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If residents have constituency issues they would like to raise with me, please contact me via the details below. Thanks very much!

Telephone: 01865 595 790


[2019-05-28 09:29 UTC]

As Chanukah begins, the Labour Party sends warm wishes to Jewish communities across the UK and around the world.
Chanukah Sameach.


[2023-12-07 16:35 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: The West Midlands has a history and a pride like no other, and I will be a Mayor for every part of the region. I will deliver the fresh start we need.


[2023-12-07 07:04 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: Never before have I had to respond to a Govt statement, while the Minister in charge of the policy was busy resigning. Britain deserves better than this Tory mess.

My response to the total chaos in the Tory party & the complete collapse in Sunak leadership 👇👇 1/4


[2023-12-06 20:37 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: Today we celebrate 100 years of @UKLabour women MPs! On 6th December 2023 the first Labour women were elected to @HouseofCommons. Susan Lawrence, Margaret Bondfield & Dorothy Jewson were trailblazers, as @Alison_McGovern & @NanSloane write for @LabourList🌹


[2023-12-06 09:15 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: Labour will today call on the govt to ban the payment of bonuses to water bosses until they have cleaned up their filth.

It’s time for the Tories to show whether they are on the side of water companies, or clean water


[2023-12-05 08:53 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: Despite the Government whipping Tory MPs to vote against my amendment, we won the Commons vote to 246 votes to 242 tonight.


[2023-12-04 21:43 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: Govt must do more on the humanitarian catastrophe as we work with partners towards a long-term settlement.

This means further cessation of hostilities, urgent prevention of disease & assurances that displaced people can access aid.
More lives will be lost if we do not act now.


[2023-12-04 17:00 UTC]

Well done to all at
and everyone else who made this year’s
Xmas Light Switch-On so special.
And thank you to
and her little consort - who had the biggest job of all, in pressing the button!✨🎄


[2023-12-04 11:16 UTC]

It was great to join
at the Victoria Centre in Wellingborough.
This incredible place brings the community together, providing company and a warm space for everyone.
Wellingborough needs a fresh start. Gen will deliver one with Labour.


[2023-12-04 11:41 UTC]

Disabled people still experience discrimination and barriers every day.
This International Day for Disabled People, we commit to ensuring that, if elected to government, Labour would put disabled people’s rights and needs at the heart of everything we do.


[2023-12-03 14:41 UTC]

Come (lots of freezing) rain or shine,
are always out on the doorstep to hear people’s concerns.
Thanks to Councillors
and local campaigner Mark Hull- and to all the local residents who opened their doors to us! ☔️ 🌹


[2023-12-03 14:54 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: This week Parliament has the opportunity to begin to bring justice for the victims of the infected blood scandal.

Labour will vote for @DianaJohnsonMP’s amendment to the Victims and Prisoners Bill - and I hope the Government will too.

See my letter to @Jeremy_Hunt below.


[2023-12-03 08:33 UTC]

it was great to hear that Cafe Bonjour in
continues to be supported by many loyal customers.
Small businesses like this aren’t just critical for our economy - they’re essential for our communities too.


[2023-12-02 18:49 UTC]

Small businesses like
and the many others in
are the beating heart of our economy.
From tackling late payments to boosting exports, fairer taxes & better access to public contracts, Labour will stand up for our small businesses.


[2023-12-02 11:37 UTC]

RT by @AnnelieseDodds: It’s cold outside but you’ll get a warm welcome at our campaign HQ. Come down and help us win in Wellingborough! 🌹


[2023-12-01 17:26 UTC]

, we remember every life cut short by HIV-AIDS.
Labour will continue the fight to end new cases of HIV in the UK by 2030.
And together, we can stop HIV stigma and prejudice.


[2023-12-01 10:50 UTC]

I joined
to meet with
and discuss the very worrying rise in Islamophobia, and their vital work in tackling it.
At a time of heightened tensions, we must come together to stamp out any and all intolerance and hatred in our country.


[2023-11-30 11:44 UTC]

Very sad news that Alistair Darling has passed away.
He was a doughty advocate for social justice, public service, and for the people of Scotland.
He was also kind, thoughtful and supportive. He will be greatly missed by many.


[2023-11-30 14:13 UTC]

13 years of failure and inaction from the Conservatives led to the stark ethnicity pay gaps revealed today.
Their economic chaos is failing people across Britain.
Labour’s Race Equality Act will tackle the barriers that are holding too many people back.


[2023-11-29 18:05 UTC]

All the best for the future Lester. You've been a terrific editor and advocate. You leave The Voice in a very strong position.


[2023-11-28 14:58 UTC]

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