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📢Our youth event will be back soon!

Register now if:
🔹you are between 16-18 years old;
🔹you would love to meet other European students;
🔹 and active are topics that matter to you.

✍️Apply here:



RT @EESC_President: 🗣️ feedback event

The @EU_EESC is a key player for .

Our expertise, experience and networks can enrich
🇪🇺European Citizens' Initiative
🇪🇺EU Youth Test
🇪🇺Citizens' Panels

Now it is time to deliver on the Conference proposals.


A feedback event for the who participated in the European Citizens Panels takes place today and will present the follow-up to the Conference.

We are ready to be a platform for broad participation of and citizens.



for your creativity and energy! 🎆

Improving the world is possible when driven by passion & creative ideas!💡

Who inspires you to make the world a better place?


Meet the 2022 Winners! 🏆

for Ukraine Prize:

🇷🇴 Asociația SUS INIMA
🇪🇸 Fundació Enriqueta Villavecchia
🇵🇱 @ZHPpl - Polish Scouting and Guiding Association

Know more:!kmpGgV


Meet the 2022 Winners! 🏆

Empowering Young People Prize:
🇮🇹 Associazione Agevolando
🇪🇸 Fundación Secretariado Gitano @gitanos_org_INT
🇵🇹 Movimento Transformers

Know more:!kmpGgV


Our young people think long-term and demand a more sustainable, digital and inclusive world.

Their minds are universes🌐, empowered by education📚and training.

The 5th is dedicated to our

Tune in today👉!hNp7rF


RT @EESC_President: 🖋️Very pleased to sign the new joint environmental policy with @EU_CoR.

Our new objective is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions🌱.

This adds to @EU_EESC and @EU_CoR current commitments and action on water, gas, electricity, paper, waste and biodiversity.


Want to know more about food security & sustainable systems?

The 3rd Youth Climate and Sustainability Round Table will join high-level EU decision-makers & young climate activists.

With EU Commissioner for Agriculture @jwojc.

📺Live today at 14:30 CET:!X38VWf


The winter❄️ and the war fatigue are making the efforts to protect and integrate Ukrainian👩‍👦‍👦children and people with disabilities harder.

Support for 🇺🇦 Ukrainian refugees should not be seen as a sprint run but as a marathon:!tP4yXW


for your adaptability and resilience!

🌟Your strength and resilience is an inspiration for all of us!

With the contribution of our members, we support programmes and activities to respond to future crisis



Pafos 🇨🇾 and Seville 🇪🇸 are the 2023 European Capitals of Smart Tourism.

This initiative recognises cities that stand out for their good practices on sustainability, accessibility, digitalisation, cultural heritage and creativity.

The future of tourism is here!

Know more ⤵️


Become a fan of saving energy too.⚽️🌍

Whether your team wins or not today, we can all win by scoring the goals!

Join the @EU_Commission and @UEFA while being mindful about your consumption habits!

Know our opinion on ➡️!rFVfxP


The Sustainable Development Goals are a commitment for a better future!🌐

The EU 🇪🇺 aims to eradicate poverty and achieve a sustainable world by 2030!

Share your thoughts on the implementation and delivery of these objectives➡️!QjPfyB


🇺🇦Our in Zagreb is over!

We hope that professionals from 🇪🇺 & enjoyed the debates on
1⃣ of the EU
2⃣ in times of

Warm thanks to all speakers & participants! 🫶
Stay tuned❗️


Today is the second and final day of !

📌NOW - "Communication in times of crisis"
📌1.00 pm CET "The energy revolution between the war and climate objectives, challenges to the Green Deal"

Join us online!wgY7rp 📺


Today is Int'l Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women!

Violence against women is the most pervasive human rights violation worldwide.

Our commitment towards combating violence and improving gender equality will not stop.



9 months have passed since the war in Ukraine started. 🇺🇦

We recognise the courage of millions of Ukrainians fighting for their freedom and defending their country.

Together we will not allow solidarity fatigue, instead strengthening our help and cooperation.


In 🇭🇷Zagreb opening the seminar:

I see 🇺🇦Ukraine in the future as a prosperous country based on .

The #⃣1⃣ priority is continuous support to Ukraine and its people.

🔊 must continue.


Our seminar started!

📌10.10 am CET - "How did the West make a mistake about Vladimir Putin?" with @GaliaAckerman
📌11 am CET "In the shadow of war: Europe's new geopolitical context and consequences for the future of the EU"

Join us!wgY7rp 📺


🤲🏽 for helping others!

Only by supporting one another can we build thriving communities! ✨

With the contribution of our members, we support volunteering actions👉🏽!gHJphD


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