During their meetings with 🇮🇱 governmental, regional & private sector representatives, @EP_Agriculture MEPs gained insides about how to use cutting edge knowledge to optimise irrigation for agricultural crops 💧

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🔴@EP_Agriculture starts in half an hour.
🎥Stream: bit.ly/3PZ5lZ9
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AGRI Committee Press: 📎Debates on Wednesday agenda of @EP_Agriculture:
🐄Surveillance of bovine tuberculosis
🌾Ban of pesticide for rice production
🛰️Space solutions in agriculture
🤖Artificial intelligence in the agri-food sector

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RT ENVI Committee Press
🗨️Debate in on the EU nature restoration law starting at 9 am CET.
📽️Follow live here⤵️
europarl.europa.eu/plenary/en/ n.respublicae.eu/EP_Environmen
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ENVI Committee Press: EU Nature Restoration Law
Tuesday morning at 9 am CET, MEPs will debate the proposal for an EU Nature Restoration Law.
More info⤵️
Follow live⤵️
europarl.europa.eu/plenary/en/ t.co/8VES736Kfw

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📍Starting in half an hour📍
@EP_Agriculture debates:
🔹Droughts and floods
🔹W/ @EPOorg
🔹New genomic techniques W/ @SKyriakidesEU
🎥Live stream: bit.ly/3JFruHX

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/EP_Agricultur

This Thursday in @EP_Agriculture:
🔹Droughts and floods in the Southern part of Europe
🔹Exchange of views with @EPOorg
🔹Exchange of views with @SKyriakidesEU on new Genomic techniques
📎Details about the meeting: bit.ly/3NZ7lPq
🎥Live stream: bit.ly/3JFruHX t.co/HWbJ5ehK9S

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Re @EP_Agriculture continues today
Follow debates on these topics live now (bit.ly/3XzggKH)
the situation of the sugar market
free trade agreements including CETA 🇨🇦
the CAP Strategic Plans⤵️ n.respublicae.eu/PolicyAGRI/st
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Research4AGRI: 📢 Our on
“Comparative analysis of the Strategic Plans and their effective contribution to the achievement of the EU objectives” is about to start: bit.ly/3pnaMWH or come back later to find all info on our blog

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/EP_Agricultur

.@EP_Agriculture resumes now with:
🗳️vote on the labelling of organic pet food
🇺🇦 debate on trade with Ukraine
💶debate on temporary support under the EAFRD
🍾debate on geographical indications for agricultural products
🎥Live stream: bit.ly/3NsuqbT

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/EP_Agricultur

Today at 13:30

🎙️Press conference by @paolodecastro Rapporteur on EU geographical indications for wine, spirit drinks & agricultural products & @LinsNorbert Chair of @EP_Agriculture Committee

📡LIVE: eptwitter.eu/qC4M

🎞️Infoclip available: eptwitter.eu/qC3d

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/europarlAV/st

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