RT @S3Platform: " 👉A real bridge for the strategies & other European policies to be a real engine and driver for the transformation of the innovation driven territories." - @HristovaT t.co/LgszUcdSu3

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⏳ Time is running out!

Join us for 2023 on-site in Brussels!
Don't hesitate to secure your spot - registration closes on 5 June.

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RT @Emil_Boc: Economic governance must go hand in hand with political governance for the success of the Green Deal.

Local and regional authorities are making the differences in the implementation of the .

@EU_CoR @EPPGroup

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Stay tuned for the next phase of !

The event "From pilot to practice" starts today:
👉 europa.eu/!ghRkG6

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RT @S3Platform: Stay tuned and don’t miss the occasion to look ahead and launch the next phase of

“From playbook to practice”



+ Info 👉 s3platform.jrc.ec.europa.eu/en t.co/SR2SZaDTQb

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📌 Tune in today for the Going Local Working Group! On the agenda:

🟢 Debating multilevel governance for climate action, sustainable food systems and the green transition
🟢 Innovation Lab with @energycities
🔴 Watch LIVE: europa.eu/!THwRpR

⏲ 14:30 - 17:30

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📢 A big THANK YOU to all applicants & congratulations to all the selected partners!

First partners' meeting is on 📅 30/05 - A great chance to discuss sessions prep.

⚠️ Not selected? Consider applying for a side event.
👉 europa.eu/!gVf3rQ

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Get ready to explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Don't miss our first Digital Masterclass of 2023.

🗓️ Available on-demand from 30 May.

Sign-up for our newsletter & receive access to the masterclass 📥 straight to your inbox!

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RT @CoR_President: We cannot accept disparities between territories in Europe.

At I underlined that the green & digital transition requires a closer dialogue with regions & cities, and with the social & private sector.

Europe needs to deliver for its people. t.co/MyrPuv4jXI

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By investing in skills we can unlock more opportunities for all and address the challenges posed by the green & digital transitions.

The @CoR_President will join the Porto Social Forum to talk about the and the role local authorities in skills policy.
RT @EU_CoR: 🧰👩‍🏭The puts skills centre-stage.

As the green and digital transitions bring new skills requirements, regions & cities are best placed to develop training po…

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RT @UKMisBrussels: Ahead of the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, Minister for Local Government @Lee4NED & URC23 Envoy @danaedholakia spoke in Brussels to reaffirm 🇬🇧🇺🇦 support & mobilise the international community to help secure Ukraine’s long term economic future.

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🇺🇦🇪🇺 Ahead of the upcoming , the CoR hosted a joint workshop to discuss the crucial role local governments will play in Ukraine's reconstruction process.

🗞️Get the full story and the event's key conclusions➡️europa.eu/!4ytB7W

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"We share the same values and the same challenges. Together we can really make a difference."

🗨️@EESC_President at @EU_CoR plenary.

The work of both Committees is essential to make citizens' voices heard.

We will keep working together to find joint solutions!

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RT @SwissmissionEU: From to
Today, @EU_CoR and🇨🇭hosted a workshop on the reconstruction process in 🇺🇦 as a step towards . 270 regional representatives worked together to put decentralisation at the heart of Ukraine's recovery. t.co/u0DIJDxBck

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Opening the workshop👉 @CoR_President @MathiasCormann @Lee4NED @OleksiiKuleba @OlenaShuliak @eu_near @SwissDevCoop @Vitaliy_Klychko

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Our delegation visited Kyiv recently to bring the message of support and solidarity from EU regions and cities to Ukraine.
Our commitment keeps strong to support best Ukraine's recovery, reconstruction and future in the EU 🇪🇺🤝🇺🇦


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Today, join us for a special event ahead of the 🇺🇦.

Our workshop will focus on the role of LRAs in Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction process, and on the road to EU membership.

🔴 Watch the opening session live here on Twitter.

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🌿 🌾 Cities and regions have a crucial role to play in addressing food system challenges and creating healthy food strategies - says CoR rapporteur @JokeSchauvliege whose opinion was adopted at the today. @EPP_CoR

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Fighting long-term unemployment is a collective responsibility.

Rapporteur @yonnecpolet, whose opinion was adopted at the today, explains how a new, innovative approach can change lives.


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