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🇧🇬 🇭🇷 🇷🇴 Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are ready to fully participate in the

An enlarged Schengen area without internal border controls will make Europe safer 🇪🇺

🗞️ More details:


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Child sexual abuse is a real and growing danger.
Abusers use the internet to share materials and reach out to children.

Learn about the new EU legislation proposal to detect, report and prevent online👉


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1 million reports in the EU, in 2020 alone❌

Today, @EU_Commission proposes new 🇪🇺 legislation to protect children with
🔹strong safeguards
🔹obligations on companies
🔹coordinated authority actions

Find out more📌


🫂 Re-Generations is an initiative co-funded by the fund which aims at improving the support to young third-country nationals aged 18-21.

The project stems from the need to strengthen mechanisms for the of the younger generation of .



📅 @Europol Drugs Conference

@LaurentMuschel explained the @EU_Commission support to law enforcement authorities by putting forward effective legislations to tackle organised criminal groups involved in drugs trafficking and dedicated funding



🇪🇺 Europeans today face constantly evolving threats, where Research and Innovation can offer solutions to complex challenges.

CERIS event on Innovation Uptake of EU-Funded Security Research Outcomes


🐺 Online predators take advantage of new technologies to remain hidden.

⚠️ Detection systems of child sexual abuse are reliable and save lives.

Find out how we can keep our children safe from sexual abuse 👇


🚍 Around 5.7 million school-aged children in Ukraine have been impacted by Russia’s war

We are donating €14 million for the purchase and transport of buses for 🇺🇦 schools

Details for public and private entities to join forces and donate school buses →!xMBpgc


are becoming a more regular sight in our skies, and 🇪🇺's framework makes this safe.

Our Director for Internal Security @LaurentMuschel was at the

"relevant technologies and legal framework are necessary to mitigate the unlawful use of drones"


🏠 @EU_Commission awards €5.5 million to ensure safe homes for people fleeing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

From matching accommodation offers to ensuring common safety standards 🇺🇦 More details 👇


🇺🇦 Our remains stronger than ever.

📝 Around 𝟒 million registrations for temporary protection

🏫 𝟕𝟎𝟏.𝟏𝟏𝟗 Ukrainian children have already integrated into EU schools. Find all the necessary information here ⬇️


⚖️ We welcome yesterday’s @EU2022CZ and @europarl_en agreement on the @EU_Commission proposal on e-Evidence ~@YlvaJohansson

Criminals often remain anonymous in a borderless internet, which results in impunity. Our authorities will be able to operate more effectively


☝️ Public consultation: the @EU_Commission would like to hear your views.

Preventing terrorism – new rules on the marketing and use of high-risk chemicals

Go to consultation ⬇️


RT @YlvaJohansson: Deal on e-evidence!

Well done to @EU2022_CZ
dep Justice Minister Fišerová and @BirgitSippelMEP on prov. pol.agreement on the new rules for sharing of e-evidence across the EU:
- EU production order ✔️
- EU preservation order ✔️
- strong safeguards ✔️


We have a strong commitment of EU Member States to continue providing safe and legal avenues to those who need international protection

🗣️ @YlvaJohansson ~ High-level Forum on legal pathways to protection and resettlement cooperation


RT @YlvaJohansson: We have agreement on law enforcement info directive!

Less than one year after my proposal a final text agreed between
@EUCouncil + @europarl_en

This will allow police forces to share info more rapidly to detect,
investigate and prevent crime.

🙏 @EU2022_CZ @LenaDuepontMdEP


📅 : EU-funded projects on preventing radicalisation.

We bring together practitioners, policy makers and researchers to discuss the lessons drawn from a number of projects related to radicalisation⚠️

📰 Details:!J9yv8Y


🛩️ @EU_Commission has presented its Strategy 2.0. @Transport_EU

➡️Protecting European borders against drug trafficking
➡️Civil protection
➡️Law enforcement
➡️Disaster resilience

and are research projects contributing to these objectives 👇


🛒 It's !

⚠️ Tips And Advice To Avoid Becoming A Fraud Victim

RT @Europol: 🛒 It's ! Can you tell the difference between a bargain or a dealbreaker?

Follow our golden rules of online shopping to avoid becoming a victim of fraud this holiday season.


🇪🇺 EU Action Plan on the Central

is a common challenge that needs to be dealt with jointly by the EU, its Member States and countries of origin and transit.

🗞️ Press release ~ @YlvaJohansson


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