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Re Their report was commissioned by @EP_GenderEqual in reponse to the growing concerns about the scale fo digital mediated harms experienced by women and girls. The study uses data, reports and analyses from a wide range of sources
Read: launch.dcu.ie/3DnbLK5
@debbieging t.co/Yt382szzBG

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🎙️Press conference by @FitzgeraldFrncs and @evinincir, co-rapporteurs on combating violence against women and domestic violence , following the vote in
🔴Watch LIVE here: eptwitter.eu/qDfv t.co/SRCxcGQfST

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❗Save the date❗
The Gender Equality Index 2023 will launch on 24 October 2023!
As well as looking at gender equality in core areas of life, EIGE is unpacking the thematic focus on the European Green Deal with two deep dive webinar sessions.
More info: eige.europa.eu/newsroom/news/s t.co/QtKpPxG5Iq

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Where are the women in the corridors of power when it comes to security?🤔
Ahead of the NATO Summit in Vilnius next week, EIGE's latest evidence looks at the state of play in gender and security. t.co/dAhMXlky6j

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Combating violence against ♀️women and domestic violence
Download 📽️extracts from the vote & statements by the Co-rapporteurs @FitzgeraldFrncs and @evinincir ➡️eptwitter.eu/qCTX t.co/i4TcoTNwpv

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This week, MEPs from the @EP_GenderEqual Committee have been in Colombia - examining the progress in countering a backlash against women’s rights and meeting with women and peacebuilding umbrella organisations 🇪🇺🇨🇴 t.co/UT3b2iSMit

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During their mission to Colombia this week, @EP_GenderEqual MEPs were delighted to be able to meet with and talk to Vice-President of Colombia @FranciaMarquezM 🇨🇴🇪🇺
More details on the outcome of their visit to Colombia here: eptwitter.eu/qCQR t.co/tQAQ1RAqHt

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RT @EU_Justice: We welcome @EUCouncil's General Approach on our proposal to strengthen the independence, resources and legal powers of .

Equality bodies do valuable work on assisting victims of discrimination & promoting equality in the EU.

t.co/u4gCBMCgGV t.co/JE59MsnukM

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Women are forces of change.

And that is why we need more women in leadership.

We must make it easier for those who will come after us: to break many more ceilings, take up further leadership positions and be drivers of change.

@WPLeadersOrg n.respublicae.eu/i/broadcasts/

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Letter from @EP_Development Committee Chair @tomastobe to @JosepBorrellF on the EU response to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act:

"Law a flagrant violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms and endangers LGBTIQ people in Uganda"

More ⤵️

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RT @EP_ThinkTank: 📅 had a big impact on women socially & economically,
necessitating a gender-sensitive approach to recovery from the pandemic
Join the discussion with our expert @SapalaMagdalena
Next Thursday, 12:00, @europarl_en InfoHub
@EP_GenderEqual t.co/H6uuXDrmZv

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