RT by @EUKosovo: RTV Plus in Shilove is now equipped with a cutting-edge mobile production unit, thanks to the support of @EUKosovo and IOM. Committed to quality content and tech advancement, this addition enhances event coverage efficiency and elevates broadcasting standards.

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[2024-02-15 08:19 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Congratulations to the Assembly for successfully electing a judge to the Constitutional Court. This appointment addresses a longstanding vacancy within the Court and guarantees the seamless continuation of its vital work.

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[2024-02-14 17:39 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: At today's Population Census Conference, we discussed the status of preparations for the upcoming census.

It is a huge responsibility & I hope that organises its census in the entire territory & gets all communities to participate in order to get a complete 🇽🇰 profile.

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[2024-02-14 14:25 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Today, I had an exchange of views on ongoing issues with AAK leader @haradinajramush. Recognizing the critical role of opposition parties, we discussed their significance in fostering stability, progress, & democracy.

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[2024-02-14 16:36 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Debated the EU priorities & exchanged insights on political developments in and beyond with PDK leader @MemliKrasniqi. Hopeful for PDK's support in the ratification of several international agreements targeted at enhancing the relations between and the EU.

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[2024-02-14 11:37 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Journalists refining their skills in Conflict and Gender-Sensitive Reporting. 🗞️🔍  Watch the highlights of the 3-day training programme in Pejë/Pec organized through our regional EU-funded project "EU Support to Confidence Building in the Western Balkans".

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[2024-02-14 12:05 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Met Speaker @KonjufcaGlauk & discussed the latest political developments, as well as the agenda and the priorities of the Assembly. Our aim is to align our efforts to address the opportunities and challenges facing this year (1/2).

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[2024-02-14 10:03 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Discussed political developments with @LDKzyrtare's leader @LumirAbdixhiku. Stressed the importance of LDK's support for crucial processes, especially 🇪🇺-related reforms & legislation & ratification of international agreements aimed at advancing ’s relations with the EU.

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[2024-02-14 10:30 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: 3rd edition of UPSHIFT in correctional facility in Lipjan! 🇪🇺 @EUKosovo for giving a second chance to children in conflict with the law and for equipping them with essential and soft skills and tools for work and life. 👏

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[2024-02-13 13:58 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: With @EUKosovo & @MKRS_KS support, UNDP Janjevë/o project is supporting inhabitants to improve their economic standing. We celebrate 20 inspiring individuals benefiting from the Grant Scheme to start new businesses and enlarge existing ones. 👏

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[2024-02-13 17:27 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Attended the launch of the EU co-funded Gender Analysis, which provides a detailed description of the current situation & can be a useful resource for the Government to make the planned digitalisation-related reforms more inclusive (1/2).

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[2024-02-12 10:36 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: The Kosovo Women’s Network launched today its research report: “Gender Equality: At the Centre of IT… and Beyond: A Gender Analysis of Digitalisation in Kosovo”.

@EUKosovo @Sida

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[2024-02-12 14:33 UTC]

🌟Today we mark the International Day on Women and Girls in Science!
Proudly supporting projects like
, implemented by
, we're empowering women in science & celebrating their contributions. Together, we can shape a future where innovation knows no boundaries.

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[2024-02-11 10:22 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Less than a year after its launch, 's Energy Support Package for the is:

🔋 helping vulnerable families cover high electricity bills;
🔋 improving in public buildings;
🔋 accelerating the country’s transition to !


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[2024-02-09 17:15 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: 👉 Check out my latest interview with TËVË1 focusing on:

✅ CBK’s “Regulation on cash operations”
✅ Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue
✅ Security situation
✅ EU measures against
✅ Relations with the Kosovo Government


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[2024-02-09 10:03 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: My EU🇪🇺 colleague Tomas clearly states why we need a sufficiently long transition and information period for the CBK regulation. With its 4-month campaign before , the 🇽🇰 government has shown that it knows how to communicate properly. We need that again now!

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[2024-02-09 10:57 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Had a constructive meeting with the newly-elected Chair of the Prosecutorial Council, Ardian Hajdaraj & Deputy Chair, Jehona Grantolli. Stressed the importance of advancing justice reforms to enhance the accountability, integrity & efficiency of the prosecutorial system.

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[2024-02-07 14:14 UTC]

📌Administrative burden reduction has a positive impact on citizens' lives.
Eva Palatova, D/ Head of the EU in
, said that 🇽🇰 people gain:
✅swifter governance
✅ improved social access
✅ cost savings
✅ better data accuracy & utilization
thanks to an EU-funded project.

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[2024-02-07 11:05 UTC]

RT by @EUKosovo: Another promise we delivered on: Citizens and micro, small & medium enterprises will now be supported to install ☀️ PV & thermal systems, helping them save & become active participants in our energy sector!

Grateful to 🇪🇺 @EUKosovo for the financial support; GIZ & USAID for TA.

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[2024-02-06 14:45 UTC]

The call for photovoltaic systems subsidies for both households & enterprises is here! ⚡☀️
With this 🇪🇺-financed support, brought by the Government of
, 🇽🇰 households & enterprises will be able to cut energy costs & protect the environment by using renewable energy. 🌞🏠

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[2024-02-06 15:19 UTC]

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