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What has been the impact of the aggression against ?

This year’s focus section explores the issue in the EU underlining the need for targeted support especially for women & girls. Get your copy here:


RT by @EURightsAgency: ⚖️Legal & law-enforcement professionals can learn more about theoretical and practical concepts related to , its many forms and impact in victims and society at large through the e-learning course.

👉Enrol now:

🔸@coe 🔸@ECHR_CEDH


[2023-12-08 08:30 UTC]

RT by @EURightsAgency: Do you want to know which civil society organisations are involved in international protection in Europe?

Check out the EUAA's 'Who is Who in International Protection' ⬇️

ℹ️ Hover over any country to discover registered civil society organisations, incl. focus areas & services.


[2023-12-07 06:30 UTC]

🚨Women face more
than other groups, finds a new
To better protect women online, we call for:
➡️More guidance
➡️Better protection by
Istanbul Convention ratification by all EU Member States


[2023-12-06 08:10 UTC]

Happy Independence Day Finland!
Join us in wishing our Finnish friends, colleagues and stakeholders a great national day!
Check out our
data explorer to find out more about rights in Finland:!vnTpvw
🇫🇮 🇪🇺


[2023-12-06 07:39 UTC]

Join the Annual Online CharterXchange – a
initiative to foster collaboration & deepen understanding on how to make the most out of the EU's
📅 Online 11-13 December.
✍️Register here:!G7GDtd


[2023-12-05 08:04 UTC]

spoke at
's Global Forum against
in São Paulo, highlighting how best to leverage the power of narratives in communication to counter discrimination targeting migrants and immigrants.


[2023-12-04 07:56 UTC]

Are social media platforms doing enough to tackle
A new
report shows:
🛑a lot of
slips through content moderation
🛑women are the main targets
🛑access to data is limited
More transparency & guidance is needed.


[2023-12-02 08:00 UTC]

RT by @EURightsAgency: Cooperation is key to tackle common European challenges 🤝.

The Fund for Regional Cooperation supports regional cross-border and transnational projects all over .

Want to know more? Read this new article of 👇


[2023-12-01 11:46 UTC]
1 in 2 Black people face racial discrimination in the EU?
➡️ Developing specific policies to address
in education, employment, housing & healthcare
➡️ Enforcing anti-discrimination legislation
report has more:!HX8qCg


[2023-12-01 08:22 UTC]

Happy National Day Romania!
Join us in wishing our Romanian friends, colleagues and stakeholders a great national day!
Check out our
data explorer to find out more about rights in Romania:!vnTpvw
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[2023-12-01 07:33 UTC]

also stands firmly against all intolerance & racial discrimination, including hate speech & violence. We call for respect & efforts to ensure the safety of all communities in the EU. 🔗See earlier statement:!KqQvbK


[2023-12-01 07:50 UTC]

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