RT by @EP_GenderEqual: ♀️ An estimated 600k survivors live in Europe
♀️180k girls are at risk in 13 EU countries alone

The EU is committed to working collectively to

How? 👉 wp.me/p2qdgs-gwe

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[2024-02-06 08:24 UTC]

RT by @EP_GenderEqual: ✅Protecting against gender-based violence and discrimination and notably through reinforcement of women’s financial independence
✅Strengthening institutional mechanism for equality policy
✅Preparing the equality agenda for the new legislature

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[2024-01-24 15:04 UTC]

Next up ⤵️
🗳️ MEPs will vote on a motion for a resolution on the EU's priorities for the 68th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women by

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[2024-01-24 09:32 UTC]

The meeting is starting now!
📢Priorities of the Belgian Presidency of the Council presented by Marie-Colline Leroy, State Secretary for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity.
Watch it here

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[2024-01-24 08:08 UTC]

‼️ Deal between MEPs (led by
) and
on combatting human trafficking and protecting victims.
- Protection &amp; assistance of victims, incl. ones needing int'l protection
- Ban on knowingly using services based on exploitation

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[2024-01-23 21:12 UTC]

🗳️ Energy poverty has a female face - impact of the cost of living crisis
MEPs urge member states to address poverty and call for a European Green Deal that will ensure a just and socially fair transition
Details ⤵️

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[2024-01-18 13:24 UTC]

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