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If residents have constituency issues they would like to raise with me, please contact me via the details below. Thanks very much!

Telephone: 01865 595 790


[2019-05-28 09:29 UTC]

Huge congratulations to Tony Boyle on his win last night in Broxburn, Uphill and Winchburgh.

Results across the country show how much people want a change away from both the Conservatives and the SNP.

That’s change that only Labour can deliver.


Congratulations to community champion @CllrSDixon, Labour’s new MP for City of Chester.

This record-breaking result shows voters have had enough of the Conservatives.

Only Labour has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis and deliver a fairer, greener future for Britain.
RT @LabourNorthWest: Congratulations to @CllrSDixon, Labour’s new MP for City of Chester.

This is a landslide result for Labour - bigger than in 1997 - and Sam has achieved the best result …


Too many people living with HIV are held back from having children of their own.

On , Labour is committing to equalising fertility treatment for people with HIV.

The next Labour Government will deliver a fairer future for everyone.
RT @wesstreeting: We’ve seen huge breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of HIV, but the law hasn’t kept up with science.

That’s why this I’m proud to announce that the next Labour government wi…


RT @YasminQureshiMP: Women from lower socio-economic backgrounds face increased risk of getting, and dying from, cancer

Narrowing the gap in health outcomes between richest and poorest ought to be our national mission in Britain

My question to the Equalities Minister earlier today 👇


The Conservatives' inaction on violence against women is inexcusable. During the , I asked the govt to follow @UKLabour's lead and introduce:

⚖️ specialist rape courts
🚔 rape specialists in every police force
📃a domestic abuse register.

Enough is enough.


It is shocking that there is no government advice for LGBT+ football fans travelling to Qatar to cheer on their teams or information on how they can stay safe at the World Cup.

Today I raised this failure of leadership with the Women and Equalities Minister


The Government's weakening of the Online Safety Bill leaves women and girls open to a tsunami of harmful content; including misogyny, racism and glorification of eating disorders.
RT @LucyMPowell: The government has bowed to vested interests rather than keeping users and consumers safe. These changes are a major weakening of this Bill, undermining its core purpose. The government is giving abusers a free pass and taking the public for a ride. https://www.independe…


RT @Keir_Starmer: Today we remember Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones who were murdered three years ago.

I pay tribute to the emergency services and the public who put their lives at risk to try to save them and protect others.

Our thoughts are with their families and those affected by the tragedy.


Great to be in Chester today to support our fantastic Labour candidate @cllrSDixon.

Sam is a really strong advocate for Chester and its people.

If you're able to help get out the vote for Sam this week, visit


RT @josieparkhouse: Great to be joined by @KerryMP, @AnnelieseDodds and other Labour colleagues at our @SWLabourParty Southwest regional policy conference in Taunton today. Wide ranging discussions feeding into the Labour National Policy Forum and future manifesto. Bring on a general election! 🌹


It’s unacceptable for a former MP to claim expenses after resigning for such a crime.

I’ve written to @ipsaUK calling for an investigation into this case and a review into the rules to make sure this can’t happen again.


RT @LabourSJ: The findings leave questions to be answered about standards and culture in other brigades across the country. The Home Office must not step back from its responsibility. They should show leadership and make sure that any failures in standards are rooted out of the fire service.


RT @LabourSJ: Our thoughts are with those dedicated firefighters who have suffered such horrific abuse in their place of work.
The review makes a number of welcome recommendations that must be urgently implemented.


RT @LabourSJ: Nazir Afzal’s review has revealed appalling details of racism, misogyny, homophobia and discrimination within the London Fire Brigade that should have no place in the Fire Service.


RT @Keir_Starmer: It is my personal mission to tackle violence against women and girls. It is destroying lives and families. This government is failing, Labour would act to protect women. Here are three ways we'll do that.


RT @UKLabour: Today, on , we re-commit Labour’s mission to tackle violence against women and girls with tougher sentences against perpetrators.

Here is John and Penny’s story.


RT @bphillipsonMP: International students come here from all over the world because our universities — staff, institutions, teaching, research — are world-leading.

We should be proud.

Our universities should be regarded as a public good, not a political battleground.


It was a privilege to visit @osarcc this International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls to discuss their work supporting survivors of sexual violence.

The next Labour Government will prioritise tackling violence against women and girls.


On , Labour has a plan to keep women and girls safe.

We would bring in tougher sentences, rape units in every police force, a Domestic Violence Register and more.

Under @Keir_Starmer's Labour Government, we would protect women and girls against violence.


A pleasure to join @Afzal4Gorton and @ZaraM01 this week as part of Islamophobia Awareness Month.

Hate crimes targeting Muslims rose by 28% last year, accounting for 42% of all religiously-motivated hate crimes.

This , Labour stands united against this pervasive hatred.


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