RT @enshpo: ⚠ TAKE NOTE of these super-important courses:
- Workers in the cold
📆 7th – 9th of March 2023
- Microbiological Exposures and Risk Evaluations
📅 21st – 23rd of March 2023

Click for more info. ⬇

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RT @osalanEJGV: es un proyecto para impulsar a la Formación Profesional como promotora de cultura preventiva.

📺 Aquí la lista de reproducción con los vídeos premiados y finalistas: t.co/i4CP20HyZN


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🇬🇷In Greece, @uoaofficial and @labourgovgr join together to deliver an online seminar for university staff. They’ll cover the basic principles of occupational and MSD prevention with our friend Napo!


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Have you heard of and its risks?💨👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️🏥
Find out the policy overview report on “Surgical smoke – An underestimated health hazard” published by Surgical Smoke Coalition🔽

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RT @tyoterveys: Kuormitusta syntyy myös siitä, että työntekijä ei voi toimia työssään mielestään oikealla tavalla. Katso tästä, mitä silloin voi tehdä 👇


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RT @AnactVeille: La campagne 2023-2025 de @EU_OSHA portera le travail sur plateformes numériques, la robotique de pointe et l’intelligence artificielle, le travail à distance, les systèmes numériques intelligents, la gestion des salariés au moyen de l'IA. eurogip.fr/campagne-lieux-de-t

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🇬🇷Department of Tourism Management @uniwa_gr and @labourgovgr join together to deliver an online OiRA training seminar for students and teachers. The event focuses on effective risk assessment in the hotel, café and restaurant sectors.


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📢Calling teachers! Say hello to our fantastic friend and teaching tool, Napo. With clear learning objectives, engaging activities, plenty of resources and assessment suggestions, Napo is here to help.


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📽️Multimedia producers inspired by at work: Your media product can win!🏆
📢Registrations for the International Media Festival for Prevention @IMFP2023, part of @WorldCongress23 👇
Closing date: 28 February 2023❗

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RT @EU_Social: 🏆 The 2023 Award special mention for its Information and Communications Technologies goes to:

Mérida 🇪🇸


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Congratulations to ! 👏👏👏

RT @EU_Social: 🏆The 2023 Award special mention for its transport network goes to:

Grenoble 🇫🇷

Bravo !👏

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RT @SocialEcoEU: 🛑On this International Day to stop violence against women we are joining the final event with @Diesiseu @etuc_ces @EU_OSHA

🤝Because of its values actors should fully engage to stop violence against women & achieve

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