RT @EP_Taxation: In around 30 minutes @europarl_en plenary will debate the Hungarian veto which risks undermining the global minimum tax deal. Watch the debate here europarl.europa.eu/plenary/en/

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RT @EP_Taxation: 🇭🇺veto of 15% minimum corporate tax directive: An urgent plenary debate has been scheduled for Thursday morning (+/- 10.30 CEST) with @Europe2022FR & @EU_Commission representatives. MEPs will then adopt a resolution during the July plenary. Watch it here europarl.europa.eu/plenary/en/

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RT @ecb: Introductory statement by President Christine @Lagarde at the hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2

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RT @EP_Monetary: War in Ukraine: what are the implications for price and financial stability in the euro area?

🔎Read the second set of papers prepared for @EP_Economics for the June :


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RT @EP_Monetary: 📌Thu, 16/6⏰09:30-11:30 CET
Preparatory Meeting

1⃣ war in Ukraine: implications for @ecb
2⃣ 10y after “whatever it takes"

Chair: @itinagli
🎙@CharlesWyplosz, @DanielGrosCEPS, @FShamsfakhr, @PierpaBenigno
Discussant: @pdegrauwe

🎞 multimedia.europarl.europa.eu/

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RT @EP_Environment:

MEPs in @EP_Environment & @EP_Economics object to inclusion of nuclear & gas in list of environmentally sustainable economic activities.

If confirmed by absolute majority in vote 4-7 July, Commission’s proposal falls.

Press release⤵️

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MEPs in @EP_Economics have just adopted @bogdan_rzonca's report taking stock of the situation of banking union in the EU and outlining their priorities for action. The report was adopted with 45 votes in favour, 5 against and 2 abstentions.

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