔸free from intimidation
🔸free from harm
🔸free from violence

Violence against women is a violation and there can be


[2023-11-30 12:37 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: "In spite of the troubled times we are living the @OSCE is the platform where our common European security architecture is and should be discussed, despite the attempts by Russia to undermine it" HR/VP @JosepBorrellF following his meeting with PM of North Macedonia @DKovachevski


[2023-11-30 13:10 UTC]

EU allocates additional €3.5 million in emergency humanitarian aid for floods in Horn of Africa
🇸🇴Somalia (€2 mln)
🇪🇹Ethiopia (€1 mln)
🇰🇪Kenya (€500k)
🚁The EU will also deploy helicopters in Somalia via the European Humanitarian Response Capacity!qQJBjd


[2023-11-29 14:40 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: The EU needs to step up its sovereignty &amp; strategic autonomy. It won’t happen overnight but we have made good progress.

• Protecting our economies with a massive recovery plan after Covid.

• Delivering weapons to Ukraine just hours after Russia’s invasion.

• Diversifying our energy sources in the face of Russian blackmail.

That is strategic autonomy.


[2023-11-29 15:41 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: In Brussels, I met with @JosepBorrellF to thank him for his leadership in mobilising support for Ukraine.

Four big decisions are in the pipeline.

The 12th EU sanctions package; the use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine’s recovery; the launch of Ukraine Facility; and above all, the EUCO December decision to open EU accession talks with Ukraine.

We are working hand in hand with HR/VP on all of them.

We also discussed in detail my proposal to create a pan-European Defense Industries Area with EU members, candidates, and like-minded countries joining efforts in defense production.


[2023-11-28 15:31 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: 🇺🇳 2C concluded with 4️⃣3️⃣ Resolutions adopted.

🇵🇹 facilitated negotiations with 🇲🇦 on SSC and 🇰🇪 on DRR; also 🇪🇺 burden-sharing ICZM with 🇲🇹 and SIDS with 🇮🇪.

We congratulate 🇺🇾 Chair and will continue to work towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.


[2023-11-27 21:16 UTC]

Today, EU Member States discussed with UN Special Coordinator Feridun Sinirlioğlu his independent assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and recommendations on the way forward for the international community’s engagement in the country.


[2023-11-28 00:11 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: 1 in 3 women globally face physical or sexual violence.

Throughout the we must take collective action to prevent Gender-Based Violence.

Orange is used to represent a brighter future, free from violence against women &amp; girls.


[2023-11-27 17:22 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: “A cry for peace went out from Barcelona. Peace to avoid more civilian deaths. Peace to allow Israelis and Palestinians to live side by side in security” said HRVP @JosepBorrellF in the press conference following the 8th regional forum.


[2023-11-27 19:23 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: On 25 November,EU delegations around the world stood in solidarity with all the girls and women who are victims and survivors of violence.

It's not just a pledge-it's a commitment to redouble our efforts for a future where everyone feels safe.

Together, let's !🧡


[2023-11-26 13:03 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: 🧡 The Belgian mission 🇧🇪 team commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

On average, more than 5 women or girls are still killed every hour by someone in their own family. That’s too many empty seats.


[2023-11-25 15:51 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: This of Activism, we:
📣 Say there is for gender-based violence.
📣 Call for support and investment in women’s rights organizations.
📣 Challenge gender stereotypes that contribute to a culture of violence against women &amp; girls, online and offline.


[2023-11-25 17:01 UTC]

RT by @EUatUN: 🧡On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we launch of activism!

Join the movement to and take action to prevent and end violence against women in all its forms.

@EUatUN 🇪🇺
@Maltagov 🇲🇹
@UN 🇺🇳


[2023-11-25 13:01 UTC]

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