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Deadline extended📢

Are you applying for the call for tenders to create the system ATHINA to help the EU respond to serious cross-border emergencies?

📌There is still time until 4 July, 17:00 (CEST)


RT by @EU_HaDEA: 🚀 Registration for R&I Days 2024 is now OPEN! Don't miss your chance to dive into the impact of 🇪🇺 R&I.

Secure your spot today & help shape a fairer, greener & more competitive future ➡️!xnQvRP



[2024-02-13 10:26 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA: Don't miss the deadlines of the calls for tenders that are still open:
🔹 Quality of life of patients and survivors: 1 March
🔹 Capacity building for the EU HTA Regulation: 13 March
Find out more on @EU_HaDEA's website:


[2024-02-12 09:02 UTC]

Calls under
Cluster 4 – digital, industry & space are still open!
▶️Dest. 4: ‘Digital & emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the Green Deal'
💶 Budget (topics managed by
): €156.5 m
⌛️ Deadline: 19 March 2024
Learn more ⤵️


[2024-02-09 09:00 UTC]

Open calls for proposals under
Cluster 1 ‘Health' are open! They focus on:
💉Pandemic preparedness and response
⚕️Innovation in the health industry
🧪New tools and technologies
Send in your application for funding by 11 April:


[2024-02-09 11:56 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA: : Alejandro Fornés Leal from @UPV presented earlier today the ASSIST-IoT concept and outcomes during the "Next-generation IoT insights" by @EU_CloudEdgeIoT and @hipeac.
@CORDIS_EU >@EU_Growth


[2024-02-08 09:36 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA: The Lambousa Fishing Boat is the flag heritage object being digitised in 3D by @UNESCO_DCH_ERA of @CyUniTech, in the context of .

➡️Check out updates and last steps of this outstanding digitisation process on the blog:


[2024-02-08 11:00 UTC]

⏱️Deadline approaching!
call for tenders to build capacity and knowledge for the implementation of the EU Health Technology Assessment Regulation (HTAR) is still open
🗓️Apply by 13 March


[2024-02-08 08:34 UTC]

With a budget of €752 million, the 2024
annual work programme will support projects and initiatives in different areas in the field of health. Check out the available funding for 2024 👇


[2024-02-07 14:55 UTC]

🛞 Europe generates approximately 3.5 million tonnes of used car tyres a year.
♻️Discover how
-managed project
turns old tyres into clean materials like carbon black to tackle pollution and create sustainable alternatives⤵️


[2024-02-07 11:10 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA:

@EU_HaDEA is looking for experts to evaluate and monitor research projects focused on

⚛️Quantum space gravimetry
🚀Space technologies
🛰️Copernicus Services

More at 👇


[2024-02-07 11:39 UTC]

‼️ Last day to apply for the calls under
Cluster 4 – digital, industry &amp; space:
✅Dest. 1 ‘Climate neutral, circular and digitised production’
✅Dest. 2. ‘Increased autonomy in key strategic value chains for resilient industry’
Learn more!!9ythnk


[2024-02-07 08:02 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA: 🇪🇺🌐Following the first set of launched in 2023, a second series of projects have been selected to co-fund corridor infrastructure in 2024.


🗺️The map shows the call 1 &amp; call 2 projects portfolio for 👇


[2024-02-06 14:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA: 🚸 How is the EU protecting minors ?

The new rules introduced by the aim to create a fairer and safer online world for children and young people.

⬇️ Download the booklet in the language of your choice &amp; learn more on this .


[2024-02-06 09:32 UTC]

🏠What if building facades could supply
developed new technologies to make use of all buildings’ external surfaces to generate power.
Find out more!⤵️


[2024-02-06 10:45 UTC]

RT by @EU_HaDEA: 🇧🇪Today we are in at the Research to Reality event.

Come to our booth to know more 📚about for Smart Communities, the programme and funding opportunities.👍

🇪🇺This event is organised under the @EU2024BE presidency!


[2024-02-05 07:26 UTC]

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