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2⃣0⃣2⃣3⃣ 🟰 7⃣5⃣ years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a set of universal, indivisible and inalienable rights recognizing the dignity of every person.
Stay tuned for our campaign on the relevance of this milestone document.


RT by @EU_UNGeneva: Ethiopia: The EU is seriously concerned by the alleged targeted killings of civilians in Merawi, Amhara region & calls for an independent investigation.

The recent extension of the state of emergency is also a worrying development.!NQGQmB


[2024-02-13 12:36 UTC]

The EU reinforces its commitment with an initial humanitarian aid for 2024 of €1.8 billion.


[2024-02-13 08:55 UTC]

Today we presented the 5⃣ resolutions the EU 🇪🇺 will be leading at the upcoming Human Rights Council session
. Together as
, we will continue to be a strong & active voice to promote & protect human rights across the 🌎.


[2024-02-12 16:26 UTC]

Many thanks
for your personal engagement towards a future
. The international community needs to do more to prevent & be better prepared for possible future pandemics across the entire cycle of prevention, preparedness and response.


[2024-02-12 15:19 UTC]

Solidarity is a fundamental EU value. 🤝🌎
No surprise that most Europeans think that EU countries should lend a helping hand to non-EU countries when a disaster exceeds their own response capacities.


[2024-02-09 13:47 UTC]

RT by @EU_UNGeneva: Only 33% of researchers are women.
Only 28% of engineering graduates are women.
Only 22% of workers in AI are women.

Research thrives on diversity. Different perspectives and ideas fuel innovation.

Science needs more female talent!💪💡


[2024-02-09 10:14 UTC]

Multilateralism is at the 💙of EU foreign policy. 🇪🇺Ambassadors of the Political &amp; Security Committee visited Geneva to meet w key interlocutors, incl
on issues such as human rights, humanitarian affairs &amp; sustainable development.


[2024-02-08 19:45 UTC]

RT by @EU_UNGeneva: The recent deal to strengthen EU rules on human trafficking, covers in particular:

📌forced marriage
📌illegal adoption

Explore the human stories behind the statistics in our feature story⬇️


[2024-02-08 10:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_UNGeneva: Most Europeans believe in the power of EU-coordinated emergency response. 💪

Find out more from the latest @EurobarometerEU on 👉!xwbFpD


[2024-02-08 11:16 UTC]

RT by @EU_UNGeneva: What is the current status of NHRIs in Europe?
This latest update maps their mandates, accreditation status, their role in how EU funds are spent, and how they use the EU’s Charter.
For more see:!gwBhFp


[2024-02-08 08:16 UTC]

Do you know an inspiring Human Rights Defender working to promote &amp; protect human rights in Uganda🇺🇬? Then nominate him/her for the EU Human Rights Defender Award given out by
! More info here:


[2024-02-08 08:52 UTC]

The EU &amp; India have a longstanding strategic partnership. 🇪🇺Ambassador Knudsen was pleased to welcome Ambassador
, the new 🇮🇳Permanent Representative in Geneva. We look forward to working together to advance multilateral issues &amp; common values.


[2024-02-07 14:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_UNGeneva: The war must be won to win the peace.

🔴 Follow the address by HR/VP @JosepBorrellF at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine @ua_parliament:


[2024-02-07 15:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_UNGeneva: Secure your spot now for the and contribute to building positive change. 💪

Join policymakers and global leaders in exploring more innovative and durable solutions to today’s humanitarian challenges.

Register here ➡️


[2024-02-07 15:20 UTC]

Humanitarian needs across Sudan are at catastrophic levels. Today we attended the Joint
appeal for Sudan. Our 🇪🇺 commitment to support the Sudanese people with life-saving assistance remains firm. We stand with the people of Sudan.


[2024-02-07 13:53 UTC]

While fighting off the aggressor, Ukraine is at the same time rebuilding. Its mine action operators are taking on the extremely dangerous but essential task of clearing liberated land from the deadly mines Russia left behind. We are honored to make the work of 🇺🇦 deminers safer.


[2024-02-07 09:52 UTC]

✨🤖⚛ AI has – and will – transform our society.
is central to the safe &amp; ethical digital transformation of society is an EU priority.
That’s why 🇪🇺 funds AI-driven research on democracy, security, healthcare, environmental protection &amp; education.


[2024-02-07 11:11 UTC]

On the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquakes that struck southern Türkiye and northern Syria, killing thousands of people and affecting the livelihoods of millions, the EU continues to stand in solidarity with the affected people in both countries. 🔗👇


[2024-02-06 15:32 UTC]

Important to remember:
FGM is NOT a religious practice
FGM IS a problem in Europe
FGM is NOT only “a woman’s issue"
It is EVERYONE’s concern
Myth-busting FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)


[2024-02-06 13:04 UTC]

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