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📢 Check out Cedefop's updated online tool, which collects and analyses online ad data.

It now covers 32 European countries!

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RT by @Cedefop: The application deadline for our Tripartite Exchange Seminar (TES) 2024 with @Cedefop, @euenvironment and
@etfeuropa is extended to Friday 23rd February 2024.

✍ Full details, including draft programme and application form:️


[2024-02-14 17:30 UTC]

🆕 The updated version of Cedefop's National qualifications frameworks (NQF) online tool is available.
➡️ Experts can learn about the latest
➡️ The general public can prepare for cross-border
📖 Read more and access the interactive tool 👇


[2024-02-13 10:23 UTC]

Conclusions from Cedefop-EESC 5️⃣th forum on
🇪🇺 must anticipate skill trends
💪 Flexible and tailored pathways to
can be one way of reaching vulnerable groups
⚖️ Gender imbalances in
still require attention
More 👇


[2024-02-09 11:54 UTC]

🔸🔹 The
Barometer data visualisation tool is here with new indicators, offering up-to-date information on occupational safety and health across 🇪🇺 Europe, incl. projections of future trends in employment — based on Cedefop’s Skills forecast.


[2024-02-09 12:57 UTC]

💡 Highlights from peer-learning activity on microcredentials
🤝 Jointly organised by
and Cedefop
🔎 Insights into the
🇪🇺 policy framework on
👩‍🔬 Latest research in the field
👨‍🍳 Examples of microcredentials in labour market sectors
More 👇


[2024-02-08 14:24 UTC]

RT by @Cedefop: ⌛ Last chances to apply for our Tripartite Exchange Seminar 2024 with @Cedefop, @euenvironment and @etfeuropa.

Full details, including links to the draft programme and application form, available at 👉


[2024-02-07 11:00 UTC]

🟡🔵 Cedefop's 5th policy learning forum on
Participants reflect on the findings of thematic country reviews in separate round-table discussions.
Conclusions will be exchanged in a plenary session, rounding off Day 1.


[2024-02-06 13:47 UTC]

RT by @Cedefop: Happy to participate! Interesting research results, for @EAEA2020 it's important to know that outreach and stakeholder cooperation are two of the main issues


[2024-02-06 13:22 UTC]

🔸🔹 The impact of the ♻️
and rapid technological changes extends beyond specific industries or
levels. It will affect all
and professionals.
Cedefop Dep Dir Mara Brugia at the 5th policy learning forum on


[2024-02-06 09:25 UTC]

call for proposals FPA 2024-27
For institutions in:
🇸🇪 or
Submit a proposal to become part of Cedefop's European network for VET!
🗓️ Deadline: 26/02/2024
How to apply and more 👇


[2024-02-02 11:03 UTC]

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