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RT @mleptin: Good wide-ranging discussion - more interaction with research in Japan needed at all levels, in both directions!


Missed @SijmeJan's science talk at

Check out his 🎤 on:

✔️ Why it's vital to communicate science to kids
✔️ His research
✔️ ...and his tip for applicants! 🤓

Watch 👇

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@parccientificuv @GMinguezEsp @UV_EG @CEL_group @FPdGi @DianaMorantR @CienciaGob Congratulations @GMinguezEsp!


Hands-on training for researchers 👇
RT @EUScienceInnov: Are you looking for new, tested ways to turn research results into products & solutions?

Register for the 2023 Knowledge Valorisation Week, the European forum of value creation.

🗓 25-28 April



RT @ERCGrantees: Come hear about mind-boggling science involving molecular motors and nano cars with Nobel Laureate Ben L. Feringa! It's a free webinar this coming Wednesday at 17:00 CET, and it's organized by AERG!

👉 Details:
👉 Webinar Link:


🎭 Today is 🎭

ERC grantee Matthias Verstat @FU_Berlin explored the social, economic, political and therapeutic functions of applied .

See 👉


ERC-funded research discovered an interesting phenomenon: children and adolescents infected with COVID-19 became less ill than adults. 🦠

Find out one theory as to why 👉


On Awareness Day, discover research from ERC grantee Esther Rodriguez-Villegas @imperialcollege who is developing wearable tech to help prevent sudden unexpected death from epilepsy.




Χρόνια πολλά, ! Happy Independence Day !

Let's check out research from ERC grantee (& former Scienticifc Council VP) Nektarios @Tavernarakis who investigates cellular causes of poor health in old age.




"Science is like playing puzzles or reading a detective story and trying to understand who is guilty before the author tells you."

That’s how Giorgio Parisi sees science. He won the Nobel Prize for his work on complex systems, backed by the EU via the ERC for a decade.
RT @NobelPrize: "Science is like playing puzzles or reading a detective story and trying to understand who is guilty before the author tells you."

In the 1980s, 2021 physics laureate Giorgio Pari…


'Vaccines against Covid-19 were developed by researchers supported by the European Research Council.'
ERC President @MLeptin explained why giving free rein to top researchers helps prepare for future crises.
Watch session


The aims to enhance the of Europe's workforce.

Especially for disadvantaged children, a longer-term approach is needed to invest in from early stages of life, according to @ERC_funded research @EconUCL.

Full story 👉!6hMxCC


PREWArAS, an ERC-funded project, outlines the key role of armed organisations in Europe before .

The research, led by @MatteoMillan, explains the role radicalisation of politics played in setting the stage for the Great War. 👉

@CORDIS_EU @UniPadova


ERC grantees Christine Holt from @PDN_Cambridge and @erin_schuman from @MpiBrain won today for revealing how neurons regulate thousands of different proteins needed to support brain development, plasticity and maintenance. Congratulations!
RT @BrainPrize: Congratulations to The Brain Prize winners of 2023: Professors Michael Greenberg, Christine Holt and @erin_schuman.
They have done pioneering work on molecular mechanisms of brain de…


Every week comes with new opportunities ✨

You might, for example, be able to join ERC funded researchers on their exciting cutting-edge projects 💡🌍

Check out some new job openings 👉


Athanasios Nenes has visited the top of Mount Helmos in the Peloponnese to understand how particles influence cloud formation & rainfall 🌧️

Read about his research on biomass burning and climate change 👉


⚡️Upcoming ERC grant competitions: Ahead of the formal adoption of the 2024 ERC Work Programme, the Scientific Council is sharing plans to introduce new panel structure and lump sum funding.
More details 👉!wxrdjF


Are you an Indian researcher funded by the ICSSR? Interested in joining an ERC team? 🌍

To learn how, register and watch this webinar 👉

🗓 24th March 🕐 11:30 - 12:30 CET (16.00 - 17:00 Indian time)

@EuraxessASEAN @EU_in_India @icssr @iitbbs


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